The 12 Universal Laws of Mind

These are not laws of the universe. They are universal. They are Laws/Principles of Mind and we all say I AM and have One mind which is inside One mind inside One mind – like a Russian nesting doll.  If you take care of your mind, the rest follow.
These Laws do not deviate. They are Law. They are always working and they work for all no matter the state of anyone’s being. Rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief. It doesn’t matter. If there is an exception, it is not Law – it’s a rule and rules are made to be broken.
The first two Laws are the ultimate laws and the other ten cannot work without the first two so in a way there are only two Laws with a subset of ten. You can look at it any way you wish.
In the past these Laws were presented as the 12 constellations, the 12 tribes of Israel, and the 12 disciples.
By being conscious of these laws and using them consciously you learn it is all you and whatever you believe, imagine and give unconditional love to. Attention. One end of the scale of attention is love and the other is hate. To give it attention is to feed it and make it grow. Understand how these Laws work and you can consciously use them to live life rather than survive it. It’s all you.
The Law of One
There is only One. One Mind inside you and it has two parts.  Conscious and Subconscious.  The pineal gland is above these two in the physical form of the brain. It is the seat of imagination. The Ark of the Covenant is your imagination. A secret place inside you that only you can enter and there you make the two parts of the one mind agree.
The subconscious mind is the seat for life. It regulates all your bodily functions and all your memories of your experiences and lessons learned are there and come to you as desires and intuition. These are deep seated memories as you do not remember these lessons learned but they are there and when you attempt to do something and that little voice inside you says don’t do it you won’t like it, been there done that and you do it anyways you discover that little voice is right . You go with your gut – instinct – intuition.
There is Only One. If you imagine ugly, an eye for an eye, you will experience the ugly not them. There is only One being here and to malign another is to malign self. You get the spanking not the other. It is to learn. There is only One. You are only hurting yourself when you think and imagine ugly things of others.
There is only One I AM and we all say it. Anything after that is the role you are playing or a label you placed upon yourself.
One Consciousness. One Subconscious, One Imagination and all come together to bring you what you declare is yours in your imagination.
You may not know who you are, when you are, where you are, but you always know you are and you always imagine. You couldn’t stop imagining if you wanted to.
Everyone and everything is you – pushed out. Everyone is a messenger showing you what you believe, bringing you messages and answers and gifts. Thank the messenger even though you may not like the message and then change the message. It’s your belief.
Blessing others is blessing yourself and it happens for them and even more for you. You are loving you.
The Law of Liberty – Salvation
Imagination creates objective reality.
The trinity is Consciousness – Imagination – Attention – yours and no one else’s matters. It’s your world not theirs. Consciousness is the gatekeeper and Imagination is the Savior. Attention is the power of unconditional love.
Love trumps all. Hearts trump all. If you are lovingly giving of yourself to another in your imagination, it will override any other obstacle that may stop it and it will be.
Anything you place consciously into your subconscious and give attention to via your imagination are seeds you planted into the subconscious mind and asked for. Everyone else, even the rocks you trip over, are you presenting the story you are telling yourself.
There is the objective world and the subjective world. You are the receiver and the projector. The objective world is nothing more than a projection of your subjective world. You will see what you consciously believe, imagine, give attention to. The objective world, being a projection, cannot hurt you – unless you believe it can and if you do you have enslaved yourself to it.
You push life around. It doesn’t push you around and this is how you are doing it.
The only free will you have is to choose what you will imagine, believe and give attention to. No one can make you believe anything. You choose. Everything else is scripted from that.
If you silence your mind – going to God Mode – imagine an end you wish to experience – consciously accept it in your imagination with thanks or a small phrase that indicates you consciously have it – use your five senses in your imagination especially touch/feeling – and say thank you to the core of your being for giving you that in your imagination then you will receive it in the objective world.
The two agreed in Imagination.
Imagination is the savior. Nothing was made that was not first desired and imagined. The core of your being sitting in your subconscious sends you angels, desires, and you go about the Father’s work by being like your Father and imagine having the end you desire. When you no longer desire it then you have it and the details start filling in.
Time and space create faith and doubt. To believe in the objective world is to doubt. Faith is not a religion. It is knowing the unseen will be seen. Faith in your subjective world.
Liberate yourself and have the life of your dreams. Be responsible and loving to all.
The Law of Tithing
This law is not about giving a tenth of your income to some charity or organization unless that entity deals with teaching others the Laws of Mind. It is fine to do this as long as when you do it you joyously give it out knowing it will raise others up.
When you give to a charity for example to end cancer you are giving life to the objective side. You are stating the objective side can fix this and it cannot. This will not come back to you a thousandfold.
If you give to help others after a natural disaster it’s not those poor people; it’s joy, riches and success for all. This money I joyously give to you as it will help raise you up to be even better than before as you are magnificent! Love to all! This will come back to you a thousandfold.
If it is say to the Phineas Quimby entities, authors that write about it or others who create films or music or whatever about love and the laws mind then you are spreading the good news. This will always come back to you a thousandfold.
