Understanding Physics by Deciphering the Bible

Physics states everything is made up of photons. That quarks can be in two places at the same time. It tells you that photons are not seen until someone desires to see them. The physicists call that the Measurement problem. They seek a God Particle somewhere out there and it is right there in front of our faces.

The Bible is an allegory and the main characters in it represent you and the various states of consciousness you will wear. It tells us how to use the Law, the God Particle, to make the photons do what you want to do. It is the story of you..

Since it is an allegory the clues are in the names. The ancient Hebrew words for Jesus, Jesse, Joshua and God all mean I AM. Angels are desires. Like Jacob you struggle with your desire and as you climb the ladder you wrestle with that desire until it is yours. You climb the ladder. You go to your mind. You go to your imagination.

Horus and his all seeing eye. That is imagination. It is in all the ancient texts we think are religious or myths but aren’t. The books and texts are telling you a scientific and spiritual truth. Photons are going to do what you tell them to do. You are the God Particle.  These books, Old and New Testament, are scientific and spiritual because you are a spiritual being. You manifested this body to experience because you are here to gain knowledge and knowledge only comes from experience. Once you are conscious, you have to learn. This is a place of knowledge. The All Powerful wanted us to become as he is and that is the end He imagined.

Genesis 1:26 And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.

The ancient Hebrew word for us and our here is Elohim. Elohim means one made up of many. Don’t we all say I AM? Yes we do and you control all things on this earth via your imagination.

It is the story of you. Man made religion. It’s a trap. He used these books and told others what he believes and they bought it without the experience. Nothing wrong with the books. They are amazing and lovely. Buying what another believes is worshiping a false god. Is that minister your I AM? Is that doctor your I AM?

The New Testament refers to scripture and that is the Old Testament. The New Testament is the final states of consciousness buried in all of us and is obtained after getting the signs you are done here. Moses means to draw out. Moses dies and becomes Joshua aka Jesus and that means I AM. Yod-Hei-Vav-Hei (YHVH) means I AM.

Jesus Christ is not the name of some man who walked the earth. It means I AM the Savior. Christ means Savior.

I AM drawn out of your imagination, I AM awareness of being. I AM THAT, I AM. I AM the God Particle. They didn’t have the word imagination when the Bible was written. They did the best they could with what they had. Moses means to draw out. A burning bush that does not burn is drawn right out of imagination. God’s name means I AM.  Jesus and Joshua mean I AM. Christ means Savior. God lives in heaven. Heaven is inside you. All things are possible to God. Where inside you are all things possible?

Imagination. Imagination creates the reality you see around you and you are the operator of it.  You think there is chaos but it is very orderly and written by you all the time via a Fibonacci sequence Past imaginings + Present imaginings = the Future in this reality.  Mohammed knew this and that is why he is the Prophet. Easy to be prophetic when you know this. The Koran tells his story and since he knew he was God he wanted no pictures of himself so others would not worship him yet they do.

You can’t make a picture of your consciousness, your imagination. They are energy in motion and they are forever. Energy does not die.

Like attracts like as far as the actors in the roles needed to bring it together and you always get what you imagine because that is what you want, what you desire, what you give attention to.

Now it may show up and you may cry I didn’t want that and try to blame others getting lost in the details but it was all you so be aware of your thoughts and imaginings. Be grateful. The photons don’t know or care. They are just bringing you what you imagined. Say thank you and move forward.

Photons don’t care what you say or do and neither does your imagination. It will bring you what you feel, what you believe, what you desire so badly you can taste it, in other words, what you imagine. That is unconditional love and it carries you. I am sick. Isn’t I AM carrying you while you are sick? I AM healthy. Isn’t I AM bringing you good health?

You couldn’t stop imagining if you wanted to any more than you could stop breathing. You can control the amount of breaths you take and you can control the thoughts you entertain and the beliefs you have been conditioned with in this reality. That is your one and only choice here. After that it gets written into the play and you act it out. So does everyone else. They are compelled by you to show you you.

Your body is a healing machine or a broken wreck. Up to you. All beliefs are self imposed. You can believe that doctor and all those tests or you can believe he is not your I AM and believe I AM healthy. Only you choose whether to be free or to be a slave to another’s belief. That is your free will. That choice will dictate your thoughts, emotions, feelings and imaginings and then they will show up in your world to show you you.

Instinct tells you here what you have already learned in another time and place. If you listen it is all good and if you don’t well you learn to listen. It happens to all of us. You haven’t killed anyone and murder is abhorrent to you. That just means you already did that, murder, and you didn’t like it. You learned. You will play all the roles before you get out of here. That is the play, the game, this reality.

You are the operator. You agreed to come to the limit of contraction, Man, and you had to forget to do it so you have amnesia, and the conflict begins. Whether you realize it or not doesn’t matter, it is you doing whatever happens to you in your world. All others in your world, the people you interact with physically and digitally, not the news unless you invite that of course, were called by you to show you what you believe. They are compelled. They are mere actors on a stage. All the men and women are merely actors.

Photons are not going to appear or do anything until you, the individual, provide a stable image, feeling, something that involves your 5 senses, indicating your desire is yours. Isn’t it wonderful? For a moment, it wasn’t raining, it was sunny, and you weren’t on a bus or train filled with people, you were on the beach in Hawaii feeling the hot sand between your toes. You forget about it. A couple of months later a friend, maybe one you haven’t spoken to in a long time, has an all expense paid trip to Hawaii they can’t use and they give it to you.  You think you are sooo lucky!  You would deny your little day dream brought you the trip you so desired in that moment.  Yet it did. Isn’t it wonderful?

Maybe you tripped a thief and the grateful person whose belongings were returned or the store or the company or whatever gave you the trip. It doesn’t matter. You asked and you received. That thief helped you so are you going to condemn him?  He is you bringing you what you asked for. Thank him. Lift him up and imagine he is free.

Most are in a bad habit of thinking the worse of each other. Then we are surprised when the worse happens. It is just as easy to think the best of each other. If we each do this individually then the world is compelled to change. That is what is happening. Most do not believe others are awful because of religion or skin color or even beliefs and the world is changing to reflect that.

No one can stop you but you. You doubt and you stopped yourself. You just cancelled the photons.

Sin means missing the mark. To hit the target you have to go inside yourself to your imagination and take what you want. Assume it is yours. Now you are hitting the mark.

Worshiping a false god is all we do. We all do it all the time. Most believe the scientists, the doctors, the historians, the researchers, the news anchor, and their assumptions, anyone but self because it is easier to blame others than it is to admit you did it all to yourself.

Take charge. Take a moment and imagine another as well or your bills are paid or whatever you wish. Imagine it and say thank you. Your world is inside you and it is waiting to give you whatever you wish.

Just ask the photons. They always deliver.

(Dog is God Spelled Backwards:101 Notes to Self is available in softback and electronic formats at iUniverse, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble. Reviews are appreciated)




All Beliefs Are Self Imposed – Even Climate Change

The climate changes all the time. Change is the one constant in this place. How does one effect a change for the benefit of self and others? Science has told us but because of who we are and what we are doing here, we reject it due to our perception. Perceptions are nothing more than beliefs and all beliefs are self imposed.

Change is the one constant due to the Law. There is only one Law. It never changes and it works the same for all. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you have said or done it is always working.

The Law is Imagination creates reality. You do it all the time. You are always imagining away, having conversations in your head while you bathe, drive, eat, before you sleep. We all do it.  It sounds so simple, change the story that you are telling yourself, reject the ‘facts’ and the new story comes to be and most deny it yet it happens all the time.

It passes the scientific test.

You think as you walk around during the day that you are choosing whether to go left or right but in reality you wrote the script earlier and you are acting. You can change the script. You are the writer of it. It’s basically the golden mean, Fibonacci. Past imaginings + present imaginings = tomorrow’s acting.

Science has told us that photons will not appear until it is imagined.  They call it the Measurement Problem yet they admit when they thought aka imagined they measured it, it appeared and they measured it. That is what they found. They did not take it to the logical conclusion.  I AM the causality that determines the probability of whether the cat is dead or alive. The photons are going to deliver whatever I imagine and feel. It will bring whatever I believe.

