Scripture Must Be Fulfilled – By You

The story of Jesus Christ follows the rabbinical principle that whatever is not written in scripture does not exist.  `Scripture must be fulfilled in me. All that is written about me must be fulfilled.’

Luke is speaking of the Christ in you, for any Christ coming from outside of you is a false Christ. To praise the created rather than the Creator is to worship a false god.

“Christ” is not Jesus’ last name aka surname. Jesus is not the first name of some man that was born of woman.  “Christ” comes from the Greek word Christos, meaning “anointed one” or “chosen one.” This is the Greek equivalent of the Hebrew word Mashiach, or “Messiah. Jesus means God saves. Some person or group of persons told us he was a man on the outside even though Paul states clearly the Bible is an allegory.

Peter tells us: “Scoffers will come in the last days scoffing and saying, ‘Where is the promise of his coming? Forever since the fathers fell asleep, all things have continued as they were from the beginning of creation.”‘

Corruption, graft, war, dirty politics, poverty, disease, everything will continue forever. That is how you learn. You can’t learn good without knowing bad.  When Christ, the chosen one, comes it is like a thief in the night. When you least expect it, Christ wakes within you to reveal yourself to yourself.

Until God’s son reveals himself in Man, Man searches on the outside to discover how things are created. As everything outside of himself, the created, that he has given his trust and faith to fails him, Man will turn to his beautiful human imagination and consciousness, the Creator and he will be ‘saved’.

You control energy at a quantum level. You are the Chosen One. When you say I AM XXX God, your imagination and your consciousness work together to give it to you. God doesn’t care if you wish to be sick. It’s all in your response and you will get it.

Oh. A mosquito bit me!  I hope I don’t have Zika. Then you worry about it and imagine it and feel it consciously in your imagination and then you get Zika. The mosquito is just a mosquito and didn’t do a thing to you. You did it to you. But the scientists say this mosquito is the one passing it around.  We lie all the time. It is to bring you to faith in yourself, in God. Do you believe the scientists whose stories change all the time or do you believe in yourself?

The Bible is the story of you. It is your own personal evolutionary biography. It is the story of conscious imagination and how we evolve. First Consciousness rises then the physical form of Man changes.  Every child born is recorded in the Bible not as John Harris or Mary Jones but as Jesus Christ; for Jesus is the child’s true being, and the New Testament is a prophetic design of his life.

Consciousness and imagination deliberately entered the human skull and laid down to dream the dream of life. Mystics claim you have been dreaming there for 6000 years. Scripture states: “He is not dead, but sleepeth, I go to awaken him.” When you use your imagination to save you, to give you your desires, you are waking God.

Even though we seem to die, we don’t. Instead we are restored to life in a world just
like this, to continue our journey for unnumbered years.  Until we learn, it’s not the outside, it’s the inside.

In the 3rd chapter of Genesis, the Lord said to the gods: “Behold the man has become like one of us, knowing good and evil,” . Only by coming down into this world of experience can you eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil and become as the Elohim – one God made up of many.

You are not some little amoeba which came out of the mud; you came down from heaven and emptied yourself of all that you were in order to assume the limitations and weaknesses of the human flesh. You are not pretending that you are man; you became man by assuming poverty, though you were rich. You assumed weakness, though you were strong. You, an infinite being, assumed all these things for the experience.

You came into this world to experience its horrors, not to change them.

This world was never intended to be other than what it is: a world of poverty, a world of war, a world of dirty politics, a world of graft. Just look around and you will see what is taking place in high places. You aren’t going to change it; it will go on and on because the story of Christ is one of redemption. He redeems himself by lifting himself out of this world in a spiral motion like a vortex.

He redeems himself by having a radical change of mind.  Knowing the unseen will be seen, knowing God and basking in love.  Love of self is to love God. Forgive yourself. You are the only that can do this.

This world is based upon a circular principle which repeats itself over and over again, whereas redemption is based upon a spiral principle. Breaking away from this wheel of recurrence, this repetitious Ground Hog Day, happens when one moves up in a spiral motion like a vortex and is redeemed.

It’s very easy to be caught up in the reality that you, yourself, are making, even though what you see may frighten you. You may have many horrors in your dream and believe what you are seeing is a reality outside of yourself and beyond your control, but you alone are writing the script. Haven’t you had a dream where you were scared to death, not knowing you were its cause? The same thing is happening in the waking dream, but man does not know that this, too, is a dream, until he awakes from it.

