Your Imagination Will Take Care of You

Before I knew this was all imagination I lived by what others told me in some cases and not in others. If my experience told me what they said was silly I said so and used my experience to back me up and I would not deny it. I still do that today only now it applies to everything.

Before I knew of the Law, that imagination creates reality, I became pregnant with what would be our lovely third child. I had just auditioned for a small theater group close by and had received the word that I had gotten the lead part. I was so happy. Rehearsal would start in two weeks. My period did not come. I went to the doctor. I was pregnant.

The play was Butterflies Are Free and there was no way a pregnant woman could play the part. I called them and told them thank you but I was pregnant and they should pick someone else. I cried a storm up and my husband kept patting me and hugging me and telling me it will all work out.

I spoke to my Mom the next day disappointed in having to change diapers for another two years. Oh well. She told me something my sister did. She went to the beach alone and imagined talking to the baby she was pregnant with at the time and telling the baby she loved him but it would be best if he left. She didn’t have the money to take care of him. Two days later she miscarried.

We were living in a two bedroom apartment and two in diapers with another on the way. We couldn’t afford it either so that night as I was laying down to go to sleep and I talked to my baby and said basically the same thing my sister did and I felt it. I felt it and I cried and told the baby I am so sorry. I love you. Please stay. I want to hold you. I love you. You are amazing and wonderful and Mike said it will all work out and so it will all work out. We will find a way. There is always a way. I love you. I cried and cried and fell asleep.

I felt fine. No more pains or anything and the doctor said all was good. I had a lovely little boy. He is a lovely young man now. In the end it all worked out. All our needs were met in every moment of time and space. They learned God is inside you. They learned others are here to show you something. They learned to believe in self and not follow the crowd. They learned to believe in experience. They learned there are two sides to every coin and it is just a coin.

I love all my babies and I learned.

If you want to experience losing a child you don’t need to seek some man to give you an abortion. If you want to experience having a child and knowing despite the ‘facts’ staring you in the face it will all work out then you will experience that. I did it because to me at the time if I could ask my baby to leave I could ask God to help me make it good for my children and it would be. I just didn’t realize at the time I asked by my feelings and imaginings and beliefs. When you think or write or speak you are imagining. That is God in you. Only he isn’t just in you, he is you.

So you see abortion is silly and expensive. The real question is not having it available to you it is what do you want to experience? What do you think is the right thing to do? Whatever that is imagine having it and know it will all work out and it always does.

God is you. Your imagination knows what you want. You know what you want. No need to spell it out. Just imagine the end and then the details come to bring you the end imagined. Be in the imagination like a method actor not watch yourself and feel it, really feel like you have it, touch something in your imagination like a hug or a hand shake or a kiss. Perhaps lifting a glass of wine in a toast. Feel that glass. Then let it go. Say thank you and let it go.

Faith is knowing the unseen, the imagined, will be seen, in this physical world. That is quantum mechanics in a nutshell and you are an integral part of it. Once you accept it is your imagination that has been in charge all this time you begin to consciously use it and then you confidently use it.

The Bible says if you use the Law, the Promise will follow.

Believe in the good in all men, in all things. They are all you.

When you do this the people around you will show you good and those that cannot will turn and go another way. You think things are inanimate but your word does not go out and come back void. If you think your computer is crap it will be crap. Did you damn it? You will pay someone who loves computers to love it back into working order. The computer didn’t break. You broke it. Any good technician that works on computers will tell you just give them a little love and he hits the power button and pats the computer and says I love you baby. You know you are loved and help so much. Thank you for coming up for me. I love you. And boom, it is up. All works fine or a minor tweek is needed or patching and virus clean up or whatever.

The tech will smile and say laugh all you want. It gets it up every time unless the drive is fried. Even then, I can usually get whatever you need off of it and then get a new drive. He doesn’t even realize it is him imagining doing it. He just knows when he talks nice to the computer and he naturally loves computers and he is silly like a little kid and tells the computer how much it is love, the computer comes up.

I know that one from experience having worked as a computer/network analyst for many years.

It is whatever you think it is. Just think about it. Look back and see.

We are the Story Tellers whose stories come true. Make it a good one.

Love and blessings to all!

(Dog is God Spelled Backwards:101 Notes to Self is available in softback and electronic formats at iUniverse, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble. Reviews are appreciated)



Bless the Little Children, Sherlock & Doctor Who!

When you discover your child is on one side of the coin, and another comes to them from the other side of the coin, as a parent, as a Mom or Dad who unconditionally loves their child, you try hard to help them walk in that other person’s shoes so they realize it just is.

I remember more than once as my kids cried and said why is he like that or why did she say that or why would they hurt me like that and how much it hurt to tell them that they are showing you what you dislike and that is ok. Everyone we meet is showing us something. Now you know you dislike that and you will not do that to anyone and they move from the friend list to the acquaintance list. That is really hard to do. You automatically want to say that jerk, don’t talk to them, they are just jealous.

My experience, my mom would say they were just jealous and my dad would say who cares what they think? It only matters what you think. There are lots of people out there. Keep knocking on the doors. That door is shut. Ok who cares? He would laugh and he could always make me laugh and so I was a confident kid who kept knocking on doors when we moved and would say hi, do you have any kids my age who would like to play? My mom would laugh when I came home with a new friend. There was always enough to eat and we always had something to eat and it was so wonderful. She would say you have the most interesting friends Rita.

Unbeknownst to me at the time but quickly revealed to me was while I was telling my kids everyone you meet is here to show you something, I didn’t realize my kids were here to show me something too. I thought I was the one to show them. A one way street versus a two way street. LOL eventually you learn.

My daughter taught me don’t judge a book by its cover or its insides. That despite the facts she would be friends with certain people and she persevered through some awful hurts and she refused to believe they were anything but lovely and she was soooo right. She made them lovely because she believed and imagined they were lovely.

My oldest son taught me too some real life lessons such as no matter what, if you are part of a team it is the team that matters or don’t be on the team. All or nothing. My youngest taught me look at the other side of the coin and know it just is. Nixon was pretty good too and Lincoln was a master politician, not some savior. My husband taught me so much more. To love myself unconditionally, to know I am the one in charge and no other, to know I can change others when I change the way I think and imagine.

You discover that while you are teaching and guiding the children they are teaching you too. They have to experience it and so do you and the hard part is the reaction. You can’t stop it and you shouldn’t stop it because you need the experience and so do they.

I used to tell my sister just because you are pretty and everyone does whatever you want doesn’t mean you are the boss. She would laugh at me and say yes I am and then pick a fight with my Mom. My mom would go beserko and ask my Dad why does she do that. I told my Dad one day. She does it because she knows what Mom believes and she attacks it. That’s her job. I remember that so clearly. I don’t know how I knew that, I just did even though I forgot at times over the years in certain situations I always came back to it.

We can learn so much from the little children. They say things and do things without thinking about it. It is true belief and full of unconditional love. You are conditioning that love for their walk in this journey. That is your role. I know you are awesome at it and so is everyone else out that because everyone believes they are doing good and so they are doing good. Everyone’e heart is in the right place and it always works out.

You know what makes you feel bad or good and that bad or good feeling is God, I AM, you, talking to you from your experience. It is I am not liking this or it is I am loving this. You are talking to yourself all day and as you fall asleep. You imagine all the time because in reality that is who you are.

Like Doctor Who you regenerate into a new costume, body, and you keep the experiences of the past and you add the ones in the present and you create a new and wonderful future. You discover that being you thought was a monster, evil, bad, was really you and as soon as you saw the other side of the coin you forgave the monster. Everyone deserves mercy and a second chance not because of compassion, because of love, unconditional love. True forgiveness is it no longer exists and is forgotten.

You travel through time and space and you set end points in the future and you revise the past and when you do it ripples out. You use quantum mechanics, like the TARDIS, to travel through time and space via your imagination to do this.  Your body is like the companion that comes to play with imagination, the one who believes in it.

You learn to be like Sherlock who goes to his imagination always. He is always in his imagination, the game is on. He fights Moriarty, the evil side of himself, and in the end all anyone really wants is love, love of self. You don’t need another to love you, you must love yourself. Doctor Watson is you discovering this and Sherlock is Imagination. Together they can do anything. All things are possible to Imagination and Man writes down what imagination has done.

Science has proven this. The Behaviors Of The Positron “…It must be realized then, that some photons will behave in one way, others in another way at the resolution. The only assertion that can be made regarding causality is that the physical laws signify a certain probability that one or another incident will take place. Since we can only perceive average values because of the imperfection of our senses and instruments….” That comes from the Presentation Speech by Professor H. Pleijel, Chairman of the Nobel Committee for Physics of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, on December 10, 1933.

All things are possible. It can be one way or another and the decision point on that is what you believe therefore whatever you imagine is what you believe and the photons get to work as soon as you imagine one way or another.

