Breaking the Code of the 12 Disciples

A lot of this I discovered on my own and a lot of it with the help of Neville Goddard. I hope this helps others understand the Bible is an allegory about you. This was my first blog in three parts. I have combined them together. I hope this helps others!!

The Bible is a puzzle and we instinctively know it can be solved. Look at the popularity of anything on it. DaVinci Code, the Bible Code, the Moses Code, the Kabballah Code are all best sellers. Breaking the code of the Bible is the key and it isn’t running the words through a computer program while you imagine certain words popping up and then they do. It is knowing the language and that means going back to original works in Aramaic, Hebrew, Latin, or Greek.

Apostle is apostello in Greek – apo, off; stello, send, meaning “to be sent.” The english translation is “I am sent to you . . .”, (DR). 12 things sent to you if you ask for it but whether you choose to use them or not is up to you.

Disciple is a derivative of discipline. The disciples of Christ never historically lived. They represent 12 disciplines to be disciplined in to become the pattern that is needed to see the signs confirming that you are indeed a fractal of God and therefore the Son of God and your journey is ending.

The names of the twelve disciples reveal the discipline to master. They are: Simon, who was later named Peter, Andrew, James, John, Philip, Bartholomew, Thomas, Matthew, James the son of Alphaeus, Thaddaeus, Simon the Canaanite, and Judas.

The first discipline is Simon or the attribute of hearing. From Σιμων (Simon), the New Testament Greek form of the Hebrew name שִׁמְעוֹן (Shim’on) which means “he has heard”. Peter is derived from the Greek Πετρος (Petros) meaning “stone”. This is a translation used in most versions of the New Testament of the name Cephas, meaning “stone” in Aramaic.

This discipline is the hearing is set in stone. You insist on only allowing your consciousness to hear such impressions or things that you are consciousness of or wish to be the stated desire. I am healthy.

No matter what the outside might suggest, you look sick, or the evidence of his senses, I feel sick, if such suggestions and ideas are not in keeping with that which he hears, I AM healthy, he remains unmoved and set in stone, I don’t know what you are talking about. I am healthy. This is the instruction of your consciousness, I am healthy. You understand that every suggestion you permit to pass the gate will, on reaching your consciousness, becomes a reality and manifests in this world. You just healed yourself by not listening or allowing other ‘facts’ to dissuade you.

This is apparent in the presidential election in the US. It did not, and still does not, matter to those who love Trump. He is the man. You can say whatever you want about him they refuse to listen to anything other than he is the best and he is the man. Trump refused to listen to anything other than he was the next president. It didn’t matter what the polls said, how the media treated him and his supporters, nothing could sway them in their belief he was the next president. So he is.

The instruction to Simon is that he should permit only dignified and honorable visitors or impressions to enter the house (consciousness). No mistake can be covered up or hidden from yourself, for everything and everyone in this life tells you when you consciously or unconsciously entertained something.

Example — I allowed someone else to frighten me about my mother. I said my mom was healthy and she didn’t.  For the two days I entertained the thoughts this nurse had told me. I had carrot flies in my carrot patch in the garden and was weepy and more ‘facts’ about the state of my mom’s ‘health’ kept flying at me. Those ‘facts’, flies and tears were my clues I was not in sync. I revised what I had thought and the flies are gone as are the tears, ‘facts’ and my mom is doing better. The entire time I was telling the carrots they were loved and healthy and when my husband said look at these flies I said yes but the red wasps are here to take care of them and they were but the flies did not go until I revised the thoughts I had entertained. If my choice had been to spray soapy water on them, man trying to control nature who is giving me what I asked for, they would have died and returned because I allowed my consciousness to hear something it said to the contrary earlier. Get back in the vortex, the groove, and sync.

When Simon by remaining steadfast and revising anything that does not agree with what I AM said, proves himself to be a true and faithful disciple and he receives the name of Peter or the rock, the unmoved disciple, the one who cannot be bribed or convinced by anyone. He is called Simon Peter, the one who faithfully hears the commands of his Lord and all others he hears not. Lalalala – I don’t hear you! At the onset of the ‘facts’ I should have said to myself my mom is healthy. I don’t care what you say and ignore her. I didn’t. It becomes a habit after a while but at first you slip and slide.

Christ — Old English Crīst, from Latin Chrīstus, from Greek khristos anointed one (from khriein to anoint), translating Hebrew māshīah Messiah.

Jesus —  a derivative of Jehovah meaning I AM

It is this Simon Peter in you who discovers the I AM to be Christ, and he is given the keys to heaven, assured knowledge that conscious imagination saves you, and is made the foundation stone upon which the Temple of God rests. That is not a church either. It is you. You are the temple where God rests. Buildings must have firm foundations and only the disciplined hearing can, on learning that the I AM is Christ, remain firm and unmoved in the knowledge that I AM Christ and beside ME there is no savior. I AM the Savior. All the facts in the world will not dissuade you because you know you are I AM.

The second one is Peter’s brother, Andrew or courage. As you develop faith in yourself, it automatically calls its brother, courage. Faith in oneself, asking for no man’s help but quietly and alone puts on the consciousness of the desired and in spite of the ‘facts’ to the contrary continues faithfully, patiently waiting in the knowledge that his unseen belief, if persisted, must be realized. It must manifest. Faith develops a courage and strength of character that are beyond the wildest dreams of the undisciplined or sleeping man whose faith is in things he can see. You can know how it works through the Law of Attraction but that does not give you faith even though it helps.

The faith of the undisciplined man cannot really be called faith. Your perception is your reality. It is not another perception that is your reality be that your spouse, boss, friend, neighbor, or leaders. The disciplined one knows the whole world could be taken and yet he would remain faithful in the knowledge that the state of consciousness in which he lives must be realized. This courage is Peter’s brother Andrew, the discipline, to dare, to do and to be silent.

You just keep climbing that ladder, Jacob’s ladder, and one day you arrive to the top. You have shed all conditions and returned to the unconditional state of love you arrived in. You are the baby who smiles so lovingly and laughs with wonder at all. You are journeying home, the long way around and you arrive at last.

I know from experience that some of us are naturals at it and have to lose the ability in order to gain it back and in the process of gaining it back we go beyond what we were doing before. It is different for everyone because we are all different and we are all on different parts of the same road. The road home.

Then come the brothers, James and John, James the just, the righteous judge, and his brother John, the beloved. Justice, to be wise, must be administered with love, ever turning the other cheek, love for hate, nonviolence for violence.

