The Story of Passover & Quantum Physics

Abraham Hicks and the Secret did not work for me but they were important steps for me. They helped show me the pattern. Baron Fersen was also an important step for me in the understanding of what was going on and my journey to find out how was I screwing myself despite the prayers and faith. Why were prayers answered sometimes and not others?

It was a step and not the be all end all. Some things worked for me and others did not. We are all different so we come to the same conclusion in different ways.  We share them in the faith and hope that others will be able to understand if presented in a new way.

Science calls it Quantum Physics & the Observer Effect, and the Bible tells you it is the Law.

Everything is the story. It is the same story. It is the story of you, your journey, the Law, it is all you. When a film is made from a book and you read the book and then see the movie, doesn’t the movie often disappoint you? That’s because you are watching what the producer imagined and the director.  You imagined something different as you read it.  We are all different and words invoke imagination.

Words are power and all beliefs are self imposed.

Neville Goddard helped me get the final piece in place. Maybe these writings will help you in some way. It is my hope, I do have faith, and I do love everyone so I know it will all work out.

Throughout my life I just knew that scientific theory would prove a law. It would work 100% of the time and the Bible would confirm it. Don’t ask me how I knew that but I believe that with all my heart all my life. It proves there are no laws because there is always an exception so everything is a rule and rules are made to be broken.

Paul clearly tells us the Bible is an allegory. An allegory is a way to present a complex abstract in story form so all can understand it. Quantum physics states the photons are unseen and can only be seen when an operator imagines measuring it. Then it appears. The photons can resolve to anything. It sits there and waits. Once something is desired and imagined then the photons get to work to bring what the operator imagined, in this case measuring the photon.

The Bible calls this the Law.   The Law is Imagination creates reality. In today’s language that means you are the God Particle that makes it happen. You and only you. So if everything is made up of photons, and it is, then this is all imagination confirming what the Bible has told us.

We lost the meaning over time. It’s like a line of people and at one end the word banana is whispered and as it is whispered in each ear it changes and by the time it gets to the end of the line the whispered word is apples.

Imagination creates reality and you are the operator of your lovely imagination and together all things are possible.

It is Law and Law works for all, all the time and unconditionally or it would be a rule.  The complex abstract is you are the God Particle and once you imagine what you want, photons have a resolution to go to and do so. Photons go to work for all unconditionally. They do nothing until you imagine an end, whether you really want that end is irrelevant to photons. They don’t judge and neither does your imagination and that is called unconditional love or attention. They will bring it to you. Man judges due to the conditions he has placed on himself.

Rational Man believes that there is not enough and there are billions and that authority is needed to control and manage the masses because some guys are smarter than others. It is presented to you because you believe it. Most of the world believes it so this is the world we project. It is all good.

Spiritual Man knows the Law. He knows there is plenty, he knows there is only One and so authority is irrelevant and since there is only one, no one can be smarter because I am the only one here.   

Man meaning anyone who says I AM. All things are made from photons and they don’t get moving until you imagine an end so all things are made from God and that is I AM. You imagined it you get it. You only imagine what you believe and all beliefs are self imposed.

There is only one being here made up of billions. To imagine ill of another is to bring to yourself and not the one maligned. That’s is you slapping you. People are just messengers telling you what you believe. You called them. Don’t shoot the messenger. Listen.

You are Moses and Moses means to draw out. The Bible says God tells Moses I AM THAT, I AM.  Moses sees a bush that is on fire yet the bush is not burning. That is something drawn out of imagination. I am drawn out of Man’s Imagination, I am awareness of being. I am aware of being XXX.

Gratitude for your world as it is now because you created it and the photons did exactly as you wished whether you truly like it or not does not matter. Be grateful for it. Once you realize this, and forgive yourself for all the monsters and horrors you created, you begin the work. The real work you are here to do. It isn’t easy to change a belief but it can be done. You can Passover.

To repent is to have a radical change of mind.  Doing a 180. All beliefs are self imposed. There is no illness only perfect health. There is no death only eternal life. Only the ones left behind experience death.  There is no famine there is plenty for all,.  No one can take your life from you. No one goes before their time.  There is no pestilence there is only unconditional love, unity and harmony.

You imposed conditions upon yourself and that is ok. You were meant to, so you could break free and that is the hard work before you.

You are a chicken about to hatch and you are trying to get out of the shell you are now aware you are inside.