It is all imagination. Make your dreams come true. No one can stop you but you.

(Dog is God Spelled Backwards:101 Notes to Self is available in softback and electronic formats at iUniverse, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble. Reviews are appreciated)

Quantum Mechanics & The Measurement Problem – WYBIWYG

Quantum mechanics has The Measurement Problem. Scientists have discovered that it is consciousness that changes the wave to a particle when the desire to measure is enacted. Consciousness, awareness of being, and imagination, unconditional love, is all there is in the physical reality you see around you. It is just science’s way of saying the same thing the mystics, the Bible, the Pyramids, the Mayans, and the ancient texts have been telling you. It is the same thing.

Stem cell researcher Dr. Bruce Lipton discovered in the 1960s that it is the mental environment that determines whether you will get sick or well. He discovered the genes do not control you, you control your genes.

What you believe is what you get. WYBIWYG.

Paul clearly tells us the Bible is an allegory. There is only one Law at work here and all else comes from it. Imagination creates reality. All things are possible to imagination. I AM aware of being. I AM aware of being imagination, I am aware of being. I AM THAT, I AM. Think about that for a moment. It is an allegory. Moses means to draw out. I am aware of being what I draw out of my imagination. I am consciousness, awareness of being. A bush that does not burn comes right out of imagination and since it is an allegory and the name was Moses which means to draw out, it is your imagination that drives the creation process.

Examine the old saying, watch what you ask for, you just might get it.

If you imagine an end and feel it for just a moment it is going to come and it comes naturally. For example, you ask for, you imagine getting tickets to Hamilton for some guests. You see yourself giving them the tickets and shaking hands. You feel your hand in theirs. You feel the tickets in your hand. You say thank you or whatever small phrase indicating you have what you want like isn’t it wonderful? You feel something exit you. Then it begins to unfold and this is where we lose ourselves in the details. We can’t see the forest because of all these trees!

So you go about your day and as the deadline approaches no tickets. The day arrives and you and your guests go to the ticket office. There is a nervous young man in front of you and as he gets to the counter he attempts to steal from the clerk and as he turns you stop him and demand he give back what he took. He does and you tell him to go on his way. The clerk is very grateful and asks what can be done to show their appreciation. You tell her you need two tickets center for Hamilton. They always have a few in choice spots for sold out performances. She grabs two and gives them to you, no charge. You turn and give them to your guests and it all works out.

You imagined having what you want and in return your imagination plotted a course of action to give you what you want, despite the facts. Have faith, stay focused on the end. All is bringing you that. Despite the show being sold out. There was a thief involved. You called him so you could get what you want. Most get lost in the details condemning the thief and taking the tickets and denying they ever imagined anything. If you imagined it consciously then you know that thief is you helping you and that clerk is you helping you get what you asked for. All are forgiven. They don’t know what they are doing. They are compelled to play that part.

The Bible states it clearly. There is only One I AM. We are One being made up of many, that is what Elohim means. You are incubating, having a human experience to be born into a spiritual world where we come from. You aren’t an alien or anything else you can try to say it is, it is all you.

Imagination is quite literal. Say what you mean, mean what you say. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything. These are old sayings because they are truth.

You are the Living Word. When you say it, it is such power and it comes because you have already been thinking it and imagining it. The spoken or written word comes after the imagining and it’s like turbo juice.

The words you think, believe, imagine, and say come alive. You deny it of course because you have conditioned yourself that thinking like that is a fairy tale and they are not true but they are very true. It is part of the journey we all are on.

Logically, there is no fiction and we can see that is true as well. Did a submarine appear first in literature and then our world? Yes. Aren’t some living in 1984? Yes. Didn’t the Twin Towers go up in smoke in film and video games first? Yes. Non-fiction is as true as fiction. It is a story too.

Aren’t we repeating over and over again? How many wars do you need to experience to realize doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result is crazy? How many times does it take to stop doing violent and nasty things to others only to get those violent and nasty things done back at us because we believe and imagine others are out to get us, are jealous of us, don’t like us, don’t love us?

If you stop and really think about it you are making it up. It hasn’t happened, yet you are imagining it and creating all kinds of scenarios. We all do it. Then we say see told you or how could they? I knew that would happen or whatever.

Aren’t we cute?

We lie to ourselves all the time.  It’s not really lying. It is just the perception and until the ‘scales’ fall off your eyes you just can’t see it. Doctor Who calls it a perception filter. Quantum physics calls it the Measurement Problem. According to Einstein’s special relativity theory, time and space change according to the framework or belief of the observer. Time and space  exist in the eye of the beholder.  WYBIWYG

You do it all the time. We all do it. We are creating all the time. You project it out. As within, so without. You are creating the world you see around you and your world is not what you see on the TV unless you choose for it to be. You invite that into your world if you feel it when watching it.

Anything that can love has consciousness and dreams and all is consciousness. Science knows and has told you but for some reason many do not understand. That’s ok scientists don’t understand either and we are all different and there are infinite ways to reach the end. The end has been imagined and we are here providing the details to that end individually, better for the experience.

You will fulfill the script aka scripture. No one fails. All succeed.

The Bible is truly an ancient scientific manual on who you are, how ‘life’ here works, and the Promise you will get when the game or dream is over. It is about how to use the Law aka quantum physics and your spiritual journey here. It is Spirit Science. You are not a man seeking a spiritual experience you are a spiritual being having a human experience.The Israelis at the time it was written turned this complex abstract, quantum mechanics/physics, into allegory so even a little child would understand its meaning yet we lost the meaning long ago. That’s ok too. It is all part of the journey that is forever.

The life you live in this place is just a game, a dream full of past, present imaginings that are bringing the future. You are removing the conditions that you placed upon yourself, those are the dreams, and returning to unconditional love.

This is a dream and we were meant to find our way out of it ourselves, each one of us individually and that flows out.

Your world. The place you live, the neighbors you have, the people you interact with every day as you go about your day and that does include social media and all videos you watch, games you play, work you do, that is your world.

This is a three dimensional dream. You are already in virtual reality no need to buy that headset. Practice the game you are already in now. It is fun and it is exciting. There are ‘good’ guys and ‘bad’ guys and you quest to free yourself.

Are you a college student at Berkley? No? Family there? No? Then it isn’t your world now is it? Let them be. They are lovely and they are just walking the road we all must walk. If you give it attention then you are inviting it into your world and then you will have to deal with it.

You create the monsters, they are all you and to defeat them you must love you unconditionally. Will you feed them more violence making them grow or will you feed them love making them dissolve? You must forgive yourself and only you can do that. No one can do it for you.

To watch it and listen to it is to invite it in, allowing it to grow lapping up your attention, to ignore it is to allow a starving monster to grow, but if you love it, revise it as you hear it or laugh when you see it for what it is, a play, a show, then it dissolves, it fades away.

Sin means missing the mark. You turn outside of yourself instead of inside yourself then you are missing the mark. The ten commandments is just part of the play. You will break them and obey them all over many moons and you will come to know there is only one Law.

Put yourself in the other guys shoes. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you is the golden rule because it is all you. Don’t you want to be nice to you?

These people and things you called to you are telling you something about yourself. If you get upset about the refugee crisis then you are bringing that angst into your world and it will multiply.  You are creating a monster.  Imagination doesn’t care what you have said or done. It only cares what you imagine. Oh, you want suffering, you like that, ok here you go. Oh you like murder ok here you go. They are compelled to bring you what you are asking for.

You will steal and be stolen from, you will kill and be killed, and you will deny your Father, your imagination, throughout it all. It is the first commandment and it is not obeyed until the end when you realize who is in charge here. I AM THAT. The imagination drawn out of your head appears.

Faith is knowing the unseen, the imagined, will be seen, in this physical world. It isn’t a religion. Religion is buying what someone or some entity believes. False god but that is ok. We all have to do that to learn that it is self and not another.

What do you believe? What you believe is what you get. WYBIWYG!

The world is One and it will all work out. Peer to Peer will rule and be the model of governing bodies every where. Instead of imagining the worst of men we will imagine the best in men. We will prosper and grow and learn. It has already begun. Esau calls it disruption, Jacob calls it expansion. It is just growth.

You don’t die. You just think you do. One day, that thought will no longer scare you or bother you. You don’t die. Your consciousness, individualized is forever. It is just the journey.You are going home, the long way around better for the experience.

Click those heels three times. There is no place like home.

(Dog is God Spelled Backwards:101 Notes to Self is available in softback and electronic formats at iUniverse, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.)



Experiences with the Law III


I turn to my imagination always now. I trust my subconscious aka the Lord aka the Father aka Imagination, to take care of it. I am getting better at imagining the end.

I used to think I had to imagine something I wanted as paid in full for it to be paid in full but no. Just imagine the end. Your imagination knows what you need. Money is just a detail and if you need money it will come to you. I believe it is always flowing through me freely, copiously, abundantly. I believe all my needs, desires and wants are taken care of in every moment of time and in every point in space.