The disciple James, symbol of a disciplined judgment, when raised to the high office of a supreme judge must be blindfolded so he is not influenced or judges by appearances. Don’t judge a book by its cover. Disciplined judgment is administered by one who is not influenced by appearances. The one who has called these brothers to discipleship continues faithful to his command to hear only that which he has been commanded to hear. I am healthy or whatever I AM wants. The person who has this quality disciplined is incapable of hearing and accepting as true anything either of himself or another which does not on the hearing fill his heart with love.

You give something your attention and you can either feel good about it, love, or you can feel bad about it, hate.

These two disciplines are one and inseparable when awakened. Such a disciplined one forgives all men for being that which they are. He knows as a wise judge that every man perfectly expresses that which he is, as man, conscious of being. He knows that upon the changeless foundation of consciousness all manifestation rests, that changes of expression can be brought about only through changes of consciousness. You are what you believe you are.

With neither condemnation nor criticism these disciplined qualities allow everyone to be that which he is. However, although allowing this perfect freedom of choice to all, they are ever watchful to see that they themselves follow consciousness and do this both for others and themselves. It is done with love and joy and none other can be permitted. It is imagining another as you wish them to be and believing they are what you imagine.

The fifth discipline is Philip. Phillip asks to be shown the Father. If you are awake you know that the Father is the state of consciousness in which you live, and that this state can be seen only as it is expressed in manifestation. He knows himself to be the perfect likeness or image of that consciousness with which he is identified. So he states, “No man has at any time seen my Father, but I, the son, who dwelleth in his bosom have revealed him; therefore, when you see me, the son, you see my Father, for I come to bear witness of my Father.” I and my Father, consciousness, imagination and its manifestation, God and man, are one.

This aspect when disciplined persists until ideas, ambitions and desires become fulfilled realities. This is the quality which states “Yet in my flesh shall I see God.” It knows how to make the word live, how to give form to the formless. It knows how to consciously manifest.

The sixth disciple is Bartholomew. This discipline is the imagination. An awakened imagination places you head and shoulders above the average man, giving the appearance of a beacon light in a world of darkness. No quality so separates man from man as does the disciplined imagination. This is the separation of the wheat from the chaff. Those with vivid imaginations have given the most to society which are the artists, scientists, inventors and singers, poets.

To call Bartholomew to discipleship is to have the capacity to conceive ideas that will lift you beyond the limitations of man.

The seventh is called Thomas. This discipline doubts or denies every rumor and suggestion that are not in harmony with that which Simon Peter has been commanded to let enter. The person who is conscious of being healthy not because of inherited health, diets or climate, but because he is awakened and knows the state of consciousness in which he lives, will, in spite of the conditions of the world, continue to express health. He could hear through the press, radio and wise men of the world that a plague was sweeping the earth and he would remain unmoved and unimpressed. Thomas, the doubter when disciplined would deny that sickness or anything else which was not in sympathy with the consciousness to which he belonged had any power to affect him.

This discipline of denial protects man from receiving impressions that are not in harmony with his nature. He adopts an attitude of total indifference to all suggestions that are foreign to that which he desires to express. Disciplined denial is not a fight or a struggle but total indifference.

Matthew, the eighth, is the gift of God. This discipline is total acceptance that man’s desires are gifts of God. The man who has called this disciple into being knows that every desire of his heart is a gift from imagination and that it contains both the power and the plan of its self-expression. Such a man never questions the manner of its manifestation. He knows that the plan of expression, how and when, is never revealed to man for imagination’s ways are past finding out. He fully accepts his desires as gifts already received and goes his way in peace confident that they shall appear.

The ninth disciple is called James the son of Alphaeus. This is the quality of discernment. A clear and ordered mind is the voice which calls this disciple into being. This discipline perceives that which is not revealed to the eye of man. This disciple judges not from appearances because he knows the cause is imagination and from within and so is never misled by appearances.

This aspect has the capacity to interpret that which is seen knowing as within so without. Discernment or the capacity to diagnose what inside you is creating what you see outside you is the quality of James the son of Alphaeus.

Thaddaeus, the tenth, is the disciple of praise, a quality in which the undisciplined man is lacking or non-existent. When this quality of praise and thanksgiving is awake within man, he walks with the words, “Thank you, Father,” ever on his lips. He knows that his thanks for things not seen opens the gates and permits gifts beyond his capacity to receive to be poured upon him.

The man who is not thankful for things received is not likely to be the recipient of many gifts from the same source. Until this quality of the mind is disciplined, man will not see his desires manifest. Praise and thanksgiving are to one’s desires what rain and sun are to the unseen seeds in the soil of the earth.

The eleventh quality called is Simon of Canaan. “Hearing good news.” Simon of Canaan, or Simon from the land of milk and honey, when called to discipleship, is proof that the one who calls this discipline into being has become conscious of  abundance in life. This discipline is incapable of hearing anything other than good news and so is well qualified to preach the Gospel or Good news.

Last and the most important one of them all, Judas.

When this discipline is awake man knows that he must die to that which he was before he can become that which he desires to be. So it is said of this disciple that he committed suicide, the discipline of detachment. This one knows that his I AM or consciousness is his savior, so he lets all other saviors go. This quality when disciplined gives one the strength to let go.

The man who has called Judas into being has learned how to take his attention away from problems or limitations and to place it upon that which is the solution or savior. “Except ye be born again you cannot in anywise enter the Kingdom of Heaven.” “No greater love hath man than this, that he give his life for a friend.” When man realizes that the desire, if realized, would save and befriend him, he willingly gives up his life or his present conception of himself, for his friend by detaching his consciousness from that which he is conscious of being and assuming the consciousness of that which he desires to be.

The world in its ignorance has maligned Judas believing he was a man who walked the earth.  Judas will, when man awakes from his undisciplined state, be placed on high for God is love and no greater love has a man than this, that he lay down his life for a friend. Until you let go of the old conscious of being, you will not become that which you desire to be; and Judas is the one who accomplishes this through detachment.

Man’s duty is to raise these attributes to the level of discipleship. When this is accomplished man will say, “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.” Timothy 2:4-7

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Understanding Love

Love is giving your attention to someone or something. Whether it is good or bad doesn’t matter, that is the perception you place upon it. You may love butterflies and they make you feel good and dislike ants they bite and make you feel bad. You may watch and plant flowers for the butterfly and you make pour soap and water on the ants. You are still loving both of them because you give them your attention.

If you wish the ants to depart them thank them for showing you what you dislike, biting you, know they do good by turning the soil, and no longer dwell upon them. They will go. I live in Texas and wood cockroaches, told all my life, are just a part of life here and will get into your home. I do not believe that anymore. I thanked them for showing me what I dislike. I told them there is a compost pile and you can leave the way you came in and enjoy that. The roaches are no longer in my home for the first time in my life here. No cockroaches! They hang out by the compost. LOL It makes me happy!