Believe it and it will come but you have to believe it and live like it is here. You have to be a method actor and it will come. Have a little faith baby. It arrives before you know it. You die to it because you have your desire and you live in your head as if you already have it and it comes.

You are amazing and so lovely.

Climate change is a belief others have imposed on themselves and so they get what they ask for and want everyone else to believe as they do. It’s a test. Have you experienced what they are saying or have you experienced something else? Seeing pictures of melting ice is not your experience. It is someone else’s. You are just seeing a glimpse of someone else’s world if your experience is in another place. My experience is the weather is perfect where I live and so it is.

Some very respected scientists argue it is getting colder and some hotter but in the end it is just the climate and it always changes according to what you believe. They can believe it is getting hotter or colder all they want. My weather is perfect. That is my experience and I refuse to believe their assumptions aka dogma.

I am told look at the facts dear. There are no facts. Facts change all the time. Knowledge comes from experience and as you gain knowledge your perception or belief changes. It is an assumption that someone made and imagined and is now growing because others have bought what the supposed smart guy believes instead of believing their own experience. The weather is perfect.

Imagination creates reality.

You control the weather. If you believe you can’t then you can’t. I control the weather in my world. As lightening storms were racing through the area I said thank you for taking away the lightening. Instantly the thunder moved off and died off and my husband had been watching the radar. He called me and said watch this!  It showed the red and yellow storms instantly turn blue, then green and fade away. That is just one example and you can say I didn’t do it all you want I know I did and I did it with my imagination and I do it all the time now. They are scratching their heads right now over the cool front in June and lows in the 60s but I asked for some cool weather. I imagined it and it came.  I am so grateful!

I imagined a bountiful harvest from my garden despite being two weeks late in planting. The weather was perfect and the garden gave me what I imagined, 100s of pounds of tomatoes, cucumbers, beans and peppers. Plenty for me, my family, and my neighbors. Plenty for all in my world.

I had imagined a second truck in the driveway. We only had the one.  My husband came home without the one truck we had and I imagined it was home in the driveway.  The next door neighbor’s father had just decided to sell his truck to get a new one and instead of 3500 that he was going to ask for it, he sold it to us for 2500.  A bill of work for the hurt truck of 2500 turned into a 100 dollar bill and the truck was in the driveway in two days.

It is whatever you believe it is and that is truth. All beliefs are self imposed. You can change a belief. It isn’t easy but you can do it.

Dogma is dogma. It isn’t owned just by religions.  Dogma means a belief or a group of beliefs.  Peer pressure to believe the crowd and follow the crowd is always present. Photons are going to bring you what you want whether you realize you were asking for it or not.

If you choose to believe what another tells you and you have no experience of it in that way then you are following a false god. Is Stephen Hawking your I AM? Is your weather unbearably hot? Is your island disappearing? Is your ice melting? No? Don’t live there? What’s the climate like where you are? Sometimes hot, sometimes cold, sometimes just right? Then why do you accept and believe another about the climate? It isn’t your experience now is it? By believing as they do without the experience of it you are praising a false god and making that belief come true in this place and you will suffer for it.

The climate is perfect.

Each one of us is God/Consciousness as each one of us says I AM and together we are One being. All are compelled to bring you what you imagine. It’s your world. Whatever you believe is what you will see. What do you tell yourself about the climate? The weather is lovely. There is plenty of rain and water for all. There is plenty of ice for all. The air is clean and the water is loved and clear and clean. Nature is lovely.  Or is it, it’s hot and getting hotter, get ready for hurricane season, it is hot and humid as usual, the water is filth, the air is filth, another flood nature sucks. Which one do you think about?

Principle and Law mean the same thing. A basic truth that never changes. The actual data and discoveries of science are wonderful and fantastic but the assumptions and ridicule of the scientists and others who do not come to the same assumption and believe as they do are not so great. Two sides of the same coin and the coin is belief.

You are the one who decides how this play gets written for you.

Man makes things like artificial intelligence and 3D this or that to escape facing the fact his imagination, his thoughts, his words, his beliefs, his feelings are creating the reality he is living with. Best 3D game in town. It is all up to you and no one else.

You always get what you ask for. If you don’t like it, tell a different story.

Be Esau and worry about the flesh or be Jacob and imagine you have what you want.

That is your free will. That is your choice. You choose what to believe. Everyone and everything else comes to show you that. Your supporting cast so to speak.

Make it hot and melt or make it beautiful, whatever you wish it to be.  It is all you.

You are amazing!

(Dog is God Spelled Backwards:101 Notes to Self is available in softback and electronic formats at iUniverse, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble. Reviews are appreciated)

A Letter to Kathy Griffin

You called me. I love you no matter what you say or do. I was ignoring you and that’s not ok really. I know you had to do what you did and I knew you would have awful things happen to you because of it. I am not sure why you have so much angst about it. You did it. It is the same with others though like Hillary. We all do it, blame others rather than take personal responsibility for what has happened in our lives and in our worlds. I am compelled to write this as much as I wished to ignore you. You keep popping up in my world so I must deal with it as you are me. Thank you for showing me that I must speak up on these things when they first appear in my world and I am urged to go write. Thank you! I so love you. That’s the play so it’s all good.

I wouldn’t be much of an actor here if I didn’t try to explain to you what has happened so I will in the hope maybe someone out there will show you this or it will help another.

You sold yourself something that you have not experienced and judged another and this is known as praising a false god and hurting yourself. There is only One God and his name is I AM and we all say it. Is CNN your I AM? Is a video you had no part in your I AM? Is Hillary your I AM? Was that an actual experience you had that compelled you to judge and do this ‘comedy’ thinking it was funny when you knew if it was being done to you that you would not like it?  Perhaps you did not think about that.

You called the President and his family bullies. Who held up the President’s chopped off head dripping in blood thinking it was funny?  You were the bully and now you are upset the world is showing you what you believe and it is you, you are a bully. I don’t care if you want to be a bully.  That is what you are and what you did. You were the bully and so the world is showing you what you are. It’s not funny now, is it?

Was it an experience someone else had and you bought what they learned from it rather than learning for yourself? Judge and you will be judged. Everyone knows that. Everyone ignores it too so I understand.  Knowledge comes from experience. I can tell you how easy it is to make homemade bread, another can tell you how hard it is and you can read the recipe on how to do it but until you do it you will not have an opinion on it unless you buy what another tells you.

We all say I AM. You and I are one and the same just different costumes and so I love you unconditionally just as I do for myself which is everyone and everything here. Everything is consciousness.

Time to learn what you did and why you will continue to have problems unless you change your thinking.

Why are you crying and blaming others for your misfortune? It’s not ok to hurt yourself but we all do it. You did this to yourself. No one is stopping you from being successful but you. You chose to think and believe what you do and you act accordingly. When you attack another, the head of the government, as if you would like to chop his head off what made you think you wouldn’t get a call from the Secret Service? You made your statement showing yourself to the world and it is not ok to wish death upon another no matter who they are. Would you like it if others thought this about you and did it to you while laughing? I AM better than that. You know you are better than that.

You knew it was awful before you did it yet you did it. I believe you were compelled just as I am. You had to show the left well the left and you you. You think you attacked the President but it was really you. There is only one I AM and so there is only One being here and it is you in a Trump suit darling and if you think ill, imagine ill, and believe ill of another you are doing it to yourself and that is why ‘bad’ things will continue to befall you.

Judge and you will be judged. You wished to cut your head off so you think you did it to another but you cut off your head! You did it to you and no one else is doing anything to you except what you believe. Don’t cry because you are getting what you asked for. Why did you ask for it? Only you know.

The law around here is imagination creates reality. Build it and they will come. Build it in your mind, your imagination and all are compelled to show you what you believe and imagine. Jesus means I AM and Christ means Savior. I AM the Savior. Save yourself! Test the Law and have a little faith baby and it comes to be.

You think there are billions of individuals here but there is only one being here and his name is I AM and we all say it. You hurt yourself.

You don’t like your world right now and you have impressed that upon the photons so why are you crying when they are bringing you exactly what you asked for? Photons are going to do what you tell them to do and the more you feel it the faster it comes.