We had one truck. I had been imagining a second one but at the time of this incident we had one truck. Our truck had brake problems for the last month. I love my truck and it has kept me safe and secure always. It always gets me where I want to go and back again so I love it, give it oil changes, tell it how much I love it as I fill it up with the next grade up of gas because I love it.

So when my husband was in the truck the brakes kept going out but when I was in the truck or with him in the truck after the first breakdown after getting the pads changed, it worked perfectly. The news just kept getting worse and worse and we were blessed to get a used truck so he could get to work and this in and of itself fulfilled the imagination of having two trucks because having another truck is nice. I was very happy and we met a lovely mechanic whose shop was close by.

All was fixed for about a week and then it broke down again. I wondered why it kept breaking down to the point the mechanic who had been working on it since day one said he couldn’t fix it and we probably needed to replace the computer system which is very expensive and that would have to be done at the dealer and it may not fix the problem. It is probably and it might be rang in my ears. I knew the moment was fluid, not set in stone at all but as we are wont to do through habit my husband instantly believed him and thanked him for being honest. My hubby was upset and wanted to just start looking for another vehicle. He said he wished he could have just come home and all was good.

What was the truck continuing to break down telling me about me?

At first I knee jerked, and started to imagine enough money to buy a truck, replace the computer but I could feel it was not the right thing. It wasn’t going to happen. I couldn’t figure out what to do. My husband’s words kept ringing in my head and then I knew. Revise and so revise I did and it felt so good. I knew it was the right thing to do. Raise him up. Give him what he wanted. I revised the past and imagined it.

I imagined he came home in the truck just like he said he wanted to do. In other words, it never broke down. I met him in the driveway and gave him a hug. As I washed dishes later I imagined seeing the truck out the window and telling him I love having two trucks.

The next day I kept thinking I should call this new mechanic that we found that fixed up our other truck so wonderfully. He said would love the opportunity to fix our truck and saw no reason why he couldn’t. His confidence resonated with me and I knew I was on the right path.

I know, and I have faith, my truck would be in my driveway soon and whatever it was I would be able to afford it or the money for it would flow to me or rather through me, it comes to me and I give it to them. I sent them love and another day went by. My husband was throwing in the towel saying they probably can’t fix it either. I told myself there is only unity, harmony and love. Then I told him you never know, right now no news is good news. He laughed. They called and said the computer system just needed to be re-calibrated and it was all good. A mere 100 dollars for an hours time  as compared to replacing the unit for 2500 dollars. I love my world it is such a delight. I am so grateful to my found angels. I am grateful to the old mechanic as well. He showed me the power of revision. I knew it and had done it but I try to revise as the day goes by and that one took me by surprise. It is all in how you respond. You will be tested in your belief until you believe, then it just comes.

I believe in imagination creating reality and I knew of revision as well. I can’t thank Neville Goddard enough for all his work. It resonated. I tested it. It worked. I started drinking Pepsi again and loving my rare steak even more than before.

It’s like Neo in the Matrix only you get to stay in the Matrix and be yourself aka Neo instead of Mr. Anderson.

Here is another example.

Act I – The Sold Out Show

I saw a commercial about the show Wicked coming to town and it had the original cast players coming. It was sold out and had been for a long time. I don’t care for musicals as a rule but there are exceptions and as I watched the commercial I thought I know it is a musical but it would be cool to go to the Hobby Center and see it. My husband helped build that Center and it sounded amazing.  I didn’t even think about it just imagined sitting there with my husband and the lights going down and the show beginning. The commercial ended and so did my imagining.

Act II.

Two days later, my son’s mother-in-law asked if anyone would like to buy her tickets to that show in Houston. She had accidentally bought them. She had wanted 2015 and purchased 2016 tickets and now she could not make it down to Houston. She was asking 300 a ticket, 2 tickets, and they were right in the middle of everything. Lovely seats. I wished her good luck but did not offer as we did not have the money at the time. A week later my son asked if we wanted the tickets since our anniversary was coming up. I told him I saw her post and would love that but no money for that right now. He said she wanted to give them to us for our anniversary. She felt like her finding out about our anniversary was a god send and the tickets needed to come to us. Frankly, I started crying and felt a huge surge of gratitude and love just fill me up and it pour out and I said thank I don’t know how many times.  We had the tickets.


The night came and we headed out and as we headed out I said to myself, thank you for the perfect parking space and getting to the show on time. I knew it would be so no worries. Cars moved in front of us and around us and my husband started getting agitated and annoyed. It is only doing this so we get to the perfect moment set up for the perfect parking place and I know this but he does not recognize that yet.

I did start to feel anxious as he continued and escalated and I started telling myself everything always works out, there is only unity, harmony and love. There is only faith, hope and love. I love all, thank you. He said oh well nothing to have a heart attack about and stopped with all the fussing. As we came to the Hobby Center there were traffic cops directing and my husband asked where the Center parking was located. The cop told him that parking had just closed but go right and down and plenty of parking there. My husband started grumbling we are going to be late and the parking is going to be far away. In the past I would start to get anxious and fearful believing him when he would do this and yes in the past the parking was far away and we would be late but as he did this this time I was calm and happy. I knew it would be there. As we went down and there it was, the  perfect parking place, obviously easy to get in and out from. We parked. We smiled. We were at the show in plenty of time and we had a blast.

Perfect. When you play your role with confidence it always works out. All that ‘bad’ by ignoring ‘bad’ and knowing it just is, I get the ‘good’ I was asking for. By refusing to believe otherwise, a person or circumstances or facts, I get what I am asking for.

Another experience.

I kept accidentally cutting myself, and falling and getting bruises. I wondered I love myself why am I hurting myself like this? In a moment of quiet the answer came. I was saying I am healed indicating I needed something to happen so I could heal. Now I say I am in perfect health, I am perfectly fine, and I am healthy. Those bumps and falling down and cutting myself in the kitchen have stopped. My skin is clearing up and I am just so in love with me and my world. My world is so delightful!

Everything here, in this reality, is backward. The world right now is flipping over to the other side to experience it and isn’t it wonderful?

You condition yourself and the end game is to remove the conditions you placed on yourself and return to being a little child in using your imagination but being emotionally mature and better for the experiences you have had so now you know what you like and dislike and it just is. Be lovely and always imagine others lovely too, no matter what is said or done. It always works out.

Turn the Grinch into one with a heart three times bigger than when you met. Just imagine it.

It is all good.

Love yourself, forgive yourself, and know the details will fill in in some way and what you imagine is yours.

You are Adam fighting yourself. Make love to your wife. Imagine with love and that is making love with your wife. Eve is Nature giving you what you ask for and she loves you and she is perfect so she is making it perfect for you. Anything you ask for will come naturally, Eve is on the way with it all and is calling in the extras. It is all good.

Feel free to share your experiences. I would love to hear about them.


Welcome To The Twilight Zone

You are about to enter another dimension. A dimension not only of sight and sound, but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land of imagination. Welcome to the Twilight Zone!

You think there are 7 billion beings on this planet. There is only one being here made up of 7 billion humans. It is like a coral reef. A coral reef is made up of billions of different colored coral located in different areas with different needs to grow, some need cooler water than others for example. Together all the coral make the reef. There is only one reef made up of billions of individual pieces of coral, all alive and growing. They are one reef. We are One being.

Man slays his imagination, calls it silly, it isn’t real, it’s just a story, it won’t really happen, and obsesses over the needs of Man, the not enough of whatever, food, water, shelter, clothes, you name it.

Yet, it does come true. It isn’t just a story. It really does happen. You are in the  Twilight Zone.

You worship symbols of a god you made up just like you made up your fear. You look outside of yourself for redemption. Are you buying what another is selling?  It is many things not just religion and science, it is illness, lack of, numerology, any ism out there, and various and sundry other ‘gods’.

It is what you put your belief into other than yourself, that is the Twilight Zone.

You think you fell here and have to make up for something you did. It is only a play and you are playing a part. You believe you are sick so you are sick. You think you have to save nature from you and you think life is hard. Nature obliges and provides something for you to ‘fix’ and puts obstacles in your way, you asked for a hard life. Nature is perfect no improvement needed. Man and nature work together as one, and life is easy, if you believe it. You think there isn’t enough for all and then wonder why there is not enough. There is plenty for all.

It is the Twilight zone.

We are here to experience it all and  you can’t have a bad without a good and in the end it is just is. It is just a play, a dream that our Imaginations, Divine Imagination, is having and dreams are egocentric. So, you are dreaming the dream of you.

The Twilight zone is the dream and is the journey of each individual. We are becoming One with God. He imagined us. We are to imagine like Him, like a little child, with unconditional love too. Love yourself unconditionally. If you are a thief because you love being a thief, then be the best thief you can be. Believe you are the best and you will be the best. Perhaps you steal something that turns into saving the life of another or who knows. That is the fun of it.