You have a power within called unconditional love. It doesn’t matter what you feel about it, good or bad, if you give your attention to it, then it comes to be. You are focused on something so you give your attention to it.

Love is not love without a beloved. You have to have something to love it.

For example the military industrial complex and spies. They love enemies. You can’t have a war or someone to spy on if you do not have an enemy. So they plan for them. They make them and someone comes forward to be what they imagined. Someone answered the call and played the role.

Oliver North named Osama bin Laden as the number 1 enemy during senate congressional hearings during the Reagan administration. The US military industrial complex had been turning him into a ‘terrorist’ for many, many, years before he became one. When he fought with the US in Afghanistan he was a freedom fighter, given money and arms to push the evil Russians out. Then he was ignored, not thanked, and he came to be the very thing they imagined he was, a terrorist out to get America.

So who is the monster? The actual monster created or the one who created it?

If you believe you are not worthy of anything, or you are stupid, or you are not good enough, then you are thinking like a victim and things will come to you to show you that, like a cat breaking your new phone or driving into a pot hole you thought wasn’t that bad but killed the tire.

As soon as the war of 1870 ended military heads in Germany began planning the next war. The world had determined after that war and the American Civil war that war in and of itself was too expensive and therefore could not longer be waged. Yet the generals and spies were imagining and planning. The bankers answered the call and took over making war affordable. They got what they imagined and convinced others to believe and it turned into WWI. As soon as that ended, WWII was imagined and planned. The National Security Council admitted the ‘domino’ effect was not factual but went to war in Vietnam based upon it. They sold it and Americans bought it.

You can believe those who say this, that or the other, or you can look for both sides of the coin and realize it’s just a coin.

What do you love? What are you giving your attention to? It’s your choice. Your free will.
You can give your attention to the things you love or you can give it to the things you do not like and it doesn’t matter which one you choose, you gave your attention to it and so it will come to be.

The most difficult thing in the world is realizing you are not a slave, victim, to anyone else. You are doing it to yourself. No one is being mean to you. You are being mean to you.

You are magnificent. No one is like you. You are amazing and brilliant. I do not care what you say or do. I love you. I believe in you.

Don’t do it for me or another. Do it for yourself because there is nothing in the world like you. You are the most special thing in the world and deserve the best.

I know I am and if I am then so are you.

If you know one thing know this. There is one person in this world that loves you, warts and all. One who believes you are the most magnificent thing in the world. I AM the one who loves you and believes in you always.

If I AM magnificent, then so are you. It is that simple as all great discoveries are.

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Being a Victim is a State of Consciousness

Congresswomen, British MPs, Hollywood stars, who knows who is next to come out and say look at me!  I was victimized too!

The real question is are you done being a victim? Are you ready now to be the amazing person you are? Are you ready to think for yourself and do the right thing because it is the right thing to do for you? Or are you following  the crowd?  Do you see it as an opportunity to jump on the bandwagon? Is it an opportunity to exact revenge? Get a little payback?

Being a victim is a state of consciousness and the bullies, the spouse, the neighbor, the rapists, murderers, terrorists, the abusive boss showed up to do whatever it is they did to you. It’s so hard to admit you called them to do it to you. People are just messengers showing you what you believe and imagine and you can’t stop being a victim until you recognize that it is you vibrating out the frequency of a victim. You can’t be a victim without someone to victimize you so they come to show you what you believe.

Someone stood up and said I deserve the best and I am not a victim in anyone’s story much less my own and all the victims come out and say look at me! I am/was a victim too. Are you ready to change and know no one can hurt you unless you allow it? Or are you exacting some type of revenge? If it is revenge then watch out. Thinking ill of another only brings it to bear on you not them.

There are no laws to pass or things to do about it. The ugly came to show you what you imagined and believed and we all do it. We are all victims in some way shape or form. That is what some man told us and we all believed it. It starts from the beginning of your time here with illness. Then it grows to include pestilence, famine, death. The four horsemen. Defeat them and your time here is almost done.

Some examples of victim mentality:

To save a wretch like me

You are just a tiny speck in the universe

You must have a degree

Go to the doctor

Don’t breathe the air, enjoy the sun, drink the water, eat the food – it’s poison and will kill you

There are others smarter than you about everything.

Lay on the couch to get the part

Do what I say or I won’t talk to God for you.

What have you done for me lately?

This place is a womb. You are the Son/Daughter of God and Man. You are magnificent. You made the world you see around you. No rational man knows better than you about you. No one is smarter than you about you. You need no man to talk to God as you are His child and talk to him daily in your imagination.

The question is what have you done lately for you?

The Age of Reason is just another way of telling the same story. It has led us to Quantum Physics and the world denies the results. The world of rational man will tell you that genes control you, you cannot control the weather, there is not enough for all, theories are facts and we are all going to burn and die.

Illness, pestilence, famine, death do not exist. This is a play and that is an illusion. You are in the physical realm that helps you grow and gestate and so you have all your needs met at every moment in time and point in space in your journey.

Your compassion for another locks them into the very state of consciousness they wish to escape. Do not confuse compassion for love. If you love them then you see them as happy and having all their dreams come true. You feed them, clothe them because you would want that if you were in their state of consciousness but you also imagine them happy.

Everyone’s pursuit of happiness is different so just imagine them happy. Imagine the end. That is love.

I have a lovely friend who was in a car wreck and she believes that is when her degenerative disease began. She loves to watch shows on health and bizarre health issues and problems. I imagined her healthy. I revised the wreck and imagined it never happened. I was sure she would heal knowing the Law.

She did not heal. She faded away out of my life. I did it for a neighbor and they sold their house and moved away.  I know it works because it worked for me and my husband and others in my family. I learned though. Her journey is hers alone and she must defeat her own monster. I love her and wish for her to imagine what she wants and not what she fears. I imagine her happy.

Emotional maturity takes a long time to obtain. All that angst and drama. If you believe in illness you will get ill. If you have conflict inside it will show up on the outside in some way. You have to change the inside to change the outside because it is all you. This place is a mirror of you.

You think there are billions but there is only one made up of billions.

Good or bad taken too far are the same thing. It is not very good at all either way.

Worry and doubt show up so no worries, no doubt.

You can’t have a bad without a good so love the bad you see in the world. It just means a good is on the way.

Isn’t it wonderful?

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The Law & the Houston Astros

In 2014 Sports Illustrated had on its cover Houston Astros 2017 World Series Champions. Three years later here we are with the Houston Astros now the 2017 World Series Champions. The writer of the article was interviewed and he stated he was reporting on what the front office told him was ‘the plan’ and it made a lot of sense. He said this is the beginning for the Astros not a one time deal. They will be champions for many years to come.

There is only one Law that rules us all. Imagination creates reality.