If a farmer does not keep a tenth of his crop then there is no seed for the next year’s harvest. That is tithing.
So if you spend an hour giving a lecture you need to spend 6 minutes praying for the Big man to come forward and hear others say what an inspiring lecture thank you before you go forward to your lecture. It’s about time and giving to yourself and others.
96 minutes in a day should be spent in the endeavor. That equates to one day a week approximately. The Sabbath is doing this. It’s not one day a week. It is everyday in at least these increments. You do not work during these times because you are at rest physically  – imagining for others and self.
The Law of Relativity
It’s all relative to your perception. Only human beings place good or bad upon something. They are just props waiting to be as you wish and will be as you perceive it to be. Its all relative.
It’s just bacteria. It can’t hurt you or be good to you unless you believe it and/or imagine it.
If you believe in good bacteria then the other side is automatically created because to believe in one is to believe in the other and it’s just bacteria.
If one person believes in flesh eating bacteria effectively believing in the objective world and another believes it’s all just bacteria and therefore a lovely prop for the objective world and both have cuts and both go into the water one will get to experience flesh eating bacteria and one will experience the lovely water.
It’s all relative.
The Law or Perpetual Transmutation
You are changing things all the time via your imagination. It is the only constant. It’s always changing.
You can revise the past and set end points into the future.
Imagine an end in the future or refuse to accept somthing that has happened or is happening and transmute it to be as you imagine and wish.
It will change.
You don’t have to accept your car is broken down and not in the driveway. Imagine it is in the driveway and always has been and never broke down and the energy moving forward rewrites it so the objective world presents to you your vehicle in the driveway.
Little to no charge to return it to that objective state.
The Law of Gratitude
To be thankful for something is an indication you consciously accept it and love it. The more you are thankful for something the more it comes into your life.
If you are thankful for money and you joyously release it thankful for what it is giving you – it will come back to you a thousandfold. To doubt is to worry. No worries.
Be thankful. It is part of the power of love.
The Law of Cause and Effect
I AM, Consciousness Imagination and Attention, is the cause and the objective world is the effect.
You ACT or take action in your imagination and the world REACTS.
I AM the God Particle that determines the outcome of which way the photons will go. I AM the cause.  I AM the one that determines if Schrödinger’s cat is dead or alive.
Law of Opulence
The more you give of yourself, your time and your imaginations to others the more you will receive in the objective world. It becomes an avalanche of abundance.
Imagine the best of men and they will give it to you. Imagine others living in luxury and they will as will you only you receive even more.
There is always more. It’s like the air you breath or the ocean’s water. There is abundance in all.
Money, food, clothing in whatever form it takes is an idea in the mind of God. It is good. It is very good. Money is a symbol of God’s wealth. It is a medium of exchange and you are exchanging ideas and love.  There is always more. It is inexhaustible.
Law of Attraction
Like thoughts/beliefs attract like circumstances, conditions, events and people in the objective world.
Look around you and see what your thoughts have wrought.
All beliefs are self imposed and can be changed. It’s just a habit.
Law of Reflection
Everything is a reflection of you. The universe and all within it is inside you and will reflect you always.
A dog does not understand the words you say or the actions you do but does understand the feelings behind them and is always watching you. The dog will be as you believe he will be. He will be different for another who believes differently than you.
It is the same with everything in the objective world.
Change you, and the world will change to reflect that.
Law of Vibration
Everything has a different vibration and frequency. To imagine having something is to vibrate that frequency telling the photons to come forward into that form.
You are always vibrating and others can feel it too. You make the things you touch, the things you do vibrate that same vibration as well.  Your letter may say how much you love someone but if your mind and heart were filled with hate the receiver will know it.
Doesn’t matter if it is electronic or paper. They will know what you meant via the vibration and how it makes them feel.  They will know if you choose to obey the outside or the inside and will respond accordingly.
Law of Death
When you die to something then that person who believed that old whatever no longer exists and a new man is born.
If you imagined another well then you die to the man who believed they were ill and come out of the imagining knowing they are well and you do not allow anything to tell you differently.
If you imagine another well and then die to it by forgetting all about imagining them well then it shall be as to forget is to no longer desire it indicating you know it is done.
You are impregnating states of consciousness and you put them on and take them off as you play all the parts in this play so you learn.
It’s always a good day to die. To die daily for others and self is a blessing.
No one leaves the objective world before their time.
There is no death as the objective world believes. Energy does not die. Consciousness and imagination do not die. They are energy in motion and they never end as this is how life expresses itself.
Eventually we all reach the end imagined – becoming one with God one with Consciousness and Imagination bringing the joys and woes to the world of humanity and giving life and loving it.
You can’t do that until you learn – it’s all good, it’s all very good.
God is a translation for Consciousness. God is the Life Principle within you and it will express itself through you. You can distort it or encourage it.
Either way it will be as you wish! It’s all a story. The story of you and how you learned to give life.
Isn’t it wonderful?!
Blessings to all!
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There Is No Fiction – ALL LIVES MATTER – You Get What You Give

Listen. Listen carefully.