Divine imagination wants you to learn to imagine too and you can’t be judging when you use your power or it comes back to bite you and no one else. LOL. That is how you learn to use the power of imagination with unconditional love and you learn by experience. So don’t deny your experience and many do but that is ok too. Part of the journey. We all succeed in the end.

The Law is imagination creates reality and you do it all the time. You could no more stop imagining than you can stop breathing. You can control the amount of breaths you take but you can’t stop breathing. You can control the kinds of thoughts you entertain but you can’t stop imaging or having thoughts.

You can only control your world, everyone else is compelled by you in your world. When you enter another’s world, you were called and you are compelled. You can be free from the play of good and bad, but only after you realize it is just knowledge,  a prop for the play, neither good or bad. There are no facts. They change all the time. It is just stuff. Fun, but nothing to be upset or worried about. It is all good. It always works out. You imagine it, feel it, then it is on the way and everything is scripted so just trust it is yours and be happy. Delight in the world, it is all you.

You think the Bible is ‘holy’ because it is the ‘word of God’. All words imagined, spoken or written are the word of God and therefore all are holy. There is no fiction. It is a forgotten memory or the story, the story of you going home the long way around. The Bible is the script of your spiritual journey here, it includes an explanation of the Law that controls physical reality and how to use it, and the Promise you will succeed and the signs of the Promise coming to you, graduation day. It is not someone outside of you. It is all inside you. It is an abstract idea put in an allegory in the hopes of all understanding the significance of the abstract idea. It is an explanation of the Twilight zone.

We all say I AM. God tells Moses, and Moses means to draw out aka draw out your imagination, I AM That, I AM. I am that burning bush that does not burn that was drawn out of your imagination, I AM is awareness of being. I am imagination. I am aware of being.

Here is the ultimate question you should always ask yourself. Would you like it if it were done to you? That is you you know. That is the secret that is not a secret yet it is a secret. LOL Like a Russian nesting doll. If you wouldn’t like it then don’t imagine doing it to another. If you do, it will come back to you and no one else. To hurt another is to hurt self. If others want to hurt themselves go right ahead it is the journey. Let them be. It is all good in the end.

Man is doing the exact opposite of what he had been doing because he is not crazy. He gets it. Instead of thinking everyone is out to get me or do me harm or get me sick or whatever, Man accepts it is his thoughts and beliefs and imagination that is doing it and therefore there is no one to blame but self. Man begins to believe in himself and knows all his needs are met in every moment of time and point in space because there is always Divine Supply which is Divine Imagination.

So the role of the King, of the man made institutions of the world, the UN, the IMF, EU, global corporations, et al, are now entering the Twilight zone. Man is redeeming himself. He is having a radical change of mind. Instead of lack of it is plenty for all. Instead of violence it is love.

You already know the bad part of the Law. I mean look around. How many times does it take to know imagining harm to another only brings you woe?

There is only you and everything else is compelled to bring you what you asked for. You are it, writer, director, producer, actor of the Twilight zone. It is only you. We all say I AM, we all imagine, we all love, we all put our pants on one leg at a time.

You are amazing. You are fantastic. Come on!  Geronimo!!  No one goes before their time so imagine it, tell a wonderful story, love it, let it cook, and it will arrive.

Isn’t it wonderful? I love the Twilight Zone!

(Dog is God Spelled Backwards:101 Notes to Self is available in softback and electronic formats at iUniverse, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble. Reviews are appreciated)



To My Valentine – My Gift To All

I love my world!  Happy Valentines Day Love!!

Here is a gift of love for you!

I don’t care what you have said or done I love you. I know who you are and I know who I am and I love you so very much.

I give you knowledge of The Law. You can accept it or not, it is a gift of love to you in the hopes you will love your world too. All I ask is for you to test it. I am not selling anything to you. It is a gift given freely. Test the Law and you decide from your experience whether it is Law or not. Whether it is the basis of everything, why you are here, who you are, what your purpose is. I will give my experience and I will give supporting documentation. It is up to you whether to test it or not. You can’t know anything until you try it. You can’t know sweet if you only know sour. It takes but a moment of your time to test it so that is all I ask. A moment of your time.

The Law is Imagination creates the reality you see around you. Nothing in this world was made before it was imagined.

You are the center of your world. If you say don’t count your chickens before they hatch then you will have very few chickens if any because you are not imagining all those chickens walking around after hatching, you are imagining eggs that never hatch.

All of life is the appeasement of hunger, and the infinite states of consciousness from which the individual can think and view the world are merely a means of satisfying that hunger.

I say this because your state of consciousness, your I AMness, is always being externalized. I am always getting more bills, more bills for you my love, you asked for it. Don’t be mad. Laugh and recognize Imagination is in charge.

My bills are always paid on time. Money arrives to pay the bills. I am sick. You get sick. I am healthy. You are healthy. Once your health or money arrives you realize this is truth and it becomes a belief. You look tired, do you have the flu? It’s going around. I am perfectly fine thanks. I know they keep saying that but I don’t know anyone sick with the flu in my world.

A belief comes from imagination and experience.

As within, so without. If you know how to move from your present state, if you dislike it, to the state you would like to be, then here is the secret. The Law. In mathematical terms which is the universal language it is the Fibonacci sequence, past + present = future. What your thoughts, imaginings, beliefs of yesterday and today will be your tomorrow.

Many think this is the Law of Attraction, like attracts like, but that is just how it works. The Law is imagination creates reality. It is what you imagine and believe and then like attracts like happens. You think of bills you get bills, some you didn’t even know about right? When you think good things always happen for me then tickets to a show you wanted to see are given to you or you win the lottery. Whatever you imagine would be a good thing.

Here is the other secret.

There is only one actor on this stage. We all say I AM. That is the actor. Anything after that is just a label or role you play. I am Rita. Rita is a role. Rita is funny. Funny is a label on the role. Some may think I am funny and some may think I am not funny. That is ok. All learning it just is.  I love the actor and all the wonderful roles that are created to bring me my world. I love it all. Everyone and everything so my love, listen carefully.

You use the Law and use it to help yourself, save yourself from trouble and to be whatever you wish to experience. There are only states of consciousness pushed out because everything in this world is contained within the individual. As within so without. Once you determine what you want to be imagine it and it will come naturally.

Desires come because you need to experience that side of it. I am rich. You will experience the good and bad of it so you can learn it just is. That’s why there is the old saying, watch what you ask for, you just might get it. You have to learn both sides and accept it just is.

There is conflict and appeasement; two extremes. Moderation in this example is discipline between the two.

Moderation in all things. There is only unity, harmony and love. We swing to one side to learn the good, we swing to the other side to learn the bad, and then we learn it just is and we moderate. We grow, we expand and in the end we will do more than the builders of the Sphinx and the imaginings of Atlantis. It is high school for you. You will graduate.

You just think there is disharmony but you can prove it. When someone argues with you, you know that person who is always taking the opposite side of anything you say, as they are arguing tell yourself there is only unity, harmony and love. Keep saying it and in less than a minute they will stop themselves with something like oh well, it isn’t worth arguing about.

In the Bible it speaks of prayer. Prayer to the world means begging to something outside of self.  In the Bible it’s thanksgiving; it’s praise. The Bible speaks of repentance, and the world thinks that it means to regret, to be remorseful. That’s not what the Bible teaches. Prayer and repentance are almost synonymous terms.

Leave the righteous alone. Yes the Meryl Streeps, the late night comedy hosts, the angst filled college kids, the left who can’t understand the world is changing, leave them alone. They like themselves, so leave them alone. It is all good.

The word ‘sin’ hasn’t a thing to do with breaking any moral code. The word ‘sin’ means to miss the mark. That’s what it means. You have a goal in life and you haven’t achieved it, well then, you are sinning. You may have a billion dollars, and are hungry for another. Well then, if you don’t have the other, you are sinning.

My world, that I so love, is repenting. To repent is simply a radical change of attitude. That is what repentance means. If I change my attitude towards life, I will then view the world and see the world from that change of attitude. That change is a change of consciousness, and that change will be externalized in my world.

The conscious change from something bigger than self in charge, global corporations and global military and global government institutions aka relying on another, to the people aka relying on self,  to I AM is the change you are seeing. I am in charge. I am globally trading successfully, I am free. I am happy. I am safe and secure. I am healthy.

To truly give, my love, is to imagine another being what they want to be or having something they want. That is raising up another. That is giving so give a moment imagining that another has what they want and you hear the good news.

So my gift to you is peace, unity, harmony and love.

I create a scene implying the fulfillment of my dream in my imagination, and then I turn it over completely in thanksgiving to him. It is myself, my essential being, but it transcends my reasoning mind. I do not know on this level how it can be done, but I do know that if I have faith in my own self, in my imagination, it will be done in my world.