The plan. The plan is filling in the details. You imagine it. Then you start to plan and tell others and they help you plan adding to the story but you imagined it first. Ideas came after you imagined having it. Then comes the gut feeling go this way, do that, make that trade, do this or that or the other and you go with it. The plan is what was imagined and the writer added his imaginings.  In May another made the prediction it would be the Astros and the Dodgers. A woman sold prayer beads all season and they had 101 wins. We were writing the story together because we are One being made up of many.

One man imagined it, another added to it, more added to it, adding their beliefs weaving the story that was first imagined by someone. It only takes one to begin the process.

Whoever it was was conscious for a moment in their imagination they had what they wanted, a World Series ring, a parade who knows what it was but someone imagined it. It built and everything and everyone that was needed to make that happen, happened.

It’s subtle. You think the outside is what causes the happy and the woes of the world. It is inside you. You are a projector so tell a good story. Houston likes to tell good stories. We all saw the Law in action for the Super Bowl. We all saw it during Harvey and after, We all saw it with the Astros.

Houston believes Houston is stronger and better for the experiences we have together writing such lovely stories. Houston believes all things are possible and no one can stop us but us.

It is whatever you believe it is and whatever you believe you imagine. You are unconditional love, you imagine what you dislike as well as what you like. It is how you respond, the inside, to what you called that determines the outcome of the story being written. The outside.

We all do it all the time. You are conscious for a moment in your imagination of saying or doing or having what you want and you forget about it. You call it the plan which did not come to you until you imagined the end you wanted.

Once you see the pattern you begin to consciously choose what you think, you prune the vine, and you lose all judgement of others. You realize they are just bringing you the story you are telling yourself. Everything ever written tells you the story of you.

Science calls it quantum physics and the observation effect, the Bible calls it the Law, Ancient Egyptians called it the Eye of Horus, modern times call it Santa Claus. It’s a pattern and it is the same thing over and over again.

We can’t change anything on the outside unless we change the inside. Your free will is to choose what you will love, what you give attention to, what you will imagine and give birth to, good or bad up to you.

You are not allowed to hurt another because that is you in another costume. People are just messengers. No one gets to shoot the messenger. When you try, it backfires every time. You did it to you.

You can change it. You are making it up. It’s a story.

Isn’t it wonderful?

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Dear Houston Texans, NFL Players, & the League

My Dear Houston Texans, NFL players and League,

I love you. I love you no matter what you say or do.  The players emotional immaturity has reached a point where I, as a human being and a fan, must respond. If you were a child then as a parent I must do something to stop you from hurting yourself. I am not your parent and you are not a child.  I love you so I must say something when I see one I love hurting themselves.  It’s up to you how you respond from here.

Everything in life is a trade. I invited you into my world not because of who the players who play the game or the owners who own the team are but for the game I love. It’s a win win for all. I get to see the game I love to watch and you get money that helps you have a lovely life to play the game you love. I love my work and those who pay me love their work and the companies and people we work for want what we have and we want what they have. It’s a win win for all.  Money is a medium of exchange only and you are exchanging love. If you want money, love, so you can have what you love, keep in mind it is always a trade.

There are always two sides to everything. A buy and a sell, a good and a bad, rational and imaginal, left and right, up and down. A coin has two sides, but it is just a coin. Your response shows everyone your belief. Do you see it as heads, tails, or just a coin?

The team no longer offers entertainment as I perceive it without a price demanded by the players I will not pay. As a fan, I will not indulge a temper tantrum. To do so is to encourage more of the same. Extortion – a gross overcharge. It is no longer a win win for all. It’s a lopsided trade.  No one part is bigger than the whole. Players are front running the fans. It’s win for some players, and a loss for others, the fans and the employer.

Fans do not share their love with players because of what players believe. You give yourself more importance than is warranted. It’s about what both love, football, not the individual players beliefs.  I love you and you can believe whatever you wish. You can’t force others to believe as you do and to try is just to make them dig in their heels.  For you to then cry and stomp your feet and demand they acknowledge your belief is nothing more than emotional immaturity. If you were a child it would be time for a time out or a pop on the butt. You are hurting yourself and others and that is not allowed.

However, you are not a child. It doesn’t matter what each person’s belief is in this world, that is their personal decision.  It is not for you to say what the ones who watch and love you for your efforts in the game of football should believe.  It isn’t your job to insist others acknowledge your belief and talk about it.

It’s about football not you and what you believe. Do I like seeing people getting shot by police? No. Color hasn’t a thing to do with it though but that is what I believe. Your response is about color. That is going down into the muck and dividing and conquering which only makes more of the same. I thought you didn’t like it but you appear to love it. You give it a lot of attention.

It is about those who believe they have power. bullies, over those who believe they are powerless, victims. It’s a trade. Victims call bullies to prove their belief. Only the victim can determine if they are sick of being a victim. They change and the bullies change or they go away. This story is as old as dirt. You can’t make others believe as you do. All you can do is change you.

The trade is no longer a win win when you do this and so it becomes a lose lose. I wish you didn’t have to learn this lesson but we all do in the end.

We are all different. Everyone has a different perception. We all have a part to play so I understand and I love you. I am not going to go into the muck with you. I am here for you when you decide to come out of the muck with a warm cloth to wash it off you when you are done.

Loving you as I do I felt a need to respond. If you wouldn’t like it, it is a sure bet no one else would either. Your good is not necessarily others and neither is your bad. You project out what you believe by your response. The response from the players that the owner of the team said something racist is the players projecting out their belief in racism.

That is you not the owner. There was not one word about race in the comment the players are upset with. He was speaking as an owner, a business man running a business. The players response is emotionally immature. If players were a child it would be as if the child is having a temper tantrum and it is time for a time out.

I am not judging. We all do it. It is what it is. Your choice is yours and indicates a need to go into a hole, a very deep dark hole. That’s ok we all do it. That’s how you gain emotional maturity unfortunately, hurting yourself and learning.

I was shocked because I know you are better than that. That you know better but that’s ok. Everyone has to grow up in their own way.

We have been through so much. The love we share for each other is here and if you have to go somewhere because for some reason you cannot be in this environment of love I understand. That love for your neighbor and seeing them as you want them to see you is what Houston is all about. All saw it. All commented on it. All helped us through Harvey and many other difficult times.  We dance, we sing, we laugh, we love and we see human beings, we see the human race. Is that true for all? No everyone is different but for the majority it is true.

Emotional maturity from the players would be paying for time during the game to show what they are doing about something they believe in passionately. Instead, the fans witnessed the lowest form of emotional maturity and that’s ok. The players can go there, they can believe whatever they wish. It is their road to walk and experience what they desire. It is not for me to judge their road.