A study suggests, a poll indicates, tonight’s top story, the military narrative, it is possible, it is likely, the data suggests, the data says, scientists believe, researchers think – it’s all a story.

Just because someone believes something doesn’t make it true – for you.

There is only One Being here and we tell the same story from our own perspective. We all say I AM.

Humanity is waking up and it is glorious really. That big step – knowing who you are.

Humanity has developed an identity crisis and believe it or not that is good, that is very good. You have to figure out who you are and what you can do.

If you know the 12 Laws of Mind you will be at peace, you will live life instead of surviving it. You learn to exercise your free will – the thoughts, beliefs, imaginings you tell yourself and have faith, hope and love. That’s it. The rest is all scripted out for you and it doesn’t matter what anyone says or does it is your perception that comes to life for you and no other. It’s Law. You know it is all you so if you don’t like it you know to change it.

It’s as old as dirt. My pain is more than your pain. You could never understand. Blah blah blah. Really? Pain is pain and we all feel it. When you think ill of another you are being a bully and you will get pain and suffering so you can be a victim so you learn don’t do be a bully. Pretty simple.

Your identity is your Consciousness. I AM is giving you life. WE all say it. Anything after that is a role being played or an extension/label you attached to yourself. If a woman cries black lives matter and hates on anyone who points out all lives matter that person will get whatever ugly they threw at the other. It’s a boomerang. It is the Law of Attraction.

You pay for hating on yourself. But I didn’t say that about me! Yes you did. You hated on another and they say I AM and are human too and you would not rise up. You went even lower into the pit of despair.

You did it to yourself all by yourself. No one made you.

You are a life. You chose that a black one matters more than yours or anyone else’s with feeling and passion. You judged and maligned the one who pointed out the whole, all lives matter, to your splitting it. We are all human.

This young woman is not black and passionately stated black lives matter as she imagined ending another’s life who said to her all lives matter. Guess whose life goes down the drain? Hers. She became the victim so she would learn stop being a bully. Look at it and learn.

What you have attached to THAT are just that attachments, thoughts and beliefs. I AM THAT.

You can change those anytime you wish. Look around. Have you ever seen so many victims and bullies? We do it to ourselves and we have forgotten that and instead taking the road of blaming and judging others – those who are only playing the roles we made up in our stories in our minds.

Eating that fruit of the Tree of Knowledge – good and bad. Yeah Consciousness doesn’t understand good or bad – it is all good. To Consciousness your passion indicates you love THAT so you get to be THAT. Like that fruit you are eating?

That is the journey. It just is until you imagine, think about, believe, give attention to and judge it in some way. Up to you how you perceive it. It is what it is – just a person. You can see the whole – all lives matter – or split it – black lives matter, gay lives matter, blah lives matter. LOL your choice.

Tell a good story. It’s yours after all. It’s all a story, the news, the whatever ‘drama’ or ‘comedy’, good or bad, positive or negative, all a story. You don’t have to judge anything much less malign it.

Judging with passion doesn’t do anything but cause lessons to be learned. Some call it karma and some call it fate. You did it. It was inevitable.

It was sad to see a young girl, fresh out of Harvard, with a great job destroy it all with her bullying. She thinks attacking others in such a passionate way is taking up for black lives matter. She imagined taking another’s life and shoving her cut finger into their race as they died for saying all lives matter. She blamed others for her being fired. Prophecy – she has more pain and suffering coming her way.

Ashton Kutcher would have you believe that if you think all lives matter you don’t get black lives matter. He is the one that doesn’t get it. All lives matter and that includes black lives, white ones, red ones, yellow ones and brown ones if you must see the cover. That is you.

All lives matter. Yes I don’t get it. How is anyone’s pain and suffering less than another’s Ashton? You don’t get it. It’s not about the color of the skin – that’s just a symptom. It is about the victim bully state. How you get victimized and bullied can come in many flavors aka symptoms – #Metoo, #BLM and the list is long. All lives matter. To say otherwise is being a bully and you get to play both parts so victim headed your way.

The Harvard grad is just a bully asking to be a victim and now she is a victim.

No one made her video much less post her rant about her dream of harming to the point of death another and her enjoying it. Her rant was so awful she wished to bring death to another and while they died she would show them her paper cut. She is an American. She is not black. She was being a bully and asking to be victimized so her employer obliged. The company she had a job with doesn’t tolerate such thinking and her posted video found it’s way to them and they fired her. Now she is pain. Victim.