The story of Christ is not what the world is talking about. He isn’t going to change the world. Tomorrow’s generation may think it will be different, but poverty will exist then as it does now. It’s like a wheel. It’s a circular principle where nothing changes. The individual changes only when he leaves the wheel in a spiral motion, and that is when he is redeemed. He returns to the world from whence he came, enhanced by experience.

The principle of the rabbis is true, so let me repeat it: What is not written in scripture is non-existent. You can play any part, a rich man or a poor man, a beggar or a thief, the known or unknown once you know they are only parts, only states of consciousness. But if you don’t know this, and are not willing to give up your present state, you will remain there, looking at your desire and not from it.

Discover the depth of God in you. Test your imagination, for there is no other God.
If you test him and discover that it is he who creates all things by producing tangible proof of his reality in what you did, then no one will be able to persuade you that what happened was a coincidence.

We are all inclined to forget that we are the makers of all that is happening, and in forgetting we blame our dream. The world is yourself pushed out; but it is so easy to place the blame on the outside rather than on self, the dream’s maker.

Learn to use your imagination consciously, for it will not fail you on this level or on the higher level.

This is a world of effect, as told in the Book of James and the inside of you, the I AM is the cause of all things. If you look into the mirror and, seeing yourself, you turn away and forget what manner of man you look like, you will continue to perpetuate your unlovely state. But if you look into the mirror of your mind and seeing what you desire to see, continue thinking from that state, you will see it reflect itself in your world. Then one day you will depart the world and return to the world from which you descended, for we are the Elohim, the God spoken of in the scriptures.

Do not be afraid to claim your birthright. Some man said it was blasphemy.  It isn’t. An outside God never existed.  Read the 115th Psalm and see what the psalmist said about any image bowed to as some power that can help or hinder: “They have mouths, but do not speak; eyes, but do not see. They have ears, but do not hear; noses, but do not smell. They have hands, but do not feel; feet, but do not walk; and they do not make a sound out of their throat. Those who make them are like them; so are all who trust in them.” In other words, zombies.

All that is said about the True you in the law of Moses and the prophets and the psalms, must and will be fulfilled. You will never really understand these words until you experience them, and you will. There is no aristocracy of privilege in this story. We are all one! One is no better than the other. We all put our pants on one leg at a time.

It’s just a state of consciousness and you put it on like a robe. It’s all you and you are beautiful. I do not care what you say or do. I care that you believe with passion. We all play Saul before we play Paul.

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The Science of Belief

Schrodinger’s Cat. Is it alive? Is it dead? It will be whatever you believe it is, what you imagine as you open the box, dead or alive. Quantum Physics and the observation effect tells the story.  Scientists don’t want to accept it because that is their role.  That’s ok. It’s still there.  The observer effect is the theory that simply observing a situation or phenomenon necessarily changes that phenomenon.

They did it over and over again and of course according to their perception it had to be the instruments doing the measuring but they weren’t sure so they called it a theory which is a guess.  They hit the nail on the head but refused to believe it.  That’s the journey.

Bless their hearts!  Physicists have found that even passive observation of quantum phenomena can change the measured result. It blows their minds. Aren’t we cute in our denial?

We lie to ourselves all the time. This is a place of belief so all things are possible.

Scientists and doctors claim to not know why the placebo effect happens. They just know that it does.  See what happens when you silo yourself? Ask a psychologist and they will tell you. Because they believe.  They believe that whatever pill or procedure you give them is going to make them well so the conscious mind plants the seed that this is it to the subconscious mind and the two agree so a miracle.

If you are hypnotized, putting the conscious mind to rest, and I touch you and tell you that it is a red hot poker you will blister. Your conscious mind is in state of rest and does not argue with the subconscious mind which doesn’t give a darn if you want something or not. You plant the seed and the subconscious will give it to.

The trick is to believe it consciously and you can do it. We all do it. That’s the journey.

Now you can say ok Rita I AM a successful author and that is your desire and you yearn for it. You write, you plan, you write, and you write some more.  You engage others and show them your writing.  You think it will be hard but you will succeed. You do not care what the odds are or what anyone says, all things are possible and you will succeed.

This is your belief so you will indeed suceed. It will be hard but you will suceed. It won’t be hard for any reason other than you believe it will hard. It doesn’t have to be.