I know here in Houston, the majority know, there is only one race, the human race. The people here know this is all a lovely tapestry and the colors are lovely and beautiful. The people here have been through a lot together over the years and this is why we believe this. There is no time or love for emotionally immature behavior that only ends up hurting the one judging others in the end. If the players must hurt themselves so be it. It is what it is.

Everyone’s pain level is as different as each one of us different. Some have a higher tolerance than others.  It is what it is. Growing up, learning to be mature emotionally, isn’t easy but it is necessary. That’s the journey we are all on.

All knowledge comes from experience and all beliefs are self imposed.  It appears some players on this team have a need to go into a deep hole and it is not for others to stop, judge, or malign them. The league and owner of the teams will determine what behavior is acceptable. It will reflect them through their response.

Was I disappointed the players chose to go there? Yes indeed but if it helps them to learn and grow into emotional maturity then it is all good in the end. I love you unconditionally. That doesn’t mean I acquiesce or condone your beliefs. Just as I would not watch my child hurt himself, I cannot watch you do it either.

Entertainment is everywhere but your show is not entertaining to me, it is no longer a win win for all to me. So players go ahead and live your belief as we all do. When you are ready to stop hurting yourself and grow up and be emotional mature, I will be here waiting to applaud you and say I am so glad you are back.

In the meanwhile. emotionally mature players are available elsewhere as is the game.

I love you and look forward to the day when once again I can say Go Texans!  Let’s tailgate!


The Fallacy of White Privilege

There is only one race, the Human race. To see color is to believe in racism and it doesn’t matter which side of the coin you believe, for or against, you are a racist.  White Privilege is just a label and doesn’t mean a thing. There are just as many black privileged and red privileged and the list goes on. To cry out others are more privileged is to say you don’t love yourself very much. It says that you believe you are a victim. It means you are a slave to your beliefs.

One sounds like a two year old, crying they want what the other has and it isn’t fair. Whoever told you life is fair, lied. Life is what you make it and what you believe on the inside is shown to you on the outside. It isn’t a secret even though you think it is. It is out there for all to see.

There’s only one Law and all the rest flow from it. There is only one constant – everything changes all the time. Now why is that? The Law. Imagination creates reality.

We trap ourselves all the time.

Do you honestly think that white people have not been arrested, shot, killed, maimed, robbed in this life? Do you honestly believe they have not suffered at the hands of law enforcement? Do you honestly believe they have not been enslaved, beaten, starved? Have you read any world history?

Slavery is a manifestation of what you believe. You believe it first then it happens. You think it happens and then you believe it in and if you examine your thoughts you will realize you imagined it and believed it first and then it appeared. You trapped yourself.

There is no white privilege. You either think you deserve the best or you don’t. Color hasn’t a thing to do with it. It is a way of thinking. Everything is a state of mind. You were born into slavery, each one of us, and so it manifests in different ways because we are all different so we imagine different ways to trap and enslave ourselves. The goal – freedom.

Will Rogers, beloved American Indian story teller, and Bass Reeves,  first black deputy U.S. marshal west of the Mississippi River, believed in themselves and nothing stopped them. Jet Li, Chinese wushu champion and actor, Walt Disney, Hispanic animator, Sydney Poitier, black actor believed in themselves and nothing stopped them. Hatshepsut believed in herself and nothing stopped her. There is a long list of those who believed in themselves and made their dreams come true despite the ‘facts’ that would say otherwise. No need for jealousy. That is coveting. You can do it too.

Not one person is free. You can say whites are more privileged all you want but people are messengers showing you what you believe.  You are making that happen with your belief. It’s ok we all do it. All beliefs are self imposed and so they are nothing more than a habit.

Why not flip that around and free yourself?

You can’t change anything on the outside from the outside. That’s banging your head against a brick wall. That brick wall isn’t moving now is it and your head hurts too. It never works and it always makes things worse not better.

It is what you think, you believe, what you give your attention to aka love that comes into your world. Why do you want that? Ok by me. You can have anything you want but when someone says I am white privilege as they cry poor poor me, well I have no compassion. It’s ok. Learn your lesson. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt and put it away.  Don’t expect me to feel sorry for you. You are the one chopping down the trees so you can see the forest.

I have no compassion for those who will not help themselves. Compassion will not help them and locks them into the state of consciousness they currently reside in.  What they really need is love and I do love them. I imagine they have what they say they want and move on. If they get it they were ready and if they don’t then they weren’t. Not my world. I don’t experience these things because I have learned and no longer think like a slave or a victim. I AM FREE.

Slavery is forever and has been forever. Your getting lost in the details and they don’t matter. It’s your thinking, belief, what you give attention to that matters. That is the world you are creating and what you see all around you. You are amazing!

People have been enslaving and selling their enemies and victims to others forever. Color of the skin does not matter, it’s happened to all and it goes on even today. If you want to believe blacks were just out there hunting in the bush and were captured by the evil white man and taken away ok. Go ahead. History says all humans have captured other humans and sold them to other humans forever.  It’s the same with every ‘civilization’ out there.

Your slavery is not any more special than anyone else’s slavery. We all start off as slaves here. You will gain freedom one day when you get sick of it. You do it to yourself. No one is being mean to you but you.

Just because we don’t have whips and chains doesn’t mean you are not a slave. We are born into slavery and the manifestation of slavery in this physical world is just an awareness you have achieved that tells you this and you look on the outside for the cause.

All beliefs are self imposed. You are a slave to your beliefs.

It’s inside you. That’s the journey. To break out of slavery and be free and only each individual can do it for themselves. In reality, that ‘slavery’ is your school. It is a good thing because it teaches you that to believe another instead of self is slavery.

Have you bought what another is telling you? Most do and if you do you just sold yourself into slavery. White, black, red, yellow, brown has nothing to do with it. It’s a state of mind, consciousness, awareness of being. People are just messengers telling you what you believe.

You will graduate once you get it but if you are still crying how put upon you are in this world you probably have to stick around but no worries. All will graduate in the end and put on that robe of many colors.

Isn’t it time to come together as one and wake up to freedom? All want to be free but more than that all want to be loved. There is not one person on this planet that could do or say anything to make me stop loving them. All are loved unconditionally. They don’t realize it is all.

Your imagination doesn’t care what you love, give attention to, believe. It’s going to give you that, whatever it may be. Unconditional love so you see you asked for it and you are receiving it. You do it to yourself. Bless your heart. I love you but I don’t care about color. I never have and it has made others uncomfortable but they got over it or moved on.

If you see the color of someone’s skin then you are the racist. If you see someone’s sexual orientation, which is no one’s business, then you are the bigot. If you see someone’s economic status as an indication of intelligence then you are the one filled with prejudice and stupidity. You see what you believe. People are just messengers showing you what you believe. Change what you believe and they change.