You asked for it and now cry because you got it. Say thank you. Know you disliked this experience and do not do it again. It’s all good. Did you learn something from the experience? Did you like it? Dislike it? Well say thank you for learning and change the story you tell yourself to make it what you want, what you like, to save yourself. What would it feel like to be saved from this predicament?’ Now if you imagine Trump dead or gone to save you then you are hurting you again. It won’t hurt him.  Just you. If you imagine Trump is the best president ever then he will be. If you imagine he cares for the environment or whatever it is you object to then he will. But if you imagine ill for another it comes to you instead. An eye for an eye means if you imagine taking another’s eye, your eye will be taken.

Kathy Griffin is just a role you are playing. We all say I AM and that is who you really are. You are brilliant and lovely. Can you climb the mountain, go into your imagination? I assure you that it can only help you. It doesn’t cost a dime just a moment of your time.

If you truly wish to see your monster change then you need to change because you are a projector and the monster you see is you and I think you proved that to yourself even though you deny it. That is your chopped off head dripping with blood. Not funny now is it?

If you want to keep hurting yourself go ahead. Doesn’t bother me at all. I have no compassion for you because that would mean I am judging you and I am not. I love you. I am only trying to tell you how this place works and if you continue saying things like I know this will end my career then it will end your career. Go ahead if that is what you want but don’t cry when it arrives.

I don’t care if you believe me or not. It is the Law and it works for all and it is working all the time. You do it all the time.  You control the photons that bring you what comes into your life. It is your world and yours alone so if you don’t like it change it. Love conquers all.

Learn from this. Thinking like this only hurts you and no one else especially the one you think you are hurting. You are, as we all are, the story teller whose story comes true. Make it a good one.  Why you want to wallow in self-pity and cry about others who come to show you what you believe is beyond me but I assume it is because you do not know how this type of thing happens. I assume you just do not know so I hope this helps you and if not you maybe it will help someone else out there who is wondering why ‘bad’ things happen.

We all say I AM and that is God’s name and all things are possible to God. Where inside you are all things possible? Your imagination.

There is only one Law and that is Imagination Creates Reality. That’s it. Your free will is to choose what you will think, feel, believe and imagine. That’s it and it is important because that is what creates the world around you. You can make it amazing or you can make it a bunch of caca. All up to you and no one else.

So you can deny this and keep on trucking down that road or you can recognize this and test it for yourself. Knowledge comes from experience.  I don’t care if you believe me or not it is the Law and it will continue to rule your life until you accept it and then work with it instead of against yourself.

I love you. It doesn’t matter what you have done or said.

Remember, there is only unity, harmony, faith, hope and love and the greatest of these is love.

Blessings to all!


Quantum Physics for the Masses

As stated in the 1933 presentation speech for the Nobel Prize in physics, ‘ The only assertion that can be made regarding causality is that the physical laws signify a certain probability that one or another incident will take place. ‘

I AM the God particle that is the causality that determines the probability and sets creation into motion.

All the ancient texts are telling the same story. Anything ever written is telling the story of you or a forgotten memory.  There is no fiction. All works are ‘holy’ as all works are written by I AM, including what you are reading right now. King Arthur, Merlin, Zeus, Horus, Gilgamesh, Moses, Jesus, are all you. The Bible is an allegory. Paul states it quite clearly.

An allegory is the representation of abstract ideas or principles by characters, figures, or events in narrative, dramatic, or pictorial form. The Bible tells you your true history.  We all say this is my house, this is my car, this is my body. You know you are not your car or house. They are extensions of the state of consciousness you wear. It is the same for your body.  It’s just a body, a vessel, to hold consciousness which cannot be seen. It is energy in motion and never dies.

It is all psychological here. All a mind game.  Everything is consciousness. But everything. According to the Bible God’s name is I AM and Elohim means one god made of many. We all say I AM.

You tell the photons what the probability is and they get to it. Quantum physics is a complex abstract and it is presented to you in the Bible via a story. Yes Man has used it to get you to believe what he says, individual or organization doesn’t matter. Nothing wrong with the book and if you believe them well you choose to believe them even though you have not experienced what they tell you.

Knowledge comes from experience.

I AM aka awareness of being aka consciousness. I AM THAT referring to a bush on fire that does not burn. The word imagination did not exist when the Bible was written. Moses means to draw out. Draw out of your imagination. Wear the state of consciousness you wish to be and the world around you will change to reflect what you believe and imagine.

That is the story of you. You are Noah, Jobe, Moses, Jesus. It is all about you, individually and the different states of consciousness you will wear and become.

You are God. God’s name is I AM. Elohim means one made up of many. We all say I AM. Anything after that is the role you are playing or a label you put on yourself. All beliefs are self imposed. There are no facts they change all the time. There is always an exception therefore it is a rule or universal assumption. You don’t have to believe it. You choose to believe it and that is your free will. That is it. You get to choose what you believe and imagine and love.

Photons are proven to become that which you would imagine or believe. You are the cause even though the scientists deny it that’s ok. That is where they are in the play. They are looking for the God Particle on the outside and they will never find it. It’s all on the inside. That’s ok. That is their role. It’s all a play and you will fulfill scripture aka the script.

You do not die. You think you do but you step into a body just like the one you left only young and whole again to try again. You trap yourself all the time and eventually you will use the Law, imagination creates reality, to save yourself. You trap yourself and either turn to your imagination or despair. We all do it. It’s ok. You have to trap yourself in order to give up and just go with your imagination. What would it feel like if I were saved from this predicament? What would it feel like if I had what I want?

Jesus means I AM and Christ means Savior. I AM the Savior. You save you by going to your imagination and focusing on being saved, having what you want, and the photons get to work and they don’t care what you have said or done or imagined they are gonna give it to you. You asked for it. Ask and you shall receive. So you can believe what another says about the Bible or you can read it knowing it is your history of the spiritual being aka your consciousness and imagination and test the Law for yourself.

The harvest is now. I imagined harvesting a lot of fruit from my garden when I planted the seeds. I imagined picking the fruit and telling the seedlings how big and abundant they were. I was two weeks late planting but I had no worries. No muss no fuss. The weather cooperated despite the weatherman wanting to hurry in summer. Beneficial bugs helped and it all worked out as the end imagined. Pounds and pounds of cucumbers, tomatoes, squash and zucchini and it is just a small garden. 6 cucumber plants, 6 heirloom and 6 San Marzano tomato plants and 2 squash and 5 zucchini plants. 100+ pounds each of cucumbers and tomatoes and the zucchini squash have filled my freezer and pantry.  I go out each day giving a neighbor some of the produce.

Don’t worry about the details. They will come. Imagine the end and be happy. Faith is knowing the unseen will be seen. Hope is the expectation and Love brings it all together because love and gratitude are interchangable.

An eye for an eye doesn’t mean take some man’s eye because he poked your eye out. It means if you imagine taking someone’s eye yours will get poked out. That’s how it works. Beware the wrath of God. It means be aware of getting angry. You will bring woe to you. You are in perpetual high school wearing all the states described in the Bible and buried in each of us is the state of consciousness of Moses and then Jesus aka Joshua.

No one fails. All succeed because there is only One being here. There is only One being made up of many so to imagine or believe ill of another or judging another is to do it to yourself. That is you in another costume. I don’t ask for you to believe me. I ask you to think about it and test it for yourself. Knowledge only comes from experience.

It’s all in how you look at it. I AM One made up of many. A protean being. Consciousness ‘died’ on the cross of flesh and blood, each one of us individually that say I AM and that is the body aka man, so that Man and God will become One. That is the end imagined by Consciousness, becoming one with Man. That is the promise. Now to do that you have to experience good and evil to gain knowledge that it is all you. It is whatever you believe it is so to judge is to judge self.

You will judge and be judged until you learn it is all you so no judgment required. It is all good. Lucifer is the part of you who entices you to believe in Rational Man vs Spiritual Man. Starve the rational man pay him no heed, he is the one you are saving and becoming one with God.  Imitate the Father, feed your imagination and watch the world change.

If you believe something is bad because someone else says it is but you have not experienced it at all or in that way then you are following a false I AM. If someone says you look sick and you say yeah I do feel tired you are worshiping a false God. Until they said that you felt fine. I AM healthy nothing wrong here.

Climate change is another one. IF it gets 2 degrees Celsius higher then oh my watch out. IF. Now IF you believe that then you are making that happen. Same with the cold side of the equation. The weather is perfect and it is whatever you wish it to be. Do you really want it to get hotter? No? Then imagine perfect weather.