I imagine the world at peace. I imagine that all in the world want a win win for all. I imagine all going Costa Rica. I imagine the world drops labels and rises up. I imagine the world rejecting the institutions they placed higher than themselves coming down and all rising up individually.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Amen. It is done!

I don’t know how it will be only that it will be because I AM and I know all are compelled to bring me what I imagined.

Faith is knowing that things imagined and hoped for will be seen.

Well, have I proved it? Unnumbered times. Unnumbered times.

I went to the dentist with our last 75 dollars. The insurance was maxed out. As I lay in the chair getting my teeth cleaned I imagined when I went to the counter, the girl there told  me, paid in full. I imagined it and when I felt it was done tears of relief welled in my eyes and I said thank you, thank you, thank you.

As I sat waiting for the girl to call me to pay a flurry of activity was happening behind the counter. Another lady ran up and whispered to the girl and she exclaimed why didn’t you tell me earlier? She replied she just found out, turned, saw me and smiled and said it would just be a few more minutes. I smiled and said no worries. I love you guys.

Five minutes later I was called to the counter. The girl told me paid in full. I was so dumb founded and happy I said thank you so very much and left. I went to my truck and cried and said thank you I don’t know how many times. The next appointment was for my husband it involved a lot of work, 900 dollars worth. As I asked what the damage would be they told me how. Apparently the insurance company sent them a large credit on my account for something we paid for they should have paid for. It happened on the day my teeth were cleaned. It was all good. Paid in full.

I love my world and everyone and everything in it. Thank you so very much for bringing me the things I have desired and teaching me the beauty of unconditional love and helping me to be unconditional love.

Use your imagination lovingly. Know what you believe and imagine pushes out to the rest of world. Put on a state of consciousness you wish to be and imagine being it and you will be it. The world will change and make it so it shall be. It all comes naturally.

In this place, you will never know how it will happen or when it will happen but if you have faith, if you know it will happen, the unseen will be seen, then it is all good. It doesn’t matter what happens, good or bad, it is all good. It is bringing you your desire in some way. Be grateful for it all.

Live, laugh, love.

We are all blessed and we are all loved. It is all good!

Happy Valentines Day my love!

(Dog is God Spelled Backwards:101 Notes to Self is available in softback and electronic formats at iUniverse, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble. Reviews are appreciated)

Fibonacci in Life

Past + Present = Future

That is the Fibonacci sequence expressing the Law in mathematical terms which is a universal language. It is part of the golden ratio and Pi that exists in all things. Everything.  A good example is a shell or a pine cone. To fight this ratio is Man trying to force Nature to do it his way and he does it all the time.

Nature is already perfect. Try as he might Man cannot improve nature. If he GMOs an insect from the corn another one will show up because the thought process that created the problem, insects attacking the corn, has not changed and you can’t change it until you change the thinking. Those bugs are there showing you what you imagine. If all you do is look for ways to save the corn then the corn has to suffer something so you can save it. If you fear they will come to eat your corn then you are imagining bugs eating your corn and so the world obliges. Don’t be mad. Laugh at yourself and change your thinking.

Nature is Man’s wife. She will do as Man commands. It isn’t some old fashioned ancient deal that a woman is less than a Man. Woman is the bearer of ‘life’ impregnated by Man. The mother ship. Adam in the Bible represents Man and Eve represents Nature. The children, Cain and Abel, represent Man concerned with the basics and Imagination where all things are possible. These two are at odds in Man. Cain killing Abel represents Man killing his Imagination and focusing only on the basics and fear of not having these basics.

Today Man is balancing and is focusing on Imagination knowing the rest will take are of itself. My Imagination knows I have bills to pay. Money is always available and my bills are always paid on time. Everything I need I have and more. It is always flowing through me. I have an 800 dollar auto repair bill, I pay it emptying my account and I am so thankful for my car being fixed and how grateful I am to have such a wonderful mechanic and what awesome work they always do. I am truly grateful. I love my truck. I receive 1600 from somewhere. I don’t care how or why I just know it comes and so it is all good.

This is giving. Imagining and believing in the best of all men. Raising them up first in imagination and belief and then it appears.

There is nothing to fear. There is only One Law and that is Imagination creates reality. The Law of Attraction, like attracts like, is how the energy works but it is not what makes it happen. To start it you imagine the end and feel it. Visualization is just seeing it. You have to feel it. You have to be grateful.

You ask why be grateful? Because  you called it and it came. Be grateful. Whether you realize it or not everyone and everything in your world you called to you. Whether you judge it to be good or bad doesn’t matter. Be grateful for it. You called it. Love the ‘bad’, forgive yourself for creating it, or it becomes the monster you imagine and it will not go away until you do.

The Law is Imagination creates reality.

Here are a couple of examples.

Hillary had the momentum, the money, the establishment all behind her yet she did not win. She worried about not losing instead of assuming she won. The Falcons had it all going their way, up by 25 points with only minutes left in the game. They worried about not losing instead of assuming they won the game.

The Super Bowl is a good example. Houston wanted the best experience after having a nightmare experience the last time they hosted it. Ms. Jackson and her wardrobe malfunction but they did that to themselves worrying about nothing going wrong and imagining things going wrong. She was compelled to show them what they believed.

This time they went all out and the NFL went all out and over a million people came and had a great time. Lots of concerts and food and fun for 10 days. 10k volunteers. School flag teams involved. The entire community worked on this for two years imagining all that time it was going to be the best Super Bowl ever. Houston is the most diverse city in the nation and a good time was had by all. What was the result of all that imagining and all that hope of having the best Super Bowl ever?

I think we can all agree that it was indeed the best Super Bowl ever. They were compelled to play these roles and we applaud a standing ovation to Houston, the Falcons, the Patriots, to Lady Gaga and to everyone and everything involved to make that happen. We are so grateful.

Lady Gaga was outstanding and the game was the best ever. I wasn’t even going to watch it and I found myself watching it.

You can dig deeper and figure someone on the Patriots imagined winning this game and they looked at their team and said we already won this game. Let’s go fill in the details. And they did. Who knows? I just know that it was going to be the best Super Bowl ever just because Houston believed that. Everything came together to make it so.

It truly is a beautiful thing. Now Houston knows what it likes and dislikes and it will imagine great Super Bowls in the future. They think it was all that stuff that came after imagining it but it was imagining the end, a great super bowl, because they experienced a bad one already when all they did was worry nothing goes wrong thereby imagining bad things going wrong and then experiencing bad things going wrong

This time it was all good so didn’t that ‘bad’ one really become a ‘good’ one? How else would we know what a bad Super Bowl would be like?

All this angst in our country and the world is bringing something good. It is just someone experiencing the other side of the coin to learn what they like and dislike and to learn not to judge because it is all good.

No worries. Just focus on you and it ripples out.

It is true for everything.

Fibonacci.  What you imagined yesterday, plus what you imagine today, will be the future. If you are constantly saying to yourself this is going to be the best Super Bowl ever then day after day this is building into the best Super Bowl ever. You get the best Super Bowl ever.

A long, long time ago I realized that today’s science fiction is tomorrow’s reality. It is more than that. That is truth in everything. There is no fiction. It is a lost memory or the story of you and your imagination and the journey home the long way around.

The Silent Majority Is Very Busy

The silent majority isn’t silent really. It is very busy. They are imagining and believing all things are possible. They are imagining and believing that all are in unity, harmony and love and that everything will work out and that it is all good and they persist They will not stop. They KNOW how this place works and they know who they are and they know why they are here and they are doing that work brilliantly. Having endured both sides of the coin they do not care what anyone else says. They do not see color or age or religion as those are all individual beliefs. They see spiritual beings having a lovely human experience in an effort to understand that there are two sides to everything and in the end it just is.

They believe desires are angels and the desires of man are devils. If you desire financial freedom or security nothing wrong in that, that is an angel. If you desire to control the money of the world to have financial freedom or security well that is greed and hurts you and so it is the devil. You have to experience both though to learn what you like, dislike and what you will believe.

The Golden Rule do unto others as you would have them do unto you. It is a rule because it is a choice. Imagination creates reality is the Law and Law never changes and works the same for everyone.

The silent majority are grateful to be here and love all and they will not give in because they know it is only a struggle within themselves and they love all. Those who see division make the division. They know the story and they know it well and they are flipping it. They refuse to believe in the worst of man and instead are assuming the best in man.

If you have only known bad then you must experience the good of it too and vice versa. Once both sides have been experienced then you know, it just is.

Have you noticed the division? It is a good thing because out of it will come unity, harmony and love, yes the exact opposite of what you see now. These liberals or whatever you want to call them, I prefer centralists but we all have a name for them, Left, liberal, snow flake, democrat, whatever, are seeing the other side of the coin. They are screaming what they imagine that is and that they will be in the pits of hell itself. What they don’t realize is that by imagining these horrible things they will bring them upon themselves and the other side knows it and they know they don’t have to lift a finger for it to happen. Revenge is not sweet. They know that too and they wish the other would not suffer so but they also know from their own suffering that is has to be for those who are experiencing it until they decide to change their world.

The silent majority knows for they have been there and done that and they have the tshirt and it doesn’t matter what anyone says or does they know they are there to bring them something they asked for and they ask by imagining so they are forgiving and loving of all.

With appreciation for the other and much love, the silent majority has turned the other cheek having experienced both sides of the coin. The minority are only seeing the other side of the coin and they do it to themselves. That is what you are here for after all, to experience and realize who you are and it just is.

There is only one I AM, one actor here and everyone that says I AM is that actor in their world and is the role player in everyone else’s world they go into.

You can make your story to be anything you want and if you believe it then the time will come when the world will show it to you no matter what it is. Whatever makes you happy and the setup is based upon the assumption that whatever you give your attention to, imagine, think about, tell stories about, is what you want and so it will be brought to you.

My mom had x-rays, late 1950s, and told the doctor she was a good Catholic and she could be pregnant. Her back was hurting her so he did x-rays. He did not protect her in any way. She swore he only showed her 3 and he took 4 x-rays and she swore that other x-ray must have shown a baby and that x-ray burned the baby. She would tell you she just knew that is what messed up my leg. All imagined by her throughout her pregnancy and then it came to be to show her what she imagined. I was born with a birth mark on my leg that ran from mid-thigh to mid-calf. It was black like a burn. They cut it off and did plastic surgery that did not work and I almost died from infection and then they did a new plastic surgery that did work and left me with a scar from mid thigh to mid calf. While I was growing up many would ask me about the burn on my leg.

It’s just a leg. It works beautifully and I can run and jump and walk and I am truly blessed to have this lovely body that is one heck of a healing machine. I don’t judge others because of my leg. I am so in love with all the things my lovely leg has taught me.  I love my body. I love me. I love my world and I love everyone because they are just me dressed up in another costume. Aren’t I lovely?

All that angst out there, is that your world or UC Berkley’s world? Are you there dealing with it or participating in it? More than likely you are not and so you become distracted and think you must do something to help or you must do something to protest or whatever it may be.

Then you must decide what you believe. Will you follow masked men who destroy and commit violence? Do you believe all have a right to express their belief? Do you believe others must think as you do and anyone who does not may not express their belief? It is better to turn away and go home rather than stay and watch?  Do you believe violence is warranted to make others believe as you do and do you believe standing there watching it adds fuel to the fire? Do you believe you would like it if it were done to you?

You can only change the things you have control over and that is you.

It is all good. There appears to be division but in actuality it is working out the kinks to unity and harmony. There is only One being here playing many parts and each one of us who says I AM is in charge of their world. You make it what you believe.

If you curse the drivers on the road and you condemn and judge others on the tv and  you work at a job that you do not love and buy what the drug companies are selling you that you may need this that or the other because you could be sick with this that or the other, and you buy what all the commercials are selling, you berate first and apologize later and you get sick and bad things keep happening to you well it is you. They are only showing you you.

I see this angst and at first want to do something but remember that it is only someone working out their conflict. It is not my conflict. My world is lovely.

In my world I am the stone that has fallen into the middle of the lake and what I believe and imagine and think will ripple out into the world and present itself to me simply because I AM. I AM making Rita’ world and it is sweet. All my needs are met in every moment of time and point in space, I am an amazing writer of the Law and the Promise. I have abundance in all things, my garden, my pantry, my closet, my driveway, my ideas, my bank account. Everything is good, that bad is bringing something good. All things are possible, there is always a way out. I love me. I love my imagination. I love my world as it is all me. My neighbors are lovely, we help each other, my house is lovely and brings me shelter, I love the water and mud district and the country and the greenery around my home and how my neighborhood has parks and not gas stations on the corner. My garden is bountiful and I share it with my neighbors, friends and family. I don’t have to really do anything in the garden except create the good soil and plant and harvest because it is always bountiful and whatever I need to have that bounty is always coming whether that is the weather to make my garlic head or the birds to eat the worms in my lettuce. When the wind howls I say thank you for the calm winds and they calm. I imagine my world is prosperous, healthy, and united in harmony and love and you know what? It is.

The underlying common denominator is imagination and belief. I believe, I have faith, which is not a religion but knowing the unseen, imagined, will be seen in my world.

Each one of us is responsible for one thing. Making your world. You make your world through your imagination. So imagine what you want. It will ripple out to show you what you believe.

Sounds easy but it is hard to change a belief but it can be done. It is hard to change the belief in illness for example to perfect health but it can be done. It begins with I AM and then the talks you have with yourself because it is all you. You keep imagining you are what you want to be and you will be what you want to be and your world will change around you. You are the focal point.

You can blame the boss, the husband, the wife the whatever but you find yourself in the same situations over and over again. You are not going to move on if you don’t face yourself and you will just keep repeating until you learn. It is all good.

I went to work and kept getting terminated. Then I realized money always flows to me. I don’t need some man made company or government or whatever to make a paycheck for me. My universe is always bringing me money so I can have the things I want or need. My universe/world is inside me and so it is me and I love me unconditionally. Money flows through me in abundance. All my bills are always paid on time. I have abundance in everything I want or need and my focus has been turned away from the loveliness of it all and I had been wallowing in the ugly for way too long.

You can’t know bad if you’ve never experienced it. I imagined all in unity and I know the majority of us did it and do it as we sing with John Lennon and Imagine. Well it isn’t a straight line you know. We are uniting and as that is born of course there are birth pains so the silent majority is silent because they love them. They are lovely and it is all a show and in reality it isn’t even your show it is another’s show.

If we all did this individually, then it flows up to county, town, city, state, country, the world.

All you have to do to change the world is change you. It’s free, doesn’t cost you a penny, and takes but a moment of your time. Imagine the exact opposite of what you don’t like. Imagine that story that UC Berkley was violent was actually UC Berkley had peaceful demonstrations. Forgive them, they are worshiping another’s belief and so they are being shown the other side of the coin so they can conclude for themselves.

In the end you will look at it and see it for what it is. You either make your beliefs from your experiences or you will accept another’s beliefs from their experiences. I just ask you to think about it, test it, and then decide from your own experience what kind of world you live in and how you want to change you to make the world show you what you want to experience.

It is all you.




The Problem with Religion

The problem with religion is that it is another’s belief. You are buying what they are selling and what they are selling ultimately benefits them under the guise of benefiting you but it doesn’t. Look at the religious centers like Vatican City and Mecca and tell me this is not true. There are many others but these two come to mind first.

I know they mean well. They think they are doing good and that is ok they are lovely but only you can determine what you believe whether that is what another believes, a version of it or anything. You don’t have to believe what others are selling you. It doesn’t matter what you believe as long as you believe with a passion.

I believe with a passion that illness is just an assumption and I can change the assumption and I have. I am perfect health. I don’t get sick because illness does not exist unless I allow it. When my body or world is showing me something it is showing me I am not following the path. As soon as I get back on track those things go away.

No one is better than me and I love me. I am so very cool. I accomplish every wish and desire. Life is sweet here.

There are two sides to every coin and it is still just a coin. You can buy what another believes about something or you can trust yourself and your experiences and stick to your guns no matter what and some how, some magical natural way it comes to be.

People are sleeping and showing you you. The ones in your world are, the phone calls, the tweets, the Facebook posts and comments it is all you. You think they are individuals but they are you in another costume. You think you are Peter, Paul or Mary but you are I AM.

You are the ultimate story teller whose stories come true. Faith is not a religion. Religion is someone else’s belief. Faith is knowing the unseen, what you imagined, will be seen, appear in this world. So the trick is to just imagine the end. Just like a strategy game where you set a point for the troops to go to, you set a point in time and space where you feel you have what you desire.

What would it feel like if you had what you want? You can quiet your mind and then imagine it or do it as you fall asleep. Whatever you give your attention to in the day will come to you so all those stories you tell yourself in the bathroom, in the car, on the bus, whatever keep them focused on what you want and pretend you already have it.

People as a rule are giving and sharing to others especially in times of need and distress because we know we would want that if we were in their shoes. So as a place to gather a like minded community, sharing and giving, that is wonderful and social interaction happens, dances, concerts, food, and it is all good. To buy the actual dogma they are selling, well that is something else altogether.

I was raised a Roman Catholic. Even as a small child I questioned them. Time for First Communion which begins with your first confession. I was 6 years old and I asked the priest why do I have to tell my sins to the priest when I tell God every night and He forgives me? Yeah that didn’t go over too well.

I have studied them all. The Koran, the Bible, Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hindu, Paganism, Egyptian beliefs, Viking beliefs and many others and I came to a conclusion. It is my belief and you don’t have to buy it but it is my experience and I will not deny the experience so I share it in the hopes you will test it and learn from your experience as well.

They all tell of the Law. They all tell the story in the Bible, the story of you, the story of I AM. Who you are, and why you are here. You are a spiritual being having a human experience and when you are done you return home better for the experience. You are the Prodigal Son and you will return home.

We have been doing it for millions of years over and over again and we imagine different ways of getting to the same end and we all succeed in the end. If you practice the Law, then you are on the road less traveled because most do not understand or accept this Law as the underlying basis of everything. They believe in science and that is ok. That is just you showing you the doubt if it really bothers you and the play if it doesn’t bother you.

It is all good. I AM an amazing actor!

You are a spiritual being having a human experience in order to learn both sides, good and evil, and to realize it just is. Fire burns, fire heats, it is just fire. Be aware of what it can do and to deny the experience of one is to not understand anything. Both sides must be experienced before you can truly see the fire. If you only experience fire as something that burns you then you will be scared around it and if you only experience fire as something that makes you warm you will be unaware of its ability to burn.

Balance, unity, harmony and love will make you use the fire well and to protect against its ability to harm. Then you can accept it is only fire and it will be as you believe it is always. Once you experience both sides then all is good as you know what you dislike and like . You who made this belief through your actual experiences. Not taking on another’s.

Science maps out what God, I AM, has done. There is only One God, one I AM, made up of many, Elohim. You can’t have an image of God because God is a shape shifter. There are seven billion of us making one. How do you make an image of that? You can’t it is fluid it is always changing and so there can be no image of God. These symbols we have are just clay, marble, lovely art in many shapes, and forms and colors but they are not God. Little silver medals with saints on them have no power. If you with a passion with an absoluteness believe it does then it will have power but it also means you turned yourself off and allow doubt to enter when the symbol is not there.

Believe in you. It is all you and everyone else is just acting their role to bring you what you asked for so what have you asked for? Religion can’t save you. Only you can save you.

“But I tell you that men will give an account on the day of judgment for every careless word they have spoken. For by your words you will be acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned.”

So many believe this means Judgement Day. Your life ends and you go to some place and you are judged by what you said and did. That is not what this means. Think about it.

You are I AM. You are and you are powerful. You are the living word. The speaker of the word. You speak words only after forming a thought and you only form a thought after it is imagined. You do it all the time.

So you say something stupid like Madonna and instead of the White House burning down her house burns down. Now only she can judge if it was worth the awful careless thought and words she used. Your word is alive and it will not come back to you void. When you say something stupid in frustration or anger like G_d Damn well think about it. I AM D__n. Uh no thank you. You are damning yourself. Then you have a car wreck or whatever. You did it. You called it and it came so don’t be mad. That is why you must be careful when you think, say, and write the name of God, I AM. It is power. It can hurt you or bring you good. It is power neither good or bad.

Imagination is pure unconditional love and does not understand good or bad and gives whatever is asked for without compassion or anger. It is unconditional. That is what you are in the process of becoming and there are infinite ways to this end and you will succeed. We all will. There is only one actor here made up of many so we all succeed and no religion is going to share that with you. It isn’t their role in the script. They are lovely but only you can think for you.

The body you inhabit is a projector, the vessel and together, all things were made that you saw in the past, see in the present and will see in the future. We are playing out a Fibonnaci sequence, past + present = future. So just set an end point in the future and feel that it is yours. It’s like selling stock first and then buying it. It’s a trade with two parts a buy and a sale. You want a new car. Imagine sitting in that car and feel it in your imagination don’t see yourself feel yourself. Now hold that feeling and feel gratitude. Ok you set the trade in motion. You have what you want, now everyone and everything else in your world is working to bring you that because you already felt it, you must get that so it comes in some way that always surprises others who call it a miracle and makes you feel the bliss of love.

Now you know and you forgive yourself you didn’t know before and you help others through your imagination and it works and it works and you will not deny the experience any longer.

As Sherlock says, The Game is on!

You act out the roles on this stage and at the end you get the signs and you join and return better for the experience. You sit down in the halls of Odin and tell the tales of your journey! We are each unique so the actual way the signs come to you will be based on your beliefs.

So who are you? Imagination. This is all imagination for this is a dream. You are dreaming the dream of you and you are being made into the image of God.

The Law is to turn to your imagination. That is you. That is God asleep in you. That is your I AM and anything after that is pure imagination and you call it to you because all things are possible to imagination.

Religion confuses this and subverts this message and that is ok. It is part of our journey and we all have to walk that road. Just one side of the coin. This role is to bring you fear, to doubt yourself, and to lead you away from your own thinking and to accept what others believe setting you up for not so good things and at the same time setting up good things for the ones providing the message you sold yourself.

Peer pressure.

Akhenaten fired his priests, got disciples and started to teach the law to them to spread it around the world. Yeah, as he had imagined the priests didn’t like that so as he feared he was killed and his statutes destroyed and his disciples killed and scattered. He probably said something like I AM not in danger. Imagining danger instead of I AM safe and secure imaging the end. Like attracts like. All part of the show. Can you figure it out yourself? You have to figure it out yourself. No one else can do it for you.

You imagined the monsters in your world and only you can slay them and you cannot slay them with the violent thoughts that created them. You can only slay them by loving them because they are you. You must defeat your monsters. Whatever you hate or dislike with a passion and lash out at is what harms you not them. It feeds the monster when you do that. Love them and the energy returns to you better for the experience. Love them for showing you that side of the coin and release them.

There is no one smarter than you and you are forever and ever. You make up the stories of aliens who come here to tell you how to do this or that or the other. Doubting yourself. There are no aliens. The aliens are you. You call them to you. You make them by imagining them and then they come. It is all you

No one is smarter than you. No one can tell you what to believe, you decide that. Then you tell yourself stories all day long and as you fall asleep imagining all sorts of things that support your beliefs and then you wonder why you are seeing all this happen to you. It could be good or bad that doesn’t matter. What matters is you wonder and ask as you fall asleep and so you begin to waken.

Whether you realize it or not you are always using the Law to bring you what you are asking for. You are always writing a story in your imagination. Imagination loves you unconditionally and will give you whatever you ask for. You couldn’t stop imagining if you wanted to. It is like breathing.  But you can choose what to believe, imagine and therefore bring into your world.

They can try to sell it to you and don’t be mad at them, you are selling it to yourself. You are the one telling the story that affects you and only you so up to you if you buy it or figure out what you want to believe. The rest of the ‘actors’ are you just acting out the story you are writing.

We all shot out a rocket with John Lennon, we all continue to shoot that rocket off so focus and persistence has happened. We are expanding, being born, into a new perception of the world and ourselves and we will fly and do things that will surpass all things found in the archaeological record.

To use the Law is to have freedom and as you use it you are turning to yourself and trusting yourself and as you love yourself on top of this you begin to realize that all things are possible, there is always a way out, there is nothing you can’t imagine and so you are saved all the time. After suffering so much ‘bad’, you will experience good in abundance and then you will know, it is just a play and all’s well.

You will imagine for others and as you raise others up you are in truth raising yourself up so forgive them. They are asleep playing their role and all is good. They are acting the part and they will be as you wish in your world.

It is my belief that all religions began as a way to teach the Law. Paganism et al but in the end Man decided through greed or whatever only a few could know the law. It is all in the play and it is all good. So if you want to believe as others go ahead. Just because a lot of people say something is the way it should be doesn’t mean it is true for you.

Only you can make your world. Imagine a lovely one. It doesn’t cost a dime and takes but a moment of your time. Rather than rail about the injustices of this that or the other, imagine all are in unity, harmony and love.

It is all good

(Dog is God Spelled Backwards:101 Notes to Self has been released and is available in softback and electronic formats at iUniverse, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble. Reviews are appreciated)


The Problem with Science

The problem with tying oneself to science and saying it is the be all and end all and science has the FACTS is buying what someone else believes. Stop and really think about it and look at it without prejudice, without the good or bad label.

It is just a role and it is fun to look at all these things and make all these assumptions and to share them out with all. I get that. It’s all good.

We all say I AM. No one is greater than another because there is only One I AM made up of many and what I believe and imagine of the world will be seen in my world. If I believe differently than the scientists then statistics will appear to back my belief. It is not a claim. It is a belief or no statistics would appear. I assume I am right and what is needed to be to make me right will come to be. Today’s stories are tomorrow’s facts. The living Word, it comes to pass.

Look around you. Are you living 1984 or are you living Animal Farm or are you living the Hobbit or are you living Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde?  The beauty of our lovely democracy is that all these millions of different beliefs come together and vote what is best for them and their world. What they believe and then the winner is not really the winner. It is just time for that belief to be seen, to be experienced. Some will experience good and some bad and some will learn it just is.