It’s just a cover. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover and treat others like you want to be treated. Do you want to be cursed, attacked, harmed, hurt? Well if you are imagining that for others and doing that to others it is coming back to bite you on the ass and you did it to yourself. How’s that working out?

It’s always they are mean to me. They hate me. They are bullying me. They are keeping me down and that is a victim mentality. Stop believing you are a victim in another’s story and rise up. It’s your story.

Understand you are the God Particle that determines the probability of which outcome the photons will go to. Understand you are the operator of quantum physics and so it is all you.

All beliefs are self imposed and so a habit. You can change it to what you want about anything or anyone and all are compelled to show you what you believe or go away.

Tell a good story. Believe nothing but the best for you and love others on their journey.
Forgive them. They don’t know what they are doing. They don’t know to be free is just a state of mind. They don’t understand the physics and they don’t believe and that’s ok.

They will one day.

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Living vs Surviving

I have learned the hard way and we all do I suppose. You make a hole so deep you think you are never going to get out of it much less survive. You buy what rational man says and eventually you figure you are better off dead than sticking around here. If you listen to him you end up in so much despair because to him it is all so ugly and awful. He doesn’t have a good word for anyone or anything. Always bitching. It’s all going to kill you, others want to hurt you, even nature and your body cannot be trusted.

You are here to live not survive. You are here to experience. You are here to taste both sides, good and bad. You are here to discover it is neither. It just is whatever you are conscious of it being. You choose to believe another or yourself.  Just because rational man says it is true doesn’t mean it is true. Rational man is hardly rational. He does the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. Since when did violence bring peace? Since when did giving love and money to others help others other than the ones you gave the love and money to?

The Bible is an allegory and it is a collection of the greatest psychological truths ever written and an explanation of how to use quantum physics to make your life easier while you are here and how quantum physics effects your life here. It tells you who you are, and why you are here, and how to use the energy that makes up everything to help you along the way. It is the story of you.

Listen carefully all around you without prejudice, without good or bad. It’s a story. Everyone tells you it’s a story. On the news it’s the top story tonight, our next story. The White House narrative. We have strong reason to believe. Studies suggest. Polls suggest. IF this happens then. It could, it might, it may.  Blah, blah, blah. It’s all in flux and it is being written as we go so it’s all a story.

The fact is there is fire. Fire cooks it is good. Fire burns it is bad. It’s just fire and it is whatever you believe it is. It is the same for all. We are just people. Some are black, some are white, some are red, brown, yellow but they are all just people. All cry, laugh, bleed. Just people.

I AM is the God Particle that determines the probability of which end the photons will take. Whatever comes after I AM, if it is felt with feeling whether in the physical world or in your imagination, that is what you are aware of being. The role and the state of consciousness the role is wearing. I am Rita, the role, and I AM healthy, wealthy, and wise, states of consciousness.

This is all imagination, a dream. You put on different states of consciousness and take them off to experience and learn. You can change your state of consciousness any time you wish. It’s like taking off and putting on a robe. It is whatever you imagine and believe it is and that is all. Everyone else is a messenger showing you what you believe. You called like to like to show you that. You are the God Particle.

When I was young, a letter came from the day care saying my family could have hepatitis. We went to the doctor and my family had hepatitis. When it was my turn, and I was last, he said I probably had it too. I told him I don’t have time for that. I am perfectly fine. My mom cried. He tested me. I was fine. He wanted to give me a vaccine. I told him I am perfectly fine and don’t need to try to give it to myself.

Everyone and everything indicated my house would flood during Harvey. I told myself I do not accept this. My house is dry and the drains are draining and the retention pond is receding and the bayous are draining. My house was dry. We did not flood. The drains and pond receded faster than everyone indicated it would much to their surprise. It was ok to be aware of the storm when it did not go as I imagined. It was bringing me something. I had been imagining there is only unity, harmony and love. No one can deny that this is what was experienced. That men with confederate flags on saved everyone and everything they could. That people from all over came to help. It was not ok to be afraid, to be aware I would suffer from it. I was afraid for a moment but I turned to my imagination and all was well.

I will admit it. The flood of facts in my life made me lose faith for a bit. I did cry out Lord why have you forsaken me? I went to sleep and when I woke I knew he had not. I knew I was living the state of consciousness called Jesus. I was walking that road in this time and place. I knew all would walk it eventually. I forgave myself after I cried another storm of tears as I realized it was all me.

It is whatever you want it to be, whatever you believe it to be. Whatever you are conscious of being. I AM THAT. Moses means to draw out. A burning bush that does not burn. Well that is drawn out of Man’s imagination. I AM Imagination, I AM Aware of Being what you imagine. That’s God’s name. We all say it. We all say I AM. There is only One I AM. It’s like a coral reef. Many different colored coral together make the reef. There is only one reef made up of many different corals. There is only One Being here made up many beings. We all say I AM.

That is each one of us. I call you to me. If you come into my world you are compelled by me to come play your role or bring me a message. You call me to you. I am compelled by you to come play my role. It is all to give you what you imagined, what you asked for. what you believe. Like attracts like. You don’t vibrate money. You believe you are wealthy. Once you believe it, like attracts like, and it flows to you.

The Bible says there is only one God, one I AM and we all say it so we are all powerful and all things are possible to each one of us. You mediate man to God. You do this with your lovely imagination. You become aware even for a moment you are what you want to be and it will be.  Your imagination is your savior. You, your consciousness and your lovely imagination.

There is only one God in my universe and that is me. Each one of us is different. Only I can decide what is best for me whether it is buying what another has said or believing what I want it to be despite what others say. Despite the flood of facts. The Bible is beautiful and such a treasure of the greatest psychological truths ever written. It is quantum physics in a story so you and I can use it. Just because others bought what another said it meant doesn’t mean the book is bad. It’s just a book.

It is all a role in a story. Be a Hercules, a George Soros, a Hillary Clinton or a Donald Trump. Be Aladdin or Cinderella or Scarlet O’Hara or Martin Luther King. Be poor, or rich, or smart or ignorant. Don’t believe another. Don’t give away your power. Be the best whatever role you want to be and it will be all good for you. It has to be righteous and only you know what is righteous for you. When it is not righteous then it is for self. When it is righteous is what you truly believe is right. Do you steal to eat yet give most of it to others who need it more? Did you kill because you felt you had to to save another? Did you go to war because you felt you had to go, it was the right thing to do? Then it is righteous.

That is the golden rule. Treating others as you wish to be treated. When it is anything other than that, it will come back to bite you on the ass. Hence do not judge or malign another. That is you in another costume and it will come back to bite you.