The Old Testament was written by many people not by Moses. Moses never lived as a historical man. He is a role in a play, he is the character in the story that represents you. The Bible is an allegory presenting a complex abstract, quantum physics to the masses via a story. It explains that this is the Law. It also explains who you are, why you are here, what your mission is, how to achieve that mission, and the signs you have successfully completed your mission.

The God Particle is Moses and Moses is you. While reading scripture, aka the script, your story, always bear in mind that it is a an allegory about you. The characters from Adam to Jesus are states of consciousness. Robes you put on and take off.

The first five books of the Bible are called the Torah, aka the Law, with Abraham as the symbol Man waking to the One God, many making one and that it his Imagination that saves him. The outstanding character recorded is the state called Moses. The word Moses is the old perfected form of the Egyptian verb “to be born”; and the ancient Hebrew meaning is to draw out.

It is in the state of Moses, using the Law to draw out of imagination, that something is to be born. The Law makes your life easier and teaches you how to be free.  Your body is the temple and your head is the sanctuary and imagination and love are the ark of the covenant and the power of God, which I AM. You go into your ark, you go to the ark, your mind and you commune with God, your imagination.  Love conquers all. Responding with love, imagining with love conquers all. Judgement cannot stand in this environment so you must have faith that the unseen, the imagined, the photons, will be seen in this physical world.

In the Torah we are told: “Moses, the servant of the Lord died and the Lord buried him, but no man knows the place of his burial to this day.” (Deuteronomy 34)

We know and honor our heroes burial places but no one knows the burial place of Moses. Why can’t anyone find this burial place? Because Moses is buried in you.

The word “Israel” doesn’t mean the Jewish people or a patch of land, it means to rule as God. Representing the future of Israel, to rule as I AM, in seed germinating form, is Moses, a state of consciousness buried in Man. An Israelite is not a descendant of Abraham after the flesh, but the elect of God of any nation. Whether a Jew, Christian, or Mohammedan it doesn’t matter. Those are just labels.  Moses the future of Israel is buried in you and will eventually erupt.  You will rule as God over your world. We are all destined to put on this state of consciousness because that is who we really are and we are just taking off all the conditions we have wrapped ourselves in. All succeed. None fail.  We all say I AM.

In the Bible that is what Moses does, and eventually so will you.

There is only one being, only one actor, only one God. Being protean, one made up of many, he appears to be unnumbered nations, races, and people. In the end, one by one he gathers himself into the one body, the one Spirit, one Lord, one God and Father of us all but without loss of identity. Each are unique and retain and share the stories knowing all are made better from the experiences.

It is Moses who betrays God’s name. Now that you know it, ask for wealth in the name of God by saying: “I am wealthy.” You cannot look outside of self and call upon God’s name and expect anyone to answer. God means I AM and that is you.

Passover from one state to another.

If I am in an impoverished state and desire the state of wealth, I must dare to assume and be confident that I am wealthy. The Torah is a discussion between Jehovah and Pharaoh, or faith and doubt. You must have faith which is defined as knowing the unseen will be seen.  You imagine you are the man you want to be in order to become it.

Be it first and then it comes. Believe you are it and then it comes. Feel you are it and then it comes. Respond as you believe you are despite the facts and the facts come to bear witness.  As within, so without.

Your desires will never come to pass if you believe the facts shown you by your reason and external senses. As you assume that your desire is fulfilled, acting instead of reacting, you are calling upon the name of God, yourself and your imagination and method acting, feeling that which you are assuming you are. You must dare to assume wealth, if that is your objective.

You will be tested on your belief. You will test yourself always so the photons can bring you the world you desire. If you believe in the worst of men then you will be shown this. If you believe in the best of men you will be shown this and the way it is shown to you only imagination could make up.

For example, you believe all are here to help you. Your car broke down. You imagine it never broke down and you drove it into the driveway and it is perfect. You just drift away feeling how great that would be and then how great it is and then say thank you or fall asleep. You are living in that imagination and you see yourself you feel yourself in it like a method actor.