Dr. Bruce Lipton discovered that the outer layer of a cell was essentially an organic computer chip, and worked like the brain of the cell. From 1987 to 1992, he researched this idea and found that the environment, which would operate through the membrane, controlled the behavior and the physiology of the cell. It would turn genes on and off,.  This environment came from the mental belief.

It’s all about you. What do you believe?

100 people smoke 1 pack of cigarettes a day. 87 get cancer. 13 do not. This proves tobacco does not give you cancer or all would get cancer.  It proves it is your mental environment.  87 have bought the story and got cancer not realizing it is thier malignant thoughts that have created the cancer inside them. 13 did not buy it and enjoy their smokes and the relaxing feeling it gives them.  They love thier tobacco and to them it is all good.

It it is just tobacco neither good or bad. You put good or bad on it.  You are judging and you are the one that places good or bad to anything. Good or bad is what you believe and nothing more. There is no good or bad. It’s just a coin. It’s just a virus. It’s just tobacco. It’s just a person. What you believe is what you will get. What you believe is the story you tell yourself and many cry when they get what they believe but that’s ok.  It’s beautiful.  It teaches you this Law.

It’s all Consciousness and that is what the word translated as God means. Consciousness is the one who plants the seed.  Your free will is to choose what you will plant into that soil to grow.

You can heal yourself. The placebo effect prove this. It’s simple even though the doctors and researchers scratch their heads.  When your subconscious and consciousness agree then it shall be.

If you go to your Imagination and imagine others congratulating you on never looking better and feel them hugging you or shaking your hand and you say thank you or amen or something that indicates you accept your desire consciously in your imagination it’s on the way. Faith is knowing the unseen will be seen.  Just a little faith baby.

If you believe in holy items and you are sick and I give you an item and tell you it was blessed by the Dali Lama and cures sickness and you believe that then when I give it to you you are thankful so very thankful and you just healed yourself. When you tell a doctor who tells you that your whatever is incurable and you have XXX days to live then you make a decision. Do you believe him or or do you tell yourself screw it?  I am going to enjoy each day I have and be thankful I am here. You watch movies that make you laugh and you do the things you love and you eat the things you love and you are grateful. You forget about your illness. It is not important. What is important is loving each day and being grateful for it and loving yourself and your world.  You are healed. This is what happened to Norman Cousins.

Anyone can do it.

No one goes befoe their time.  You don’t exit the stage until it is time for your story to end and begin anew somewhere sometime else.

Enjoy each moment. Fear is so silly.  It is a destroyer of mind.

Tell a good story. Be brave and courageous.  There is nothing to fear.  It’s all you and you can love those monsters away. Energy never dies so imagine they are as you wish them to be.

All are lovely. All are successful and prosperous.

You just have to believe it in.

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Truth is Principle or Law

Truth is Principle or Law. It works all the time and never deviates. An exception makes it a rule and rules are made to be broken.

Rational man says for example the Law of aerodynamics is a law but it has an exception.  The bumblebee. So it’s a rule. The law of polarity is not a law either. There is only unity, harmony and love. When you believe in the law of polarity then another will arrive to argue with you to prove your belief in polarity to you until you realize it is just another silly belief you picked up that someone told you.  When someone comes up to argue with you just tell yourself as they argue there is only unity, harmony, and love. You will be amazed the first couple of times that you do this as they stop themselves with something like it’s not worth arguing about and dropping it.

This is how you move the energy quite literally with your thoughts. You don’t have to lift a finger. All you have to do is prepare the soil, the mind, with thoughts that benefit rather than harm you. Your thoughts are the seeds and the subconscious is the soil.  Plant good seed, thoughts that represent your good, and know they will come to be just as a seed planted in good soil bursts out of the soil so shall your thoughts and beliefs become a reality on the screen of space and time for you to experience.

We do it all the time and deny we do it. We cry others are being mean or whatever and they are just messengers showing you what you believe. You asked for it and you got it – you just didn’t realize you were asking for it.

Science calls it your conscious and subconscious. Quantum physics explains it. The placebo effect proves it. The Bible calls it the Father and the Son. When the two agree it shall be. You ask the Father via the Son. You ask your Imagination to bring to your consciousness what you desire.  You woo it loving it in your imagination. You speak to the trees how much you love them, you state how much you appreciate and love all the money that is constantly circulating in your life.  You consciously feel the tree bark in your imagination, you imagine money falling from a tree all around you and you consciously smell the money. You pick up a bill and consciously feel it and say thank you consciously acknowledging you have your desire in your imagination.  Money from somewhere falls into your lap, a raise, lost money found, winning the lottery, it comes from somewhere and you will deny that you picked it from your money tree.