Eventually you will see the pattern. We all will individually. I turned away from the Bible and religion many decades ago but when I saw the pattern I realized what it had really been saying. I still do not buy religion but the Bible is magnificent.

You are Mary, you are Jesus, you are Moses, you are David. It is all you.

You will wear the states of consciousness described in the Bible. You will be born. When you obtain a heart of gold then you will be born. Water is the physical world and wine is the world of imagination. You are baptized with water which means immersed in the rational crazy man world and eventually born in spirit after you walk the road and suffer and burn off all the silliness you sell yourself. You are immersed in a womb, growing and eventually leaving the womb. The growing part is first learning bad, then learning the good of it, then learning it just is whatever you imagine and believe it is nothing more.

It is all a story and you are telling it and you get what you imagine and believe. You respond how you believe. You can catch the mood. You can catch that fish, that state of consciousness you wish to be, just imagine it and feel it. Be conscious it is yours in your imagination like a child does when he plays.

Be like the heroes of old who knew no one goes before their time so it is always a good day to die.

Death does not really exist. The one dying isn’t experiencing it. Just the ones left behind. Energy never dies. Consciousness and imagination never die. You return in a younger whole version of you in another place and time and do it all over again until you learn. It is all you so why are you judging another? That is you. Why do you need authorities like climate change groups or political groups or non-governmental organizations or the UN who are only expressing their opinion, their story, to tell you what to do? Why do you allow others to do your thinking for you?

It’s ok. We all do it. No matter where you are on your journey you are loved. I don’t care what you say or do I love you and always will. I know who you are and you are loved unconditionally.

If you feel like a puppet, it’s because you are the puppet master. Forgive yourself and make it a good story. Test it for yourself. I don’t ask for you to believe me. I ask you to think about it and test it for yourself. It costs nothing but a moment of your time and you will soon realize when you examine your thoughts that it has been you all along.

Rise up. Be brave. Have courage. I believe in you. You are amazing. Just use your imagination for what you want instead of what you fear. Rational man is crazy. You will not leave here until you tame yourself and learn it is all love and love is what you give your attention to. Go have some fun!

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All Isms Are Traps

Doctor Who calls them the Dream Crabs. You wake up from a dream into another and another and another. Like a Russian nesting doll.  They are traps we set for ourselves. We are all different so each trap is different so each person is the only one that can free themselves.  Each person sets their own traps.

All the ancient texts say the same thing and the most lovely ones of all is the Bible and the story of Gilgamesh. They are allegories because a story enters into the minds of men easier than outright truth. Many think the stories of India are myths and legends. They are not. They are history and human beings have been doing this for a very long time.

There is no fiction. It is the story of each person that says I AM or a forgotten memory. Some rationalize it as the Hero’s Journey. Just a story. The Hero’s Journey is the story of each individual and physical history is a memory of the journey.

That is the story of Giglamesh and the Bible is a scientific book that uses the form of allegory to explain the science. It’s the explanation of quantum physics and the observation effect. You are the God particle.

Rational man can try to hide the evidence all he wants. No perfect silver bell in that 300 million year old coal deposit. Nothing to see here. Move along. No giants here. That local newspaper report with photos from the 19th century and early 20th century is just a hoax. Move along. That is the role, to make one doubt self.  Humans created authority because humans believe others can be smarter than other humans about everything. We created the role to doubt self. We called them. They call others crazy and ignorant but that is your Rational Man speaking to you, not another. People are messengers showing you what you believe.  They are you in a another costume.

Rational man never succeeds in the end because you can’t change the outside from the outside. That is why one suffers. He bangs his head against the wall and wonders why his head hurts and why won’t the wall move. You have to go inside yourself to do that. Only you know what you are thinking, believing, imagining, and giving your attention to and so it is your world and no one else’s that is presented to you each day.

The pyramids are not tombs. Not one body found in them. Then there are the water erosion marks on the pyramids and the Sphinx. They weren’t made when Rational man says they were made and according to him, he is the authority and he already said what it was and so he denies it, hides it, attacks the one that shows him the evidence to consider. We all see the water erosion. Yet he cannot let go that he is the authority after another came and pointed out their belief.

There is only One Being here made up of many.

Rational man didn’t know what the heck they were or what they meant so he made it up and the majority bought it. He made it up because he’s supposed to be the authority and he doesn’t know so he guesses. He tells you he guesses but demands the guess be treated as truth. The archaeologists don’t want geologists or physicists at their sites. They bring a different perspective than what they say it is. Pride and hubris. Doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. That is Rational man and that is not rational. It is crazy.

I AM is in charge not Rita. Rita is the vessel that I AM using to experience and learn to love self unconditionally and once achieved I AM born. One being here made up of many so you must learn to love all because it is all you.

You are not a human being seeking a spiritual experience, you are a spiritual being having a human experience. Human is the vessel, being is who each individual is, I AM Imagination, I AM aware of being your Imagination. Moses is a Man and Moses means to draw out.  Moses represents you and God tells him God is Man’s awareness of being and draws out of his imagination, a burning bush that does not burn comes out of imagination. I AM is Aware of being THAT.

The pyramids lit the world. Tesla was on to what they did. Everything is energy. This time around we chose oil to be the energy that lights the world but it has been lit up by many different things over millions of years. There are infinite ways to an end. You choose the way you wish to go. No one makes you. We are all different so each road is different yet it is the same end at the end of the road for all.

The end has been imagined and we are filling in the details.

So you can judge and malign another. That’s ok and you will learn as you suffer from it that you do it to yourself. Eventually you stop blaming others and cry out I don’t want to play this anymore and you get the answer. People are just messengers showing you what you believe. Stop shooting the messenger. That is you.

If you truly want change then you will think about it and if you don’t you will discard this and will die like a man instead of realizing who you are and start acting  like it.

Stop believing in God and start acting like God. Imitate the Father. That is the quest. That is the journey. That is the road and it is yours and yours alone.

I can help others but I can’t walk their road for them. I can lift them up and help them carry their cross of flesh and blood only as much as they wish to be lifted up. That’s ok. I do the best I can. Up to them if they accept the gift or not. It’s their road not mine but I imagine for them. I try to help but only they know what they need and want so they choose whether to accept the gift or not.

Consciousness, Imagination and Love is God himself and he laid himself down inside each one of us individually. Each one of us is God of our world. This is a multiverse.  Consciousness is the Father, Imagination is the Son and Savior, and Love is the Holy Spirit.

So you can buy the isms, racism, patriotism, vegetarianism, capitalism, socialism, communism, up to you. All of them are a trap and only you trap yourself. They are just people who bought what another has sold them. Leave them alone. Let them be. Wish all success and happiness. It is all good.

So if you want to be a zombie walking around chaotically imagining all sorts of horrid things to have happen to you go for it. Bless your heart and I love you no matter what you say or do. I know who you are.