There is only One I AM and all are compelled to bring you, in their role, what you imagine and whether you believe that or not does not matter because it is the Law and Law does not change ever and it works for all. You have to break the ten commandments; all written in a negative form so you will naturally do the opposite. You had to so you could learn and have mercy on yourself.

Sin does not mean murder or lying or whatever. It means missing the mark. You want to have a million dollars but you don’t have it. You are missing the mark. Imagine you have it. Assume you are wealthy. Respond as if you are wealthy and all are compelled to bring you what you are asking for.

Imagine it first then it comes. You are the operator. You are the ultimate actor playing all the parts. You mediate man to God by hearing the good news that one who was ill is now well. Who heard the news? I AM. Look around you. What do you see? It is all you. Everything is consciousness. You may not know who you are, when you are, where you are, but you always know you are.

It is all a play. So what? A bunch of people’s story ended. Compassion is judging. They played their parts well and I love them and I assure you they are not ‘dead’ as you perceive it. Their role here ended and they exited stage left. No one goes before their time. It’s a play, a story, a dream. You are asleep dreaming the dream of you.

Those you think died walked into another time frame in the same body restored young and whole to do it all over again until they learn and gain knowledge. When you wake up, born from above, you will realize this is truth. Anyone at anytime can be born from above and may not realize it at the time but 30 years later you will realize it. You will test the Law and you will deny it three times and then you will do it again and never deny it ever again. You will praise it and you will forgive yourself for missing the mark all this time and you will cry. You will be excited to help yourself and revise, revise, revise, and begin raising up others and knowing all are you in a different costume so all are lovely.

All judgement fades away as you love all. You defeat all conditions you have placed on yourself and you love you and the world you have made. You love all. They are you. From then on you play the state of consciousness buried in all of us of Jesus. You will spend your last days here telling others like Paul. You will know you have fought the good fight. It was all you and in the end you will love you unconditionally and all is forgiven. You were asleep no worries. But now that you know there is no turning back. You must take responsibility for your world once you know this. You only know this to be true if you experience it and you can only experience it if you test it.

It’s ok. Everyone has to play all the roles & learn the good side, the bad side and learn through experience it just is whatever you believe it is. Photons gotta do what they gotta do and they do what you imagine, what you give your attention to and they don’t care what that is. Imagination pulls it all together with like attracting like so whatever it is will come naturally.

Imagination doesn’t care what it is. You asked, you receive. Unconditional love. You will get it so even if you don’t like it say thank you for showing you that you don’t like it and no longer think upon it. That energy will return to you. Until others realize this they are asleep, the walking dead.

That’s ok it is the journey we all must take because we agreed to take it knowing we would go back better for the experience. We are going home the long way around.

All are compelled to bring you what you believe. To believe what another tells you is praising a false god. Is that person or entity your I AM? Nope. Doesn’t matter what they believe. Only you.

Can you defeat the four horsemen? Yes you can. I don’t believe in illness and I don’t get sick. I am perfectly healthy. My husband used to get these large boils on his back. He went to the doctor a couple of times and came home with a hole in his back and lots of antibiotics. The next time he had one I imagined rubbing his smooth back and telling him how great he looked. Three days later the boil was gone.

I hope you will test it and see for yourself. There is only one law, imagination creates reality. A good example is the law of polarity. There is always someone wanting to take the exact opposite of what you say and wants to argue with you. As they begin to argue with you just say to yourself there is only unity harmony and love. They stop themselves within 30 seconds with something like oh well not worth arguing about. My husband and I no longer argue. I used to believe in it and got arguments to prove it to me and now I don’t believe in it and no more arguments. It is all good.

I hope you will think about this and test the Law for yourself. I love you all and I don’t care what you have said or done. You are amazing and loved unconditionally!

(Dog is God Spelled Backwards:101 Notes to Self has been released and is available in softback and electronic formats at iUniverse, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble. Reviews are appreciated)

Feelings & Thoughts Manchester UK

KHOU asked the public to share their feelings on this tragedy.  I was compelled to write this not being able to remove it from my brain since hearing that. It is not really I writing this. It is another writing this and I AM is the author.

Everything here is driven by feelings, emotions, and imaginings. Everything. Therefore KHOU this is a great question because it is all in how we respond.

The world can respond with hate and violence or it can turn the other cheek and respond with love. Your choice and it is the only free will choice you have so what will you choose? That choice determines what happens in the play. This is, after all, a 3D reality game aka a play and you will set into motion what will happen through your thoughts and feelings on this.

I know it hurts when loved ones leave us. We get upset not because they are gone but because we have to stay. We don’t realize they aren’t gone. Nothing dies. You just think it does because you don’t see it anymore. I assure you they are not dead. They played their role well each one of them and I applaud them all.

There is only One being here playing all the parts in the play. All of them so no one is dead. We are many making One.

They are restored and living the life you think they lost in a different time frame in a different scenery. Energy doesn’t die. We all know that. Energy makes up all matter and we all know that too. The body is just a costume you are wearing.  That dead child is you, that parent is you, that terrorist is you. It is all you.

Consciousness, Imagination and unconditional love do not disappear, go away or die. It is always there, always in motion, always manifesting as all things have been created and the end has been imagined. We are just filling in the details.

The only way to stop terrorists, which we all created, is to love them. They were made in violence and anger and they can only be defeated through love. You can’t defeat them with the same thinking that made them so if you plan on outing them or bombing them or killing them horribly then you are no better than the terrorists.

I pray we can all learn from Dr. Seuss and be like the Whos of Whoville in The Grinch who tried to steal Christmas. Despite all the things that have been done, the lives and injuries, we can come together and hold hands and know only love can conquer the small hearts that attacked. Only our love for them can make their hearts grow. To help them is to help ourselves.

Is it hard? Yes it is but this is all a play. There is only one being here playing all the parts and I assure you they played their parts well. It is all in how you respond.

Can you forgive yourself for making the terrorists and love them away? I know that is our journey and until we do we will keep seeing the monsters we create hurt us.

Are you sick of it yet?  Are you sick of being afraid, always afraid no matter where you go? The government cannot protect you. No one can protect you but you.

Nothing in this world can hurt you unless you allow it. I know how did these kids allow this? They did nothing. Did they? Did their parents worry about a bombing?  Did the kids worry about it? Did they imagine it might happen? Well then they did it to themselves but I assure you we have all worried about that so we did it. We all did it.

Imagination creates reality and you are here to learn to love unconditionally and you learn that by gaining knowledge and knowledge comes from experience. All beliefs are self imposed and that means it doesn’t matter what they say or do we love them.

I love the terrorists because they are not terrorists. They are I AM just like you and me and their experiences have brought them to this part of the play and they played their roles well. Every single one of them.

So let’s celebrate the lives that are gone from here, let’s forgive the ones that removed them, and let’s do the opposite of what we have been doing.

Let’s face it. It doesn’t work. You will never end a problem with the same thinking that created it.

Yes it is hard but oh so worth it. We can keep it up and more lives will leave or we can stop ourselves and change the course.  Up to you. Your choice.


The Rosetta Stone of the Bible

It is the cipher of the Bible.

Once you have this cipher and you begin to read the Bible from this perspective it truly comes alive. You realize that all that stuff you so vehemently believe in is just a show. It’s all a play, a dream. I used to believe in what Man said. But for many things I did not and then I realized in a dark moment that man wasn’t lying to me, I had been lying to myself. I had been lying to myself the entire time I was here like an actor in a play that believes the play is real.

It’s ok though. I realized that too. I had to sleep and dream but now I am awake.

In the play, I found the cipher and now I share it with you. It is simple as all great things are when discovered.

That last piece to the puzzle, the Rosetta stone, is imagination. You are playing all the parts in the Bible. There is not one state of consciousness in this world that exists today that was not written about in the Bible and you play all of them. Every single one of them. The good, the bad, and you learn it just is.

Money changers are central bankers and professional sports figures are gladiators. Pharaoh and Cesar are authority and merchants are merchants.

I laid down the Bible before my children were born. I couldn’t make sense of it although there were parts I truly loved like the psalms and the story of Ruth and Paul. In times of despair, I would pray but it was to something on the outside. But there were times when I prayed a different way in times of true desperation. I didn’t even think about it. It just came out a different way and it happened.