You take your car to the mechanic who tells you that you have to take it to the dealer and the part is 2500 dollars and it has to be replaced. While all this is taking place over several days in desperation you buy a used car for very little and while it is 20 years old it was so well taken care of that it is almost like new. This car breaks the second day out and in desperation you take it to the mechanic who has always worked on it that the man you purchased it from told you about. This mechanic fixes it in less than an hour and it costs you an hour of his time. You feel a real connection to the people in this shop. Now that there are two vehicles to use but one is faulty, you take the first car to the new mechanic you met and ask him to please take a look and let you know before you decide whether to fix it or not what he thinks is wrong with it.  He calls and tells you the module needed to be reset and it is all good, one hour of his time.  This is a personal true experience. I revised what happened and the truck was in the driveway, even though physically it was not and the photons say ooops, she feels it in the driveway ok hurry up all good let’s just have it reset, lol, schnell to the driveway. Ok.  Whew. LOL

I used to use reason, the facts, but that is just one side of the coin. My world was not very nice believing in that. I have always been spiritual and I have always known I was constantly praying but it was to something outside of myself. When I realized it was all inside me I couldn’t believe how dense I had been and all the pieces of the pattern fell into place.

Everything is telling you that you are the God Particle and death will Passover you and kill the first born, who is rational man, who does the same thing over and over again expecting a different result, aka crazy, to the new man, I know who I AM, the spiritual man, the man of imagination. At first you use it in moderation and as you wander in the dessert you realize it is your imagination doing this and the conditions have to go. They mean nothing. Then you live only in imagination. Then as the last condition falls away you die, rational man dies, and imagination man, Joshua is born.

It is all about you and how you manipulate the photons that bring you what you are on the inside and the only way to change anything is to change yourself.  Then after using the Law over time, for yourself and others, certain signs come to those who are at the end of their journey. They have achieved a heart of gold. They would lay down their lives for others, they refuse to think ill of another, they refuse to judge another no matter what and they believe with a passion.  They can’t help it. They know all are compelled to bring them what they imagined so they love it all. It is all good.

When I accidentally stumbled upon Neville’s quote that imagination creates reality it was like my head exploded and I knew instantly it was not an accident and this was truth and I cried tears of joy. It was then the memories started flowing into my head. I am free. I know how to be free. I cannot believe I made these monsters and I am going to love them all away.  I started seeing how much my imagination has done for me. Always given me everything I asked for. I just didn’t realize I was screwing up the language.

Passover into the land of milk and honey.

You imagine it and feel it. It is easier than you think. You imagine all the time just like breathing. You aren’t really aware of your breathing it just is. The same with your imaginings. If you become aware of your breathing you will realize you are always in a state of near panic mode. Relaxed breathing is 6 to 10 breaths a minute not 18 as we are told by others.

I know this from experience and I do not ask you to believe me. I ask you to think about it and test it. We know today that photons cannot be seen until a resolution is in place so they do not resolve to an end until a desire is placed out in thought and that is imagining.  You desire to measure the photon imagining others congratulating you on you being able to measure it and so it appears.

That is what we all do all the time and if we become aware of our imaginings, the self talks we have all day long and the stories of how we will handle this or that or the other or what we would say if this or that or the other happens, then look around and see what you have created and perhaps you start telling new stories.

You can believe in the man of reason or you can believe in yourself. That is the only free will choice you really have. To believe in the man of reason is to believe in Satan as there is no one else but you. It is all you so until you are ready to say enough I am sick of this and start telling yourself the opposite is true even though you know it isn’t yet but it feels so good to imagine things as I want them to be instead of how I fear they will be and you fall asleep or you just wallow in it and as you feel it you say thank you or amen or it is done, something that indicates you have what you want. Now drop it. You have it so you no longer desire it.

If you desire health, you must assume it and be the method actor, even though the doctor’s reasoning world produces proof to the contrary. You must be ever aware that they are not your God, that there is only one God and his name is I am! When you point to another as an authority in your world, you are transferring the power that belongs to you to an idol.

You pass over into the new man and the old man dies. The first born is the old man and once dead the new man emerges from slavery to freedom. This the story of Passover. You assume a new state and you believe no matter what is thrown at you and so it is. Eventually you reach the promise, the promised land.

God is, for I am! I kill and I make alive, I wound and I heal. I create the light and I form the darkness and besides me there is no other God.

Whatever I want, I must assume the full responsibility for it. If I want perfect health and the doctors tell me I cannot overcome my illness and I believe them, I have made my choice and must accept the responsibility for it. But if I dare to assume perfect health, God is proclaiming it, for he has no name other than I am! This is the great revelation found in the third chapter, the 14th verse, of Exodus. “Go and tell them `I am has sent me to you.’ “Whatever you declare, is; for God’s name is any form of the verb to be, whether it is I am, I was, or I will be.

Dr. Bruce Lipton, a stem cell researcher, documented this very effect on health. You have trillions of adult stem cells waiting for you to tell them what to do. You can believe the man of reason or you do not accept what he says and believe you are healthy. Either way they will do what you believe in your heart.