We all say I AM and anything else is just a role you are playing or a label you have given yourself. Isms are drama and comedy in the show but eventually you just get sick of them all. They stop making sense. You see the good side of it and then you see the bad side of it and then you realize it just is whatever you think it is so you leave it alone.

You can follow a crazy man who does the same thing over and over again expecting a different result – Rational man. Or you can believe yourself and learn from your experience. All beliefs are self imposed.

It’s all a story. It’s your story and you are telling it and as you do the photons gather together like the shoemaker’s elves and bring you what you give your attention to, what you imagine and feel.  So tell yourself a good story. Revise the day you just had to what you wanted it to be in your imagination before you fall asleep. Imagine what your day will be like tomorrow before you fall asleep and you will see it will be.

It’s your story. You do it all the time. Make it a good one.

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How the Law Works – Trump & Clinton

I hope this proves to be a practical blog and you can start immediately putting into place what you want instead of what you fear.

The Law is Imagination creates reality.

A good example of the Law in action is Trump and Clinton.

Donald was confident. He imagined sitting in the Oval office. He imagined others congratulating him on his win. He was saying I AM President with feeling and he imagined he was President. So it didn’t matter what he said or did it was what he felt that became his reality.

Hillary was confident. She imagined losing and told herself that is not going to happen. But it did because she kept imagining losing and saying that is not going to happen with feeling. It doesn’t matter what you say or do. So it didn’t matter what she said or did it was what she felt that became her reality.

What is the common denominator here? Imagination. Imagine you are sitting in the car you want, sleeping in the house you desire, or petting the dog you want that others say you can’t have. That is silly. You can have whatever you imagine and become aware of having for just a moment in your imagination. It’s on the way if you were aware of it and acknowledged that in your imagination with a thank you, amen, it is done, whatever you wish to indicate you were aware you had what you desired. Say it with meaning, feel it and it is yours.

This is all a play. Like attracts like and you are writing your part of the play. You don’t get to see what each one is writing just your part. At night when you sleep your part is uploaded and you are prepared for the next day to receive what you have been asking for in the past.

Fibonacci at work. Past plus present equals future.

All those little secret things you tell yourself that you think no one knows, they know. You called them to show you that. People are just messengers telling you what you believe. Don’t shoot the messenger. Change the message.

Up to you of course and you can raise up another if you wish and imagine they have what they want, what they desire. The people called for Trump long before he ever entered the race. Those 99% that were crying. Did you listen to them? No? That’s ok. It was they who called, he answered the call, and now the end imagined by them is being played out. Hillary never had a chance. She was amazing and played her role to the best of her ability with what she had and knew at the time. But she was never going to win.

He said she was sick when she wasn’t sick. Then she got sick. I knew what was happening even if they didn’t and I imagined her well. She got well. It’s not my world but everyone deserves a second chance. She is only playing her role. She is only being what we believe and she was only playing a role she had to play and she has not learned anything still blaming the outside and that’s ok too.  You come back and repeat and sooner or later you get sick of it and decide I AM not this anymore. I AM XXX.

So you see it is all good. You are here to learn and you will learn you do it to yourself and it will be whatever you want it to be and science backs me up.

So you can realize the Bible is the greatest scientific book every written filled with the greatest psychological truths or you can call it myth and silly stories because you are not emotionally mature enough to figure it out yet and that’s ok. We all do it. It doesn’tmater. I know who you are and I love you.

I stopped shooting messengers a long time ago.

I don’t care what you have said, what you have done, I love you and believe in you. No matter what you love to be, be the best you can be, and it will always work out.

The end imagined is you will live happily ever after this journey is over.

Isn’t it wonderful?

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We Do It To Ourselves

Let’s say someone, a respected someone, gets himself locked out of his Google account. There is no reason for it. If he is aware it is locked, well he imagined that could happen to him at sometime. All he has to do to get back in is refuse to accept he is locked out and imagine he is in his email and doing whatever it is he wants to do. Yeah that feels good, now let it cook. It will unlock. Happened to me before, not Google but another social media site, and it works.

When it happened to me I was pretty upset at first but then realized I was responding like an idiot. I went and imagined I was in the site. A couple of hours later I was in.

Some will say the algos assumed from his name potential terrorist and out he went. Maybe that is how it happened but it isn’t why it happened. Now if he assumes and imagines his account is not locked, and he wonders after it unlocks, how did that happen? A fat finger, a VP saying fix it who knows. It gets fixed because he assumed it would be fixed and he is emailing or whatever. How that happens is the mystery but it happens.

We think because we discovered how it happened on the outside that we know the cause but we don’t. Deep inside we all know we don’t know the cause, the how yes but that is after the fact.

I assure you we do it to ourselves. Buying fear, much less another one’s fear, is a drag.  No thanks.

You asked for it, you received it.  Why are you crying?

I know. My husband told me I didn’t imagine having a summer cold. It just came. I never thought about it at all. Yeah he did. He said going in and out of the AC to the heat is going to make me sick. I know he was just mouthing but he believes that so I know he imagined it when he said it. To believe in illness means you imagine getting ill and so you will get ill.

I don’t care what you say or do. I love you. I love the person who locked themselves out and they can blame something on the outside all they want, Google/Facebook whatever, but they did it to themselves. I imagined he was back in his account and the next day he was after being locked out for four days before writing his story. He was quite the lovely man and I knew I could raise him up so I did. I don’t tell you that to brag, but to help you understand you can help others if that is what they wish in their hearts. Imagine for them and if it happens great and if it doesn’t it is because they alone walk their road and they alone believe what they believe and it will be whatever they believe.

There are two sides to everything and I know this and I also know it is exactly whatever I believe it is, what I choose to be aware of, what I choose to imagine and give my attention to and nothing more.

A statue is just a statue. A building is just a building. A person is just a person.  A man or woman can be kind to some and horrid to others. All are compelled to bring you what you are asking for and you are the one acting out the role bringing it.  People are just messengers showing you what you believe of yourself. Some, like my husband, love me and believe I believe but are not at a point where they can believe and that’s ok. It is all good.

So love it all. It is all good. It is all you. Welcome to the Multiverse. You don’t have to buy another’s universe.  It is fun to see what they think and do but the beautiful part is watching the journey. Seeing all the passion, the love and happiness and desire for good whatever that may be. Eventually all learn there is no good, there is no bad, there is no fear, there is no death, there is no illness, famine or pestilence. It’s just a dream.

It is all God, Consciousness, Awareness of Being, Imagination, Love. That’s all there is here and it is all beautiful and it is all you. Be aware it is all beautiful even if the ‘facts’ tell you otherwise, and you will find it is indeed beautiful. Just like you.

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