Did she learn? Nah not yet. She is busy blaming anyone but herself for her misfortune. She is hoping you will feel sorry for her and donate to her fund.

If you want to be a bully be prepared to be bullied. It’s that simple.

Hopefully the one you bullied won’t be your bully and it will be someone else but you never know now do you?

You could end up like Alex in a Clockwork Orange. Up to you of course!

I hope this helps others think about it! No reason to go there except for the experience. Once experienced why would you want to return?

Up to you of course!

Blessings to you and thank you for being you!

There Is No Fiction – The Princess Bride

Spoiler alert! If you haven’t seen this movie I assure you that you will enjoy it. It is available on Amazon.

It’s the same story. A story enters into the minds of men easily. We just tell it in different ways leaving little stones to follow and think about – the things that resonate with you in your life. This story resonated with a lot of people. I don’t even know how many times I have watched it. It’s wonderful!

It’s the story of Buttercup – we are all Buttercup and the farm boy Wesley – and he is imagination and unconditional love in you. Prince Humperdink and his minions are the objective world and all are compelled to bring the story of Buttercup to life.

Buttercup is living life thinking it’s just chores and blah blah blah and the farm boy is a drag. He keeps staring at me. She starts to realize her love, Imagination in her, is there – just waiting – loving – giving her exactly what she askes for answering her As You Wish which means I Love You.

She falls in love with her imagination but doubt comes up as the objective world enters back into mind. Imagination is bringing her desires to her yet she doubts so it takes time. She thinks her love no longer exists. He carries on being his best bringing the desire to her. The outside world demands believe as I do and in her lack of love for herself she agrees. She is sent a messenger though that reminds her about true love.

She goes through the motions and does not love the objective world. She can only mourn for her lost love but her love is not lost. She has a lesson to learn. Love conquers all. Wesley, her farm boy, shows up as the Dread Pirate Roberts. He now has all the riches they need and no worries but finds his love has attached herself to another. She has turned to the objective world believing the subjective world of Imagination is not real.

Well he marches right in there, overcomes all obstacles no matter what they are with confidence and grace thank you very much, and collects his love and proceeds to fuss at her. She fights back thinking he is a monster but discovers that is her love. She learns. Love overcomes all. It trumps all even death.

She begins to untangle herself and professes if she can’t be with her love she will lay her life down. She ignores the outside who laugh at her. She refuses to believe anything other than he will come for her. He is coming for her. They are together therefore he is coming to her. She loves him and love conquers all.

This is proven throughout the movie that even death cannot overcome love. Through a series of circumstances, conditions, events, and people their dreams come true. Despite their beliefs as they came at them in various ways, death, bad guys, they hung onto love conquers all and it is as I wish.

It’s exciting and wonderful and that is our story. Some call it the hero’s journey and they mean it in an objective way. It is the hero’s journey. That is your journey and my journey – each one of us individually are on this journey. We are all heroes in the end.

Infinite ways to the same end and all are wonderful. Everyone plays their part perfectly. Love conquers all. Love yourself, love your world, do not let another convince you that you can’t have what you have imagined. Life is easy if you let it be.

God is Consciousness and Love and He is in you. He wrote your story. Put you to sleep and then laid down his life to be in you and help you through the story the two of you wrote. So we tell the tale in the hopes it will resonate and make one think, remember, and know all things are possible. Love conquers all.

Blessings to you and I hope this helps in some way! Thank you for spreading the good news!

Moments with Mimi – Be a You Whisperer Expanded – Shadow Work

Have a moment with Mimi. Shadow work is being a You Whisperer. Your words evoke your imagination and in turn you are the one that determines what is whispered and what the words mean. A strong feeling, emotion, doesn’t matter what it is as you may think, does the trick. Hope this helps and blessings to you!

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Moments with Mimi – Applying Neville Goddard’s Teachings – Law of Assumption

Are you ready for a revolution? Are you ready to take it to the next level? To build upon what has been taught by Neville Goddard, Dr. Joseph Murphy and so many others? Are you ready to assume it is a beautiful world? It just takes a small band of brothers. In fact – really only takes one.

I hope this helps others in some way and blessings to you!

Moments with Mimi – Applying Neville Goddard’s Teachings – Love & The Big Picture

To properly apply Neville Goddard’s Teachings one must remove the perception of the teacher and just see the teaching. One of his greatest teachings is the importance of love and how to read the Bible to find the teachings he spoke about. After receiving the Promise he often said God is Love and before he received the Promise he stated often err on the side of love.

If all your thoughts and beliefs are centered on love then only love can respond back to you. THAT is imitating your Father. When you begin to release others you are allowing them to love and in turn your heart starts growing – just like the Grinch’s and just like Scrooge.
I hope this helps and blessings to you!