When you believe God is your own wonderful loving human imagination, you are freed from the slavery of the belief in another. Man has been taught to believe in an external God. To turn to him when in need.

Moses tells us to turn to no other God, saying: “Besides me there is no other.”

Photons are going to give you what you ask for and they don’t care what you have said or done only what you imagine and you do it all the time without thinking about it.  All I ask is you think about and test the Law. Imagine you have what you want and feel it. It costs you nothing but a moment of your time and I would be so honored if you shared the experience.

The only God who will bring you out of slavery is I am. We are all slaves until we see this perception and we chose to be. You can’t want freedom if you have never been a slave.

God did not promise life without pitfalls because you can fall back into your former state of consciousness. Thinking you may have made a mistake, allowing doubt, you can again bow before man made icons.

Do you have a friend who desires good health? You can give it to him in the name of God by listening to your thoughts and hearing your friend tell you he has never felt better. Who is hearing the words? I am. That’s the Lord. Respond by telling your friend how great he looks in your imagination, and God is speaking. If your friend is unemployed, hear him tell you he now has a wonderful job. Congratulate him and feel the joy that would be yours were it true.

Then ask yourself who is doing it and you, the Lord, will say, I am! All day long man uses his imagination bringing violence, confusion and monsters into his world. Then he rushes to a building and prays to a God who does not exist, for the only God is I am! There is no other God and there never was another God.

Practice the Law, Imagination creates reality and know that the photons are going to resolve to the end you imagined. Go to the mountain top aka your imagination.

Perhaps your desire is to be famous or wealthy. Perfectly wonderful. Be that and know it is I AM that takes you there.

The word Jesus means, “Jehovah saves”. When God’s pattern unfolds, God has saved himself. Like a seed which disappears as it becomes what it contained, the pattern unfolds into the tree of life to become one with God, the Father of the seed.

It will happen to all. All succeed.  Set your mind fully upon the faith and the hope that God’s pattern of salvation will erupt in you while you are in this place. It must erupt for you to leave this world of death and enter eternity.

Moses is the personification of an eternal state containing the perfect pattern God designed for the purpose of saving himself. It is God who became man that man may become God. Knowing that he had the power to die and overcome death, God died. Now he must overcome death, and he will.

Everything waxes and wanes here. People die and dynasties die and all of the great fortunes will die. No matter how much wealth or stuff you have in the end you can’t take it with you. That’s this place, so why put your faith, hope and belief in it? Instead, put your hope on this plan contained in Moses, for buried in you God’s plan will erupt and you will enter the promised land imagining for others and having those same imaginings come to you a thousandfold as Joshua aka Jesus.

The Bible tells us God’s name, I AM, where he lives, in heaven, where that is, inside you, and that all things are possible to God. Where inside you can you do anything you want and all things are possible? Your lovely imagination.  At the time it was written there was no word ‘imagination’. It is an allegory so it can present the only fact, principle, law there is in this world. Your lovely imagination creates the world around you and you imagine what you believe. Plato is right you are a projector and what is inside you, what you imagine, is what you see around you. Quantum physics is right, the photons cannot resolve until you desire, imagine what you want, then it comes to be. It is projected out.

Don’t we all say I AM and anything after that is just a label, a detail, a role? Details don’t matter. They are fun. They are experiences that make me a better. I imagine a good side or a bad side to something to realize it is just what it is.

Look at climate change.

Some say it is getting hotter, some say it is getting colder and both sides have many with many degrees and prizes and honors to their credit. They all say hot or cold the cause is because of what Man has done to nature. LOL

It is just the climate and it changes all the time according to your belief. My husband worried we were late getting the tomatoes in the garden. It would be too hot. I imagined the harvest as we planted them in the ground and I thanked each plant for such a lovely bountiful harvest. The weather will be what I need to get the harvest I imagined and so it has much to the dismay of my local weather man and others.

Each drop of water is unique, each snowflake, each one of us is unique and together we make a whole. I AM beautiful and therefore so is everyone else in this world that says I AM and for that reason alone. It doesn’t matter what color or sex or belief you may have we are all on a journey but each road is a little different because we are each unique and a little different.

The end has been imagined and there are infinite ways to that end.

Enjoy the journey. Imagine happily ever after. Imagine well for someone in need. Tell them the story and spread the faith, hope and love that one day Man of reason will realize he is the God Particle that he seeks on the outside.  There is no other.

One day the Man of Reason will Passover.

All my work is reader supported. Thank you for spreading the good news..



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