Be like little children and dream.

Whatever you fall asleep upon is the desire in the making. Never go to bed unhappy, depressed, or angry. Think a happy thought before you sleep and it shall begin to change your world.

Faith – believing the unseen will be seen because you have asked and you shall receive and you know it.

We all play Saul before we play Paul. Forgive yourself, love yourself, know you are perfect and the rest takes care of itself as you begin to love yourself again.

Some person said man was little and is no good and we bought it. The truth is each one of us is perfect and it’s all good! You are the I AM of your world and that is not feel good talking.  It is truth. You take care of your world, your thoughts, and you will see the world change as you do. People are just messengers telling you what you believe or bringing you your desire.

All you have to do is watch your thoughts. Keep the soil good by adding manure and you keep your thoughts good by adding good thoughts.  Be the good shepherd who always knows where his sheep, thoughts, are and wrangle the one that is not in keeping with the rest and bring it back into the fold, just like the shepherd who chases down the errant sheep and brings it back to the fold.

What do you wish to grow? Perfect health? Abundant wealth?

The key is in the feeling. When you believe you feel it. Feel it. Believe it in.

Isn’t it wonderful?

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Scientific Prayer to Perfect Health

This has been shared throughout the ages in different ways so different cultures could understand the meaning. The Bible tells you and all the books ever written tell you the same story.  Infinite ways to the same end.

Since we live in a predominately ‘science’ orientated world it is important to understand you have control over your life. Psychology tells us this. It’s about the conscious and subconscious agreeing and when they do miracles happen.  Quantum physics tells us how this happens and scientists continue to seek the God Particle on the outside. There isn’t one. It’s on the inside and it is your lovely consciousness that plants seeds into the subconscious and the subconscious does not care if it is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ it gives it to you. Consciousness says this XXX, so your subconscious, where your imagination lays, says ok photons get to work this is what consciousness says.

Revision is a wonderful tool and you can see it manifested into stock trading for example. You can sell a stock first and then buy it back. That is short selling or you can buy and then sell. It’s just a trade. You can revise the past by imagining the present is as you wish it to be and the photons will make that happen in some natural magical way only Imagination can do. Imagine the end and then it will be just like short selling.

There is only one Mind and it is a labyrinth of beliefs and when you get sick of enduring the slings and arrows of survival you get a hunger to know the least common denominator. How am I doing this to myself? I don’t want to be laid off but I have been let go the last four jobs. LOL  Eventually you make it through the labyrinth and overcome the beast.

Once you know you are doing it to you and you reach a point of intense feeling that you cry out Consciousness why have you forsaken me, then the final lap of your journey has begun. You were righteous and you believed and it failed so you cried out.  Then the old you dies and you realize the new you; that you are the One nailed upon this cross of flesh and blood with the five nails of the physical senses.

The Bible is a beautiful work of poetry that evokes the imagination and it is an allegory  on who you are, how to use the Law and to obtain the promise – becoming One with the One who gives us his love and attention and dies for us so we can live. El Shaddai or the Almighty One.

You are to act like your Father – all things are good. You die to the old man and resurrect into the new man.  You lay your life down for others.  One once sick is now well in your imagination and you refuse to allow anything to change that consciously.

So it comes to be on the outside. Imagine the higher and do not get lost in the details. Imagine God’s wealth is constantly flowing into your experience and you give thanks for that. Don’t worry about how it will happen just know it is yours. You joyously pay the bills knowing it comes back to you a thousandfold. You imagine a young man who is stricken down with heat as well and smiling.

What you put into the garden of your mind, your consciousness planting a thought, a seed, into the soil of your subconscious, is what you will reap in the outer world of space and time. No one makes you believe the things you do. You chose to believe them. All beliefs are self imposed and can be changed. They are just habits.  As long as people blame others or the outside in anyway is to blame self. All things come from the Mind of God.

Elohim means One God made up of Many. You may not know who you are, when you are, where you are, but you always know you are.

To give power to anything other than God which is the consciousness and subconscious power inside you is to believe in false gods. Each one of us is different and so each one of us has a different universe and world inside of us. The universe is of God so to believe the universe or anything else, a medal keeping you safe or a refusal to eat bacon makes you healthier, is all just silly superstition.