That is the Law in action and that is the road we walk.

We all have to experience both sides of every role. You will experience being the murderer and murdered, the beggar and the king, the honest man and the thief. All the roles will be played to learn it just is and it is all good. You can’t have a bad without a good. Two sides of the same coin and then you learn it is just a coin neither good or bad.

Researchers believe, doctors believe, authorities believe, scientists believe blah blah blah. Bless their hearts. They are sharing their beliefs. I am not sharing a belief. I don’t care if you believe me or not it is the Law and Law never changes.

Man makes rules he calls laws. Law applies equally to all, it never changes. Man’s laws change all the time and they are softened for this that or the other so they are rules not law.

I am sharing the Law.There is only one Law.

Don’t get me wrong they are just playing their role and they do a lovely job of it. Everyone is doing the best they can with what they have and know and everyone believes they are doing good so therefore we are all doing good. It is all good. Everyone’s heart is in the right place.

A Law is Principle and never deviates or changes and applies to all. It just is. Imagination creates reality is the Law. Test it for yourself and you will see imagination creates reality. Take a moment and imagine yourself having something you want and feel it for just a moment and know it is yours. Be in it, don’t see yourself in it. Faith it is yours, the unseen will be seen, the imagined will come to be, and it happens. It never happens the way you think it might happen but it happens.

Just because a majority believe something doesn’t mean you have to believe it. Facts change all the time and we all know it so logically there are no facts. Man, tied by his senses, doesn’t know how this place works and struggles to understand it and says Eureka! Here are the facts. Yet we all know deep inside the answer is staring us in the face. There are no facts. It is Eureka! I imagined and created this. But to do that you have to stop lying to yourself and blaming others for your misfortunes and disappointments. You would have to take personal responsibility for all the things that have come into your world.  Sin literally means missing the mark. You are missing the mark if do not take personal responsibility for your thoughts, beliefs, and imaginings. It’s ok.

That’s ok it is part of the journey.  We lie to ourselves all the time about who we are and why we are here. We scorn and reject as myth, legend, stories the very things that tell us outright like Shakespeare or Disney or the Bible or the Hermetica or Koran or Viking myths, or the stories of King Arthur and Merlin. They are all you and they are all the same story.

We love it in story form but we reject it by believing it can never come true even though it is the same story over and over again. We can’t see it. We have eyes, but we cannot see. Sooner or later we all get the hunger to know.

There is only One I AM made up of many and so no one fails. All will succeed.

We sell ourselves what others believe. That is worshiping a false god so to speak. It isn’t your belief, it is another’s belief. Man promotes you have to believe as he does or something is wrong with you, look at the facts and I will beat on you until you believe as I do. LOL So passionate and lovely.

When you start to know it is only your belief that matters and and you ignore the outside senses and take them inside and imagine what you want, it doesn’t matter what it is just something you want, all are compelled to bring that to you because you felt it in your grasp in your imagination, on the inside and now it is coming from the inside to the outside.

Once you realize it is all you and you cannot blame another well it is shocker but then you do not judge anyone anymore and are grateful and love all no matter what they do. You never know the how. That thief may bring you what you have been asking for in some strange fun or exciting way so don’t condemn the thief. It is you in another costume.

For example your friend says to you that you look tired, are you coming down with something? It is a test. Do you believe in illness or do you believe you are in perfect health? Your choice.

You may instantly begin to feel tired and say yeah maybe I am. Then worry about it and the next thing you know you have strep throat or a cold or whatever. You called it to you. I AM coming down with something.

Or you can choose another way to respond. If your friend says you look tired, are you coming down with something the response if you believe you are always healthy would be something like I am perfectly fine, healthy as can be.

You don’t have to buy what others are selling you. Only you know what is best for you and you always get what you give your attention and imagination to in this world. Would you take the word of another over yourself? We do it all the time and science is the leader of this.

It’s the facts!  There are no facts.

Sugar is bad. It makes you fat. It gives you cancer. What a load of malarkey we sell ourselves. This study suggests and that study came to this conclusion and blah blah blah. 30 years later sugar is good for you. Use it in moderation and no worries about getting fat. It doesn’t give you cancer after all. Ooops! LOL and the same holds true of every single thing science tells you.Take the appendix. Doctors and researches told us forever it didn’t do anything. Ooops! Turns out it does indeed do something.

It’s ok. They are lovely and doing the best they can with what they have and know. It is the journey. Their role in the journey is to make you choose. What do you believe and how will you respond? Believe another or yourself? Respond as if you are alone among many or respond as if there is only one made up of many?

Cancer is a modern disease. Then why do Egyptian mummies have it? It is your thoughts and they are eating you up and they manifest as disease, as cancer. Change your thoughts and you are miraculously healed. Science can’t explain it but you are healed. Will you deny your experience? It is not easy to change a belief but it can be done.

Fluoride in the water to stop cavities but we still get cavities so why do we need fluoride in the water? Science says so but it appears through experience that science is wrong. If the thoughts are the same and the beliefs are the same then you will continue to get the same results over and over again. Doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result is the definition of crazy.

You always get what you want. You might not recognize it as it is happening but you always get what you imagine, feel and believe. This place is a mind game. Facts change all the time. There is only one fact and that is there are no facts. You believe there are many but there is only you. There is only One I AM.

You are the I AM of your world. You are the cross that I AM bears. We have all heard it. We all have a cross to bear. Yes indeed. Man is the cross God, I AM, carries. He sleeps and gives to you every little thing you believe and imagine and waits and when the time is right, when your thinking is as God’s thinking, unconditional love always giving, when you are giving your imagination for others, doing your Father’s work so to speak, then you stop incubating and are born. Right now, you are just a baby in a womb, a caterpillar in a cocoon changing into a beautiful butterfly. You are the ugly duckling growing up to be a lovely swan.

Everything in this world is showing you, you. Whether you like or dislike Trump he is showing you something about you. My good could be your bad so only you can determine what he is showing you. If you think he is fascist then it is you who are the fascist. If you think he is goofy then it is you who are goofy. Stop and think about it. The protesters at the inauguration think he is a fascist but who acted like a fascist at the inauguration? It is a choice. The only free will you have is to choose what you will believe, imagine, and think. That’s it. You are compelled to show others what they believe and they are compelled to show you what you believe.

If you believe your neighbor is a jerk he will be a jerk for you. If I believe the same neighbor is lovely he will be lovely for me. Same person but he shows each one of us what we believe. It isn’t the neighbor. It is you.They are all you in your reality. Your imagination creates your reality. You say I AM and all things are possible in your imagination and to God whose name is I AM, you.

Deny it all you want, we all do for a while, but deep down inside you know it is true and it is hard to look at yourself and accept you have been lying to yourself and blaming others for your ills. It is ok though. You were meant to do it so you could have mercy on yourself. Forgive yourself. It is all good and part of the play.

Imagination creates reality. Science is not important other than to tell you how something happens after it is imagined. It is knowledge but it changes. It is your imagination that is important. That never changes.

It is the Law and the only Law. Law does not change it is absolute. It passes the scientific method every time. You do it all the time yet you deny it. That’s ok too. Part of the journey.

Climate change and the demand to recognize the science it exists is just another choice. There are just as many scientists saying it doesn’t exist.  LOL It is what you believe it is and it will always be what you believe it is whatever that may be.

I live near several refineries. I live in Texas. My air is clean. We have been working on that for a long time now. It used to be dirty but now it is clean. How can that be with all these supposed filthy refineries and the majority of electricity produced with coal in this area? I imagined it and this was before I realized this truth, this Law, and it never occurred to me that I was breathing anything but clean air. When others would point it out I would laugh and say the air looks clean to me.

They were compelled to put in the filters, the laws, and to be on top of technology to keep the air clean wherever I am simply because I believe in my world the air is clean. That’s how. Go ahead and deny it. You don’t have to scream and yell and protest but go ahead if that is what you desire. If you have a strong desire you must follow that. That is the path of least resistance. That is your journey.

All you really have to do is be quiet and imagine and feel, like a method actor. See yourself and you are missing the mark. Feel yourself in your imagination and feel something in that imagination like a hug or a handshake or stroking a hat or whatever and it will speed things up, a lot. Be grateful indicating you have what you want and sleep on it. It will come.

The original men of industry in America knew this was true.

Each one of us is unique and different but we all say I AM so there are billions of realities and perceptions going on. Each person is the I AM of their world theirs alone. No one is being mean to you except you.

So forgive yourself. Love yourself unconditionally and imagine and dream. You will see that dreams really do come true, all things are possible to you, and there is only unity, harmony and love.

There is nothing greater than faith, hope and love and of these love is the greatest.

(Dog is God Spelled Backwards:101 Notes to Self has been released and is available in softback and electronic formats at iUniverse, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble. Reviews are appreciated)