It Is What It Is

It is what it is. Que sera sera! Whatever will be will be.

Imagination creates reality. You don’t know what the person next to you has imagined. You have not walked in their shoes. Therefore, it is what it is.

Thinking the world is awful? Thinking of the inhumanity of man against man? Thinking that there are conspiracies and vultures everywhere? Is that what you see in your world? Then why are you surprised your world is showing you what you believe because you believed it before it showed it to you. Another told you all politicians are greedy and corrupt. Another showed you dead children. Another showed you terrorists. Another showed you illness but is it you experiencing it or just seeing it?

That is another person’s world on the boob tube and the road to hell is paved with compassion and good intentions. Let them be. Que sera sera. Whatever will be will be.

Imagination creates reality. As within, so without. It is whatever you believe it is. All those stories you tell yourself all day. All that energy creating monsters, planning for the worst, imagining the worst. Then you cry when the worst appears. It’s ok. You can’t know good without a bad.

So think about it. Change the story and watch your world change.

Thank the monsters. Love them for showing you what you disliked. It is the only way they will go away. Otherwise they sit somewhere ignored and they fester. You will face the monster sooner or later. You can’t defeat the monsters you created with the same thinking that made them so love them away.

Now that you loved them away that energy returns to you and now you use it to create a new story. The story of you.

So know this truth, this Law, the only Law. Imagination creates reality.

You are imagining it. All of it and it is compelled to bring you what you ask for. Don’t cry. Tell a different story.

Stop and think. What is really your world? If you stop and think you may realize you have what you need. You are exactly where you want to be. Where you need to be to play your role and your role is whatever you make of it. It is whatever you imagine and believe.

You control your world. Trust yourself. Trust your I AM and your imagination and fly. Imagine the end. Imagination pulls it all together via like attracts like. Imagination takes care of it from there. Just imagine the end. What would it feel like if you had what you want, what you desire, if you were saved?

You don’t have to accept it is what it is if you don’t like it. That’s the point. The abuser is showing you, you. You believe you are a victim. They are obliging you. It is what it is.

Stand up. I AM strong. I AM confident.  I AM safe and secure. They are only responding to you. You feel you are a victim they show you that you are a victim. Stand up. No More. I am confident I AM strong and yes you will leave. I am not leaving. You are.

If you run away you can catch your breath and I understand but nothing is fixed. You have to believe you are the most magnificent. You are strong. You are safe and secure. Always. Believe it or you will repeat it because you believe you are a victim.


Notice how everyone shuts up when you say I know who I am especially when that you are righteous about it?  Notice how they listen and then walk away? That is you. That is who you are and when you pull that out no one can stop you except you. So they walk away. They know who you are too. They are you.

There is only one actor here playing all the roles. All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players. It is your play. Make it a good one.

So imagine the best will always happen. Imagine it always works out and know it is what it is because that is how I AM is bringing you what you asked for.

All you have to do is wish, imagine having it, and your world will bring it to you and you will be compelled to walk a certain way until you reach the end imagined.

Be like little children, do it with another and watch it happen. Believe in imagination, believe in yourself. It always works out.

Faith is knowing the unseen will be see. The imagined will appear.

Have a little faith baby and smile. It is what it is.

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