Blind faith is another way of saying the subconscious brings you what you consciously believe.  If you have never heard of cancer and someone tells you that you have cancer and then explains what that is, it creates a moment of choice. You can respond with blind faith using your consciousness and subconscious to keep you safe since you believe that’s silly and this bump will be gone in no time or you can say oh my what can I do doctor? One brings healing as one believes there is no illness just the life principle within and it brings all things that are good. Perfect health is good. One brings the death of a slave who enslaved himself to the doctor’s belief he has cancer.

Yet the tests say!

Here is where faith comes in as the flood of ‘facts’ swirl around you threatening to drown you.  Faith is not a religion. It is knowing you are the I AM of your world and you command what shall be. It is you directing the photons and you are asking you – are you sure this is what you believe? It is your world and you do command it whether you believe that or not. This is revelation.

There is no illness, no pestilence, no famine, no death. There is only God’s love and all things good, peace, prosperity, abundance, perfect health, security, happiness, joy, faith, hope and love.

Who are you going to believe?  Yourself or another?

Your subconscious mind doesn’t discriminate. It takes in all the seeds you plant in it. It is God’s garden and through your consciousness you plant seeds into it. This is the Law of Mind and it never fails, it is Law.

Suppose, for instance, that your child was sick. Go within to him who sent you. God, the Life Principle within you and who sent all of us into the world. The Life Principle within is God. Your Consciousness and subconscious is what science calls it.  Your subconscious created your body and keeps it functioning all the time and it can restore your body.

You go to your imagination and you imagine the things you wish to be true. This child is well and playing happily. You come out of that believing all is well. Miracles will follow.

God is all bliss, harmony, peace, beauty, wisdom, and perfection. Turn within in and quietly realize that the wisdom and infinite intelligence of God are right within you. The living intelligence and power of God sent you into this world, and made all your organs from its own invisible pattern. You are now turning to the maker of your body. Go within. You are relaxed, at peace, poised, calm. You are full of confidence that the Creator of your body and mind can create and restore your body according to his own divine pattern.

You have seen your child sick but now in your imagination you are talking to the God-presence, calling forth the healing power. Think of your child, and immediately dwell on the peace, health, and harmony of God. You know that these qualities and aspects of God are now being reflected in your child . You are now getting into the mental state of health. You are contemplating the Divine Ideal, which is perfection, wholeness, and harmony for your child. Do this frequently, three or four times daily, until you believe in the idea of perfect health. When you have mentally accepted the idea that the healing power of God is working for your child, that is a treatment.  Miracles happen all the time. You ask and You shall receive.

It is the harmonious interaction and direction of the conscious and subconscious powers for a definite, specific purpose. In treating others or ourselves, never identify with the disease. We have compassion for the person momentarily – “Yet a little while I am with you”; then we go to God and heaven, inside our minds and imagination, realizing the ideal perfection of the patient. The Pharisaical beliefs are fear and doubt and cannot enter where confidence in God’s power is. In prayer we are one with God, the only presence and power.

Here is an example from Dr. Joseph Murphy of how a woman applied this technique in the her child. Her child was very ill, and hope of saving his life had been given up by all except the mother. She sat by the child’s hospital bed and prayed as follows:

God is the life of my child, and His healing power is flowing through every atom of his being. The peace of God floods his mind and body, and through His power my child is made whole.

She silently repeated this prayer over and over again. She knew intuitively and instinctively as she continued praying that she would reach the point of inner peace about her boy. After a few hours, the child woke and began to cry for food. The doctor examined the child and said he had passed the crisis. She had realized the truth which set her child free.

Our reason and senses may question, ridicule, and laugh, but if we will only go within, knowing that when we feel something as true, God, the Life Principle inside us all, our Consciousness and Subconscious and Imagination moves on our behalf, though the world would deny it because we are sealed by our faith.

“According to your faith be it unto you.”

Faith is not a religion. It is your belief.  It is knowing the unseen will be seen.

Go within, imagine the one ill shaking your hand and you telling them they never looked better. Hear them say I never felt better. Imagine the fun things you would do with this person. Say thank you.

Isn’t it wonderful?

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Knowledge from a Mad Mystic

Knowledge is knowing both sides of something due to experience and knowing it just is what it is. A good example is making bread. Julie can tell you it is easy and Joe can tell you it is hard. You can read a recipe. You try it fearing it will be hard. It is hard and yucky.  Then one day you decide you are just going to follow the recipe exactly and see what happens. Bam!  Lovely bread. Then while you eat it you determine that was easy and the next time it is easy and for every time after that.  Why did I think that was hard? It’s just bread and it will be as you wish.