I had spent months planning a fund raiser and it was outdoors. The day came and it was raining hard everywhere. My husband kept telling me it was going to be cancelled and I kept telling myself Thank you for moving the energy around so this fund raiser can happen. Thank you, thank you for moving the rain around so these boys can play baseball.

As we drove to the event, and it was raining cats and dogs, we came to the four way stop. Two blocks ahead was the baseball field where the event was happening and a hole in the rain clouds was over the field. The sun was shining through and we played ball and we had our event. The rain was all around us but not on us. I was so very grateful but at the time I thought it was a God on the outside that did it. I did not realize it was the way I was praying that did it.

Then I discovered the key, the cipher, the Rosetta stone. Imagination.

Pontius Pilate was a real man but the Bible is the script, it is an allegory. He represents Rational Man as does Pharaoh.

We all say I AM. Jesus means I AM. God’s name is I AM. When he said I AM THAT, I AM, THAT means the burning bush that does not burn and that is surely the way to represent imagination 1500 years before the word was introduced into the language. Moses means to draw out. I AM drawn out of your IMAGINATION, I AM.

Where does God live?

Psalm 115:3

But our God is in the heavens; He does whatever He pleases.

Where are the heavens?

Luke 17:21

Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.

What inside you does whatever it pleases? Your imagination.

Who am I?

Deuteronomy 6:4 “Hear, O Israel! The LORD is our God, the LORD is one!

Israel means to rule as God. Hear those who rule as God. The LORD is our I AM. There is only One being. One I AM, One Consciousness, One Imagination. We all say I AM and so we are a protean being. One made up of many which is what Elohim means.

Corinthians 5:16

Wherefore henceforth know we no man after the flesh: yea, though we have known Christ after the flesh, yet now henceforth know we him no more.

Christ is not a man of flesh of blood. Christ means Savior and it is your awareness of being and your imagination that saves you. I AM wealthy and if I believe that despite the facts and imagine the facts how I want them to be, they will be.

Mathew 21:22

And all things, whatever you shall ask in prayer, believing, you shall receive.

Prayer is imagining the end you wish to have. Amen means it is done.

Why am I here?

Genesis 1:26

And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.

The word Elohim is one made of many. Let us make man in our image. Each one of us is being made into the image of God. That is the end imagined and we are here filling in the details. We will all succeed. Not one will be left behind. Not one is more important than another or smarter than another because there is only One. We are all geniuses of what we love. No one knows what is best for you but you. It is your journey so love them all. They are all you in a different costume.

These books are all about you and your journey. An allegory is a story, poem, or picture that can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning.

They keys are in the names. Look up their meanings.

You are Esau and Jacob, you are Noah, you are Jobe, you are Jesus.

John 4:35

Say not ye, There are yet four months, and then cometh harvest? behold, I say unto you, Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest.

Imagine your harvest as you plant the seed.

I used to worry about bugs, snails, fungus, whatever eating my garden. The garden was attacked by flies and worms and snails. Big horned tomato worms were the worst. They even ate my pepper plants. Then I discovered the key and used it.

I imagined my harvest as I planted and each day as I watered my garden I would tell them how much I love them and imagine picking fruit and lovely healthy plants. I sprayed soapy water once that season. The weather cooled and my tomatoes set. I had so many tomatoes and beans in the first four pickings that the rest went to my neighbors. Same with the squash and zucchini. The squash vine bore hit two plants but the other six made it. I had never had a squash plant make it past the squash vine bore. It was so exciting and wonderful! I am truly grateful. I love sharing our garden.

It’s all in how you look at the world.

You can cry and angst over the play. It is just play. That is you in the Trump suit, the Comey suit, the doctor suit, the neighbor suit. It is all you.

You think you are attacking someone who is against what you believe but they are just showing you, you. They go away when you change your way of thinking. You don’t have to do a thing. They fade away.

We all move forward always so know that what you imagined yesterday, and today, will be yours tomorrow. Past + Present = Future.

It is the only free will you have in this place. You choose what to think, what to feel, and what to believe. You learn to believe in yourself only and to ignore all the rest and hold tight to your imagination and only your imagination. It comes to be.

This is how miracles happen. God is great!! Yes, I AM.

If you believe in angels, and you see a man trapped under a car and say Jesus please bring the angels to save him, you will see hands or whatever come out and pull him out. You did it. You did it all by yourself. You imagined hands pulling him out and you commanded it to happen, you believe in angels and so it was. Jesus means I AM.

All things are possible if you believe.

Isn’t it wonderful?

Science & Religion – One Side of the Coin

Some think science and religion are two different things but they aren’t different at all. They both demand you believe what they are telling you and they both insist you are going to hell or die some awful death if you don’t believe them and do what they tell you to do about it.  Go ahead. I don’t believe them. My experience has taught me otherwise and I do not like being a slave to another’s belief.

The coin is belief.  One side is to believe what another believes. The other side is to believe in yourself. It is just a belief, neither good or bad. All beliefs are self imposed.

It’s all ‘for the greater good’. LOL There is no greater good. There is only one being here made up of many so it follows there is no greater good than love of self.

It doesn’t really matter what others are selling you, you can believe them or you can believe yourself.  Religion and science both insist you have to believe them. They don’t know anymore than you do. They can tell you all this cool stuff on how it works in science but they can’t tell you the cause. That’s a guess.

Doctors treat symptoms. It’s on every commercial. It’s in everything that comes out of their mouths. Be sure to see your doctor to treat your symptoms. Be sure to see your doctor so he can addict you to opiods for your pain and they give you constipation so you go back and get something for that too.  Why aren’t they treating the cause of the pain? They don’t know the cause.

It never occurs to them that they are just treating one symptom and in turn causing an unintentional consequence that leads to another and on and on it goes. They don’t know but because they are the authority they feel they must know so they fill in the blanks with their imaginations. If they say it long enough and to enough people eventually it does come true. An assumption persisted will appear in this world. If you don’t do what the doctor says you are going to die!  Religion just pounds away and says you gotta believe my perception of this or you are going to hell!!  Oooohhh. I am so scared LOL

All matter is made up of energy and energy never dies so you don’t die. You are imagination, unconditional love and awareness of being, energy in motion. You trap yourself in the body and condition yourself to believe in rational man and then journey over thousands of years to break these conditions and learn to trust yourself and your imagination always. Judging of others falls away. It was a monster. All judgement disappears and in its place is unconditional love. That is who you are. I know who I AM.

Yesterday’s witch doctor is today’s doctor. The witch doctor was just as respectable in his day as our doctor today. Yesterday’s money changer is today’s central banker. Yesterday’s rain maker is today’s weather man. Yesterday’s gladiator is today’s professional sports player. Hollywood entertainers were the court jesters. Yesterday’s Fascist is today’s AntiFa. Yesterday’s mafia is today’s insurance companies. Rational man, authority, of yesterday is the same as it is today. Pharaoh, Cesar, global corporations, government, isms. It’s the same thing. Nothing really changes because it is the play and the play is the thing.

There is only one Law at work here. You do it all the time. It is Law. It works the same for all. It is Law.  Imagination creates reality and it is the only Law. You do it all the time, and you deny it.  All the rest of the “Laws” are universal assumptions and not law. They only affect you if you believe in them.

How are you supposed to learn anything without experience? You can’t. You can read and others can tell you that making homemade bread is easy but until do it you don’t really know. I can tell you all day long imagination creates the reality all around you and that there is only one being here not many but until you test it and experience it you will never know.

We all say I AM and it is up to you to test it. Test the law and experience the truth. It is freedom and it is wonderful.

You are a spiritual being having a human experience in order to gain the knowledge which comes from that experience. There is no right or wrong or good or bad, that is just your perception. My good could be your bad and my right could be your wrong.

All beliefs are self imposed so you decide what you believe in the end, in another or in yourself. No one can make you believe something. They can kill you over your belief but that just means you will return in a new costume and continue the journey. Nothing really ‘dies’. That bug you squished is still running around just not in front of you anymore. He’ll be back!  LOL

You choose. You invite it in. It’s a belief which is nothing more than a habit. Thinking the worst of others, defaulting to the most horrid thing you can imagine, always looking for the worst so you can ‘prepare’ is just a bad habit. You can imagine and assume bad is always coming to get you therefore having it happen to you or you can imagine and assume good is always happening to you. Whatever you assume and imagine is what, according to science, the photons will bring you.  You are the operator that makes them go. You are the God particle.

You can believe in a false god or you can believe in yourself. God’s name is I AM. Is Bill Nye or Stephen Hawking or Stephen Colbert or George Soros or Warren Buffet or your doctor your I AM? Are they your I AM? Who is your God? I AM.

Knowledge comes from experience. My experience can be different than yours. Therefore no one can know more about you than you. There is only one being here and everyone is compelled to show you what is inside you, what you believe.

A psychologist who had seen and heard Neville Goddard speak upon this but not in many many years wrote him a letter telling him he used his teaching about imagination for the first time in his work and wanted Neville to know the outcome. I share it with you today in the hope it helps you understand.

He was treating a woman who believed she was abnormal. She had a child and by the age of four this child could not really speak and what was said was unintelligible. Today we call it a form of autism. One appointment she told this man she no longer considered herself abnormal and would now tell herself I am no longer abnormal. He asked her to change it to I am perfectly normal.

She did that day and that night her child fell into a coma. 24 hours later the child woke and was perfectly normal. She could talk and was physically fine.

The child came to show her her belief she was abnormal and once she believed she was normal the child became normal. You call everyone and everything to you to show you what you assume, believe and imagine.

The medical community doesn’t know the cause of autism. It isn’t vaccines. It is you. Life is sweet. Start telling yourself and your child a great story. I am love. I am smart. I am perfectly normal. I am healthy. I am lovely. I am magnificent. The world is beautiful. Watch you and your child change. Words invoke imagination. Tell a story and make it lovely. It certainly can’t hurt.

I don’t ask or insist or even care if anyone believes what I tell them. I am sharing what I have learned from experience in the hope it will help others understand and test it for themselves. I ask others to think about it and test it. Law is law and it doesn’t matter if you believe me or not it is law and you do it all the time and it is always working away no matter who you are or what you say or do.  It’s hard at first because it is a bad habit but it is just as easy to imagine the best rather than the worst thing that could happen.

Scientists insist there is a law of polarity but it is an assumption not law. If you assume this is true then you believe what another has told you. If someone starts to argue with you because they have taken the opposite position of whatever you are talking about, the law of polarity at work, you don’t have to accept that. Just tell yourself as they argue there is only unity, harmony and love. The one arguing with you will stop themselves with something like oh well not worth arguing about.  Works every time so logically there is no law of polarity.  Test it for yourself.

God’s name is I AM and you can believe in yourself or another but if it is another it will fail you, bring you angst and remorse. Die like a mortal or live ever lasting life. Your choice. Psalm 82 says it all.

Imagination is the power. Imagine what another tells you or imagine what you know from experience. Some want you to believe the world is in danger from climate change. No it’s not. Some countries are just experiencing what others have already experienced. They have to experience it for themselves and that’s ok. However, to imagine and assume such awful things for our earth is a rational man assumption and I am not going to hurt my earth like that. You go ahead if you wish.

You are the God Particle. You imagine it and the photons get to work and they don’t care what you say or do just like imagination. They care what you feel and give your attention to and you give your attention to the things you imagine.

Don’t like the world around you?  Start loving your monsters away. You created them and you can’t undo them with the thinking that created them.

We trap ourselves all the time. We lie to ourselves all the time. It’s alright. It is the journey. You are supposed to trap yourself. Some give up and kill themselves and some give up and ‘die’. Some though in desperation turn to their imagination.  That is when you learn. You discover it is you and has been you all along and you feel so bad for all the awful things you have imagined but then you forgive yourself and you begin the work. You have mercy on you. The word sin in ancient Hebrew means missing the mark. Now you know how to hit the target. Imagine and feel what you want in your imagination is yours and it will be. It will come in some natural way.

Doctors, scientists, researchers and government pound the table and cry tobacco causes cancer. That is what they believe but it is just tobacco.  Cancer is a manifestation of your thoughts and beliefs. Something is eating you up. Out of 100 smokers 87 get cancer but 13 do not. That doesn’t mean tobacco gives you cancer. If it did the other 13 would have cancer. Doctors and scientists believe it causes cancer. You don’t have to buy it.

We repeat ourselves and don’t see it.

College degrees are not necessary. Authority aka rational man wants you to believe they are so academia gets lots of students and leaders can easily weed out those who do not adhere to the thinking of believing what other’s believe. If you think for yourself well the system isn’t set up for you.  That’s ok. Their journey but you do not have to accept it.

Higher education today is just another’s belief you buy. Most don’t even work in the field they studied in. That’s ok. Believe in you and it doesn’t matter if that job requires a degree. Imagine sitting in that office or someone you love telling you congratulations on the new job. Feel them hugging you, feel that chair you are sitting on. Doesn’t it feel good? Say thank you. Everything you need to have that job is now in motion. If the law needs to change or the HR policy or an exception it will be done. I AM has said what is wanted and the photons are going to do it.

Always be grateful that imagination and the photons are bringing you what you asked for even if you don’t like it. They don’t know. Say thank you and now you know so stop thinking about what you dislike. Stop sinning aka missing the mark.

Yes it is that easy.

I know who I AM and all things are possible to me.  We all say I AM and so all things are possible to all.

Allow me to give you an example. In the Bible Jesus says the harvest is now even though the planting had just begun in the story.

I am driving my weather man crazy. I imagined lovely huge fruits on my veggies as I planted the seed. The weather has cooperated magnificently despite what the weather man tries to tell me. I don’t believe him but he is cute. He has said several times now that the heat is on. LOL poor darling we just keep getting cold fronts and it is wonderful!  Highs in the 70s and lows in the 50s. Can’t beat it. Great for my garden. My garden is so very productive and lovely. I wish him the best though.

It is all you and only you can change you and only you can break the bad habit of the thinking that is causing you distress.

Don’t worry. Be happy.

It’s all energy made from love and love trumps all.

(Dog is God Spelled Backwards:101 Notes to Self s available in softback and electronic formats at iUniverse, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble. Reviews are appreciated)

Stephen Colbert – A Projector of Himself & His Audience

I am compelled to respond to you. I don’t watch your show. Don’t feel bad I don’t watch any of them. I don’t watch the national news either so this story of your monologue made it to the local news broadcast for me to see it. I don’t usually hang around to watch anything of that other than the feel good stories and the weather.  I read. Yet this story was on the news when I sat down and every channel I turned to it was there and so I am compelled. I can’t stop myself really.

I walked the dog. I cooked dinner Yet that story kept running in my head. It is funny to make fun of ourselves. It isn’t funny when you spew judgments.  I watched you on Comedy Central because you were funny making fun of ourselves. I don’t watch the late shows, including yours, because they are full of judgments that for some reason others think are funny. Ok that’s fine I don’t have to watch and I don’t.

There is comedy being laid out for you yet you continue to spew judgments and disrespect to the President and his staff. Why not make fun of those who call themselves AntiFa aka Anti Fascists who behave as Fascists?  I mean that is funny!

If I believe Joe is wonderful and you believe Joe is a schmuck Joe will show me wonderful and show you schmuck. There is only One Law. Imagination creates reality. All are compelled to bring you what you imagine and believe.

There is only One being here. His name is I AM. I AM one made up of many. We all say I AM and anything after that is just a label or a role.  No matter what I love you. I understand of course why you play this role you do but I don’t have to like it. I don’t like it so I ignore it. That’s ok. We are here to learn what we like and dislike.

Thank you for showing you and your audience something about yourselves. Thank you for showing what they don’t like as evidenced by the backlash. They are better than that spew and so are you and I have faith and hope you will not be compelled to act in such a way again. If you do don’t be surprised when your audience begins to ignore you and your ratings fall.

I hope they and you learn this has gone far enough.  Judging others is not funny and will only come back to hurt you. There is only one being here and so you are judging you. That’s ok. We all do it but eventually you get tired of hurting yourself and you stop.

Would you like it if someone judged you in such a manner? Would you like being judged by another even though they have not walked in your shoes? I don’t know anyone who does. Does anyone think judging someone so harshly night after night is funny? Sarcasm is anger’s little brother. Go ahead. Be angry. How is being angry funny? To me it isn’t funny but that is just me. Those AntiFa’s are funny but that is just me.

Some of us realize that to judge another is just judging self. Is that really you? Yes it is as you are sure to tell us. It isn’t a character like on Comedy Central. It is you. All you.

It isn’t funny though to see the ugly you think about shoved into your face is it?  I am glad your audience saw it and I am glad they are repulsed by it so perhaps they will change their thoughts and you in turn may become funny again. That is something I thank you for!  Thank you!

The only way to change the world is to change yourself. It is all you projected out. If you like your world fantastic but after the virulent spew you let out I think your world isn’t all that great. That’s ok. We are all walking infinite roads that go to the same end.

There is only one being made up of many here and we are better than that. Thank you Stephen for showing us what we don’t like. Thank you so very much!  You are awesome and beautiful.

Who wants to be known as a hateful, vengeful, uncouth, rude, filthy minded, disrespectful being? No one I know. Thank you!  Bless your heart! You were only showing the ones who do watch your show what you and they believe.  You too were compelled.

Photons are gonna do what they gotta do and you are in charge of them. Isn’t it time to think the best of men instead of the worst of men?

All are compelled to show you what you think, what you imagine, what you believe. Compelled.

One being here, just One. We all say I AM and anything after that is just a label or a role. Labels are cool and pretty and lovely and wonderful but I AM the one in charge of my world. No one else just me. The same is true for anyone who says I AM.

It isn’t easy to stop and look at the thoughts and beliefs you have been carrying all this time on your cross of flesh and blood. It isn’t easy to kick a bad habit but it can be done. You just have to want to do it.

I really don’t care if you want an ugly world or a beautiful one. Your world, your road. It is all good. It is all love. You are forgiven and it is forgotten.

This place is a mind game and if you want to change the world you have to change yourself.  If you think this type of spew is going to help that happen well okey doke. Have fun.


Fibonacci at work in your life. It’s not just about numbers. It is about life.

Past imaginings + present imaginings = the future

Imagination creates reality. It is the one and only Law of this reality.

You reap what you sow. Enjoy your harvest!


A Letter to Bill Nye, Neil DeGrasse Tyson & Stephen Hawking – You Don’t Know

Knowledge only comes from experience.

It was Earth Day and instead of celebrating Earth Day, as in loving the earth, planting a flower, immersing yourself in water, enjoying the garden and saying thank you, Neil DeGrasse Tyson wanted to make sure you are upset and worried that others do not believe as he does.  He knows! It’s Science!

Bill Nye has stated that if you do not believe as he does then it is better for everyone if you die. He knows better. It’s Science!

Stephen Hawking has stated we are going to wipe ourselves out through climate change and deforestation.  He knows best. It’s Science!

Sounds like a religion doesn’t it?

They don’t know. They are guessing and because they believe they are ‘smart’ guys, implying smarter than you, they believe they know and you need to believe them and act accordingly.

No. I will not and I refuse to listen. I don’t care what they say or do. I know who I AM and I know who they are too. I love them so very much but not  the roles they play.  That’s ok. They have shown me what I needed to shown.

No one is smarter than me about me and my world.

These men are in denial and that is ok. We all do it for a long time and then one day you wake up from the long dream of men and realize what you have been doing and who you are and then you begin the real work you were meant to do but could not do until you learned.

They seek proof of aliens, something outside of themselves to explain how man came to be. They believe there is not enough. They believe this is all there is and we have to do something about it. They believe we will kill our lovely earth so we need to seek other planets to live on. They believe the sun will die. They believe a lot of silly things now don’t they? They are cute aren’t they?

They can’t believe the truth staring them in the face so they make up stuff and then have temper tantrums when you don’t believe as they do. They are steeped in the way of rational man and cannot possibly understand that nothing they believe in was made until it was imagined. That the earth and universe they are so enamored with is actually inside you and is projected out.

That’s ok. We all deny it in different ways.

If they understood this then they would be telling you it is time for each one of us to relax and imagine good things. They would tell us that the ‘bad’ is not a bad, it is a good and is bringing something wonderful. They are conditioned rational men who do not understand who they are and what they are here to do.

I am all for enjoying the journey! Go for it! But don’t expect anyone else to believe you. No one has to buy what they are selling and I suppose their insistence bordering on hostility and the recent March for Science indicates many are doing just that. That is a wonderful thing.

Science is wonderful. It tells you how things work. It doesn’t tell you the cause and it will never tell you the cause because they keep looking outside of themselves. They cannot believe it is that simple and they cannot believe it is that at all. They deny the harvest.

Rational man believes in evolution. It is a theory. A guess. If it is true then man of today is the be all end all of humanity to date. Well just look at some ancient pyramids and ancient city ruins and you know that isn’t true.

Rational man believes cancer is a modern disease yet ancient mummies have been shown to have had cancer. Rational man believes global trade did not exist in the past as it is today yet mummies in Egypt were found to have tobacco, cacao,  and cocaine in their bodies.  Rational man believes disease comes from something physical like smoking or eating too much of this that or the other yet a percentage never get the illness despite smoking or eating too much of whatever.

It is extremely difficult to admit you and your thoughts, beliefs and imaginings come to life in this world but that is the truth. That is Law and it works all the time for everyone equally.

They deny their harvest.

The cause is you and your imagination.  There is only one Law. Imagination creates reality.  All other ‘laws’ are not laws. They are rules or universal assumptions. An assumption believed will come to be. It doesn’t have to be but if you believe it then it is.

Is climate change bad? Well there is the bad side of it as we have all been told until you want to puke and they tell you this so they can try to ‘fix’ it. Good intentions and compassion pave the road to hell. Nature is perfect and doesn’t need Man to fix her. She needs man to imagine, get out of the way and she will bring it.  Harvard in 2018 is going to chem trail us for the next 100 years. They think they have the answer to changing the climate back and all it will bring is more unintended consequences. You would think they would learn but it is the journey.

There is the good side too. An ice free northwest passage that would take global trade to new heights. All those resources sitting under the ice would also be freed up. Ice is forming in some areas and retreating in others. It is hotter because you believe it is hotter just as some believe it is colder so for them it is colder. It is just the climate and it changes all the time according to your belief.

It is you asking you who are you going to believe? Are you going to believe some man and his imaginings or are you going to believe you? You don’t have to accept any ‘fact’ presented to you by rational man. It is a test. Imagine something you want and tell rational man bah and then see it come into your world .

Rational man wants a carbon market to try to end putting all that carbon dioxide in the air so he says.  We breath in oxygen and out carbon dioxide. Plants and trees take in carbon dioxide and breath out oxygen. Perfect. Nature is perfect and nature obeys your imagination.

You are a projector. You imagine it and it comes to be. You believe it it comes to be because if you believe it then you imagine it. All those little talks you have with yourself in the car, in the bathroom, in secret, come to be. Then you say things like I knew it, I thought that would happen, how did they not know. We are so cute.

There are not 7 billion on the planet there is only One. One I AM, One Imagination and all are compelled to bring what you, individually, imagine and believe. You believe you cannot influence another with your thoughts and feelings but you do it all the time. They are you showing you, you.

Elohim. One being made up of many that is who you are. Consciousness and imagination and unconditional love and this is but a school house where you learn this. You can try to tear up this place all you want but it is forever. You can try to kill off parts of yourself but you are forever.

You think you die but you just shed the costume and get another until you learn. Like a snake which is why snakes are part of the symbols for the medical community and so many ancient monuments and writings. They shed their skins and still live.

That is you.  You didn’t come up from some amoeba.

You are I AM and we all say it and anything after that is just a label. Don’t judge a book by its cover and don’t judge period. You are only judging you and in the end that hurts you only.

Those who scream and fight you are a fascist are the fascists. You can see it in their behavior. Those who scream you have to believe science and the ones who believe in science adamantly, like Saul who became Paul, they will understand one day.

Forgive them. They don’t know what they are doing and it is all good. It always works out.

There is only one being here and you wouldn’t hurt yourself intentionally.

Use the Law to help you manifest whatever you wish. Use the Law to save yourself out of your predicaments and as you use it you will understand that this is all imagination and rational man denies it. That’s ok. One day they too will will learn it is all imagination.

It’s backward in this place.

Only one not many, only love for self not others over self because there are no others, they are you and you are them, compassion does not help it hurts, good intentions do not help they hurt, you live forever and journey here in different costumes playing all the roles until you wake up.

Imagination is carrying you and it is helping you become One with Imagination.

That is the dream and when you are done and have become One with Imagination you will get the signs and know you are better for the experience.

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To My Dear Elyce – A Different Perspective

Elyce asked the question so I felt compelled to reply. You call everyone to you and I went to Facebook and the first posting there was her question. I felt myself getting lost in the answer knowing it was another answering and I had to just get it down not just for her but for many because so many are asking the same question.

 Is it possible that Allah saved me while Jesus mislead me?

Allah and Jesus are the same being, my love, they are you.  The Bible is an allegory as Paul states clearly.

God lives in heaven, heaven is inside you, all things are possible to God according to the Bible and Quran. So if God’s name is I AM where inside you are all things possible and you can do whatever you want? Your lovely imagination.

The way to the end already imagined is different for each of us. Infinite possiblities but to the same end. Man becomes One with God. He becomes the image of God. That is the end imagined and we are filling in the details. You are not a human being seeking a spiritual experience, you are spiritual being having a human experience. That is the journey each one of us is on. As we end the journey, we come to perceive things in a different light as we see the pattern evolve in us individually. Each one of us individually will make our individual world whatever it is and it ripples out.

The Bible tells you who you are, I AM, why you are here, to make Man into what I AM aka imagination and unconditional love, how to achieve that, using the Law, and the signs you have finished and succeeded, the Promise.

You are born again, you are One with Divine Imagination and Unconditional love. Now you are ready to be the creator you have always been but first you had to learn not to judge so you had to experience all the roles and both sides of the coin to discover it just is imagination, to hurt one is to hurt self to hurt self is to hurt all. One for all and all for One. You are supposed to treat, and that means imagine too, others as you wish to be treated because they are you. They are bringing you something about you or something toward what you asked for aka imagined having or happening.

God’s name is I AM. Don’t we all say I AM? Moses means to draw out. I AM THAT, I AM. A burning bush that does not burn. I AM drawing that out of your imagination. I am aware of being that.

You stated: I’m not trying to spark a religious war. I’m just pointing out that every religion has a form of SIN.

Jesus means the same thing as Joshua in ancient Hebrew and that is I AM Saves. The ancient Hebrew word for what is translated as sin means missing the mark. If you want to be rich and are not rich you are missing the mark. If you turn to your own wonderful imagination and imagine you have what you want in your hand, feel it intensely and passionately, and then let it go, you are hitting the target. It will come.

That is you asking you for what you want. That is communing with God. That is prayer. That is raising up another as you can imagine them well if they are ill and telling them they never looked better or hear them saying they never felt better. You feel yourself hugging them as you hear them say it or as you say it. You die to the one that believed they were ill and rise up a new man to the one that believes they are well. Facts don’t matter. They change all the time because there are no facts. It is all imagination. They will heal. It doesn’t matter what is wrong with them they will heal.

Who is hearing this? I AM. Who is saying this? I AM. Who is feeling this? I AM.

Miracles happen all the time. They are the end result of what someone imagined. Photons are going to do what they have to do and that is whatever you imagine whether you like it or not doesn’t matter to them. They figure if you feel and imagine it being a way they have to go there that’s all. No judging just doing what you asked.

The rest of your comments filled me with love for you so I hope this helps.

You are lying to you all the time. The people who you think are bad are you. Do you really have bad people in you? Well if you are judging others then yes they are going to come show you what you believe. They aren’t made that way. Your thoughts make them that way. It’s your world and the TV is not your world. It is a way to see others worlds and perceptions and a way to freedom or a way to enslave. You choose. The only free will you have is what thoughts, emotions, feelings, beliefs, imaginings you will entertain and you imagine an end and imagination scripts it out and the photons get to work.

All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely actors. Everyone is compelled to bring you what you asked for in your world. If you imagine someone is a prick then they will show you they are a prick. If you assume all are lovely, those that have to be a prick at this time go away. They cannot endure in this environment and others show up to show you your change of belief and imaginings. The world changes, the story of Noah, the story of you.

Man killing man and all that is much ado about nothing. No one dies. They are on a journey too but it is your play and so they have entrances and exits just like any other play but they go put on a new costume and continue their road until they achieve the end in their way.

It’s just a way to make you choose whether to judge another or not. What do you want in your world?  There is only love and compassion is not love it is judgment. Unconditional love is forgiveness and by forgiving yourself you give yourself mercy as true forgiveness means it is forgotten.

Man as he travels in these states of consciousness listens to the devil, himself being rational buying what another has sold him, yet not logical.

You think there are billions but there is only One and whatever you imagine and believe is what you will see on the outside. If you judge another then you are judging you and failing to see the other side of the coin that proves it is just a coin.  Neither good or bad. It is just you.

They made this to take the money and be greedy and hold us down!  Hrumph hrumph hurmph!  LOL

You did it. You are supposed to free yourself and in order to do that you have to be a slave first. How can you free you if you are not enslaved? LOL that is the game, the play, the journey.

You are a projector and inside you is God aka your imagination and your awareness of being made from unconditional love. You put on different states of consciousness, all in the Bible, until you hit the end of the road. The Bible is scripture aka the script. Religion is just one person’s or one groups belief. Religion is not faith. The Bible tells you faith is the belief the unseen will be seen. Do you believe as they do without the experience just taking their word for it aka worshiping a false god, or are you going to trust yourself and your imagination?

It goes deeper. Do you believe in what the doctor is telling you or do you believe in your imagination? Do you believe you have to have a degree or do you believe nothing can hold you back? What do you imagine? Anything other than self is aka worshiping an idol aka a false god. Logic dictates that this means all isms are traps.

You practice manifestation so one day you can be a creator. You don’t know it but eventually you realize it. All things were already created so you are not creating you are manifesting out of the treasure trove and all things are possible. The harvest is now, calm the weather, change the water into wine, change the facts by making them something other than they are with your imagination and together you make it happen.

You may deny it when it comes, deny you imagined it first and attribute it to all the details that filled in to bring you what you asked for, but eventually you will see the pattern and begin to see there is only one being here, a Protean being, one made up of many which is what the ancient hebrew word Elohim means.

You realize it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks or believes. All that matters is what you think and believe. My good could be your bad so all that matters is what you believe. You will imagine what you believe until your trust and faith in it are broken. Then you rise to the next level. Eventually you see it is all a dream. You see the pattern and you run to your imagination always and you forgive yourself you didn’t know and you love yourself so much and you save yourself and you save others and the love is indescribable. The closest word I can think of is bliss. Sheer bliss. You wake like Rip Van Winkle from this incredible sleep.

All will experience it. All succeed but in their own time, in their own way.

If you stop and think about it, it is all good. We all say I AM and so it is all good. Whatever you perceive as bad is leading up to a good. It’s just a play with drama and comedy.

To me, the Bible is an allegory. You are the main characters in the Bible that presents quantum physics and how it works for all. That is the Law in the Bible. The Promise is as you use the Law you eventually ‘die’ and become the state of consciousness buried in all individually known as Moses and then the state of Jesus or Joshua.

First, you become an Israelite which means One who rules as God, One who uses the Law, in the state of Moses. You control the photons. They can only do what you imagine and feel. They don’t care what you say or do. They care about one thing, what do you imagine, feel? Then imagination scripts it out bringing like to like until you receive what you asked for.

The Bible is each person’s autobiography. Photons cannot resolve to an end until an end has been imagined. It is called the measurement problem. You can’t measure a photon until you desire measuring it then it appears for you to measure.

Test it for yourself. You don’t have to buy what I am selling. Doesn’t matter to me. I love you no matter where you are on your journey and you called me to you and so did everyone else who is reading this.

You do it all the time and one day you will see that so it is all good.

I hope you will think about it and maybe give it a whirl. It is a lot of fun once you see it and then you truly are free.

Imagination creates reality and past + present thoughts/beliefs/ imaginings = physical future reality.

Love to all!

(Dog is God Spelled Backwards:101 Notes to Self is available in softback and electronic formats at iUniverse, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble. Reviews are always appreciated!!)