This is backward land. Imagination land. It is the rabbit hole. You come here and you are unconditional love that gets conditioned. You must break the conditions you have placed on yourself and return to being unconditional love. The Bible tells you to be like little children.  When little children play in their imaginations they feel they are what they are imagining, soldier, robber, cop, prince, princess.  Adults imagine the worst case scenario and children imagine the best case scenario.

Who cares if others don’t agree? It isn’t their world, their experience so leave them alone. It is all good. They are getting what they want whether they realize it or not and the journey is to realize this. There is only one being here so no one fails, all succeed.

You always get what you want. You learn you do move through time and space and one of the most powerful things you can do is revise the past. If man says you can’t go back and change it, well I can in my imagination. I have and it has always been amazing and wonderful the outcomes that appear.

I burned my hand. I immediately told myself I did not grab that pan with my hand. I picked it up the pot holder and then grabbed the pan and took the food out. My hand throbbed but no longer hurt. My husband asked if I was ok and I said I am perfectly fine. He gave me a look but did not push it. In the morning my hand was perfect. No redness, no blister, no pealing just perfect skin on a perfect hand. I cried tears of love and gratitude. You can’t help yourself. It is just so wondrous and amazing and so lovely.

That is the power of imagination and revision.

If I judge another, it will show up in my world. A monster I created and then I must deal with it. I can’t remove it by the thinking, the judging, that created it. That is feeding the monster and makes the monster grow.  I can only do the opposite and therefore accept it, do not judge, I am not walking their road, love it and be grateful for it showing me what I dislike and release it. It will be what I believe and imagine it will be and if I do not give it attention and know when it does come up that it is all good, it will be good.

It’s all in the response, in the mood, in the attitude you present to yourself. If you are wealthy you will feel one way versus if you are poor. Despite being ‘poor’ know that is just a state of consciousness and you do not have to wear that robe. Put on the robe of wealth and imagine having what you want not worry about what you don’t have. Assume you are what you wish to be. It will be. It has to. Science and the Bible tell you this. Photons gotta do what they gotta do and that is bring you the end you imagined, having what you feel you have despite not having it at the time. You will have it.

You say I AM. Each one of us does and that is power. You can do it. Anyone can do it. Photons don’t care who you are, what you have done, they want you to imagine an end they can bring you. Your imagination doesn’t care what you have done or said. It only cares about your belief which is what you imagine. It is your consciousness that is the conditioned part that stops you. You stop you and that comes from doubt and fear. It doesn’t matter what you have done, you are judging you.

Allow me to show you an example of the media using the Law.

Headline reads – Talk of Trump Enacting a Value Added Tax to Raise Revenue Lays Waste to Retailers

It is talk from others about the President doing something they don’t want to have happen. Nothing has happened, and the President isn’t talking about it, the retailers and the media are talking about it. It isn’t set in stone. They are assuming it is set in stone and so they imagine and write about it as if it is in stone. If you read this headline and then the story and imagine as they do you just made that monster. Do you really want that tax? It hurts you and the retailers but it helps the government. What do you choose? What do you want? What is your good? That is what you believe and that is what you imagine.

The best thing you can do for you is become aware, self aware, of what is happening. You are choosing what to believe, what god to worship, and the only belief you should entertain is it is all you and you say I AM and therefore you are the only God for your world and you can change it. You are trapped in this body because this is how imagination grows up and consciousness expands. Man operates imagination and once consciously accepted in imagination it comes to be and together we eventually rise as One.

If you judge others then you are judging yourself because there is only One actor here and I AM the actor and so is everyone else who says I AM. Have a little respect for yourself.  Look back at your life and you will see it. You will see you imagined everything that ever happened to you. You will see that each person in your world brought you something about you or brought you something you were asking for.

That is the hardest thing to do but it can be done. It’s just a habit.

If you believe the climate is getting hotter, and it doesn’t matter why those are just details, then you will experience hotter than normal weather patterns. If you believe the climate is getting colder, imagining cold temperatures, then you will experience colder weather patterns. If you chose to believe the weather man who tells you it is a guess at best then you are a bit player in his story instead of the Master of your Time and Space.

It is just the weather showing you what you believe.

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How to Manage People Successfully- It’s Easier than You Think

You don’t. LOL I know but you don’t.

According to the dictionary the word manage means:

be in charge of

succeed in surviving or in attaining one’s aims, especially against heavy odds

Don’t think you need to ‘manage’ them. The only one you can manage is yourself and to think otherwise is to deceive yourself and if you choose to do that then you will learn over time it is you and not them.

Each person you need to ‘manage’ is a person. They are not a ‘resource’ for you to manage. They are people. Just people who put thier pants on one leg at a time like everyone else so throw out that manage thought.  You can’t do it. They are going to believe as they wish.  You can inspire though.

You are in charge of you and your world and they are a part of that and as such you command them. If they cannot be in the environment you are creating with your beliefs and thoughts then they will leave.  Everyone knows people don’t leave companies, they leave the management.

All you can do as far as managing is concerned is to mange the physical resources, paper, hard drives, switches and chips or whatever it may be in your work in your world, That’s easy. Then comes the hard part. Your thoughts.  Throw out all that anyone has said or done about anyone on your team and your management.

Now go to silence and imagine. Imagine congratulating them on solving that sticky problem or you on your team’s good work. Imagine them individually and imagine they are wonderful and tell them as you shake their hand thank you.  Feel your hand in theirs. as you say thank you.

When you get something you want you are grateful and happy. Feel it.

Mean it. Tell them you believe in them. Know they are all good as they will show you what you believe.  Refuse to believe ill of another or that they are incompetent or whatever. Nope he or she is fantastic and it will all work out. Be happy because you know this is your world not anyone else’s and so it shall be as you believe and wish.

Be confident not arrogant. See people and believe that if you are magnificent, and you are, then everyone who says I AM is magnificent in your world and it doesn’t matter what anyone else says or does.  As I believe and hold on tight to that belief and love it despite the facts then the facts will change.

As within, so without.

Only you know what you believe about the people around you.  Don’t love the team and hate the higher ups or vice versa.  That is a conflict within and it will appear without.

ALL are lovely and doing the best that they can with what they have and know and all have a purpose in your world.  You called them into your world with your belief so they are but messengers proving your belief to you.

I know. It’s the hardest work you will ever do in life.  To take that leap of faith, and faith is not a religion – it is knowing the unseen will be seen – the imagined will be seen on the screen of time and space – is rarely done until one reaches a dark place trying to fight the monsters created finding out the irony of it all. It’s there because you want it to be there so love it away.  Say thank you for showing me this side of this coin and now I know it just is.  I love you. Thank you. Now that monster energy changes and becomes love and light and comes right back to you and that is not a lot of feel good talk. Literally. You are energy and you move the energy around and it is your imagination that is the God particle all seek on the outside.

Test it for yourself. See your team change as you change the story you tell yourself about them.  See your upper management change as the story you tell yourself about them changes.  They are compelled.  It is your world and it is truly amazing and troubling at the same time. You will see for yourself. Be ready for it. You will be troubled and you must forgive yourself. It’s ok. We all do it to learn and as long as you learned it’s ok.

Think for yourself. Believe in the best.  Test it.  I really don’t care if you believe me or not.  It is Law and each one of us is executing it all day and night.  I only ask you to test it for yourself.

It’s all good in the end. It is what you asked for and Imagination scripts it out and you walk a series of incidents that takes you to your desired outcome.

It’s hard to stop judging and maligning since we have been doing it all our lives. We are taught to distinguish between what is good or bad and stomp out the bad but we are not taught that my good may be your bad so it is just two sides to the coin.  Your going to learn it no matter what. Today’s bully is tomorrow’s victim OR today’s victim is tomorrow’s bully.  Sooner or  later you will get tired of it and stop it; realizing it is not them, it is you.

The only free will you have is to choose what thoughts and beliefs you will entertain in your imagination. We are the story tellers whose stories come true. Up to you what story you tell of course!  Infinite ways to the end imagined and we are on infinite roads to that end so you can live and manage yourself or you can survive and be a bit player in another’s story.

Up to you of course.  You are free to choose whatever you wish. Law is Law and it works for all always. Your Imagination creates your reality. It is Law.

Blessings to all!  I love you and believe in you no matter what you say or do! It’s all good in the end because it is all in the mind of God! All things are possible.

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The Amazing Role of Women In the Bible

There is a Doctor Who Christmas episode that explains it and shows it clearly.  It is the Doctor, the Widow, and the Wardrobe.  Women are the Mothership. They are strong. They carry life that has been impregnated and bear it. For this simple reason women in the Bible bring the message of the signs you are done here. They represent birth, and giving life.  Men represent the sperm that impregnates to give life to states of consciousness. The signs come to us all regardless of sex. The Bible is an allegory and it is difficult to show that men will give birth, which they will and do.

The Old Testament is about the Law and the New Testament is about the Promise. The characters in the old are states of consciousness you will wear and when Moses dies the state of Joshua or Jesus begins.  When you are in the state of Moses you are like a woman giving birth and you are 9 centimeters dilated.

The final state of consciousness you will wear here is the state of Joshua or Jesus.  Paul is a man who is wearing the state of consciousness of Jesus.  One who can consciously imagine and carve out of consciousness his desires like a carpenter does out of wood.  He has given birth and he has experienced the signs and knows the journey is over.  What he believed was flesh is not flesh and he knows this.  We all play Saul before we play Paul.  The Bible is an allegory, and this is all but a dream.

The writers tried to show this in the Story of Abraham. Sara is Abraham’s imagination and she has a baby.  His name is Issac. The anglicized name Isaac is a transliteration of the Hebrew term Yiṣḥāq which literally means “He laughs/will laugh.”

When you get the signs, and if you believe in the Bible, you climb out of your skull, see three witnesses, family or friends saying you can’t have a baby, and you see a baby and you know it is your baby and you love on that baby and he smiles and laughs. That is you and it is your baby.  The one that has been incubating in this womb for so long.

You are Hagar and you are Sara. You are Mary. Male or female you play these roles. It is the Promise. Sara is too old to have a baby. Mary is a virgin. At the time the Bible was written it is implied through the allegory that it doesn’t matter if you are male or female, too old or too young, you will be born from above, having your own baby, at any time and he will smile and laugh.

Hagar represents rational man, the slave to the physical world constantly worrying about eating, shelter, status, and survival.  Sara represents imagination and living.  You can’t have two masters. You must choose. Abraham chose Sara.

Mary, a virgin, gives birth and it is her baby born from her experiences that led her to being born again. His name is Jesus Christ and that is the Greek translation for I AM Saves. I AM the Savior.  She is now the state of consciousness known as Jesus.  Then as the story evolves when she comes to Jesus she represents the rational side speaking to the imagination side.

You are pregnant with your baby. When the child is born he smiles at you and you know that is your baby. It happens according to your belief system but it is always a baby boy, then a young boy who smiles and calls you Father. Male or female it happens to both.

You are not a human seeking a spiritual experience as you may think. You are a spiritual being having a human experience in order to learn.  There is only One being here and together we all say I AM and together we are manifesting this in our journey.

Is there a nation out there whose people has not been angered by the Central Banks?  Isn’t the Central Banks of today the same thing as the money changers? Wasn’t Jesus angered by the money changers?

We all know deep down inside we are One being made up of billions.  The world has been made One with travel, and communication.  We are all walking the road of Calvary, the road of Jesus. All of us individually and collectively and together we are being born.

Isn’t it wonderful?

It’s not reptiles or anything else inside you. It is God himself dreaming the dream of you. Together you make the baby and become one. The two become one. There is only One.

You go down into division. We all do it as that is the journey in the womb, in the dream, to eventually wake. Looking at labels and blaming others for our woe and misfortune only to suffer more woe and misfortune. This is hell. That is the road of Calvary.

You can turn hell into heaven. You can do it. Miracles happen all the time.

This place is 100% psychological so it is all you. You are neither right or wrong. It just is whatever you believe it is.  If you are not ready to accept this then be Saul.  Believe with passion!  It will come to you. It will come to each one of us – individually.

Isn’t it wonderful? It’s all perfect whether you perceive that or not and it is all beautiful. It is all from the mind of God so it is all good.

Be confident. You are perfect.  Hang on tight to your imagination and pretend it’s a plan. It is a plan.  You just don’t get to know the how of it and that is the fun of it.  Hang on tight.  Enjoy the dream. Be happy and be passionate in your beliefs and one day like the women of the Bible you will have a a child and you will know that you are the Father and you are the Son and you are now going home.

Isn’t it wonderful?

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The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions

My pops used to say that. When we went to war forever, the War on Terror, I said it then. All war is based on a good intention isn’t it?  Usually compassion.

Ahh compassion. Good intention right? Yeah but it paves the way to hell.

The word compassion actually means with passion. We changed it to mean to want to alleviate another’s condition.  When you see another as something other than equal to you then you are locking them into that state of consciousness, the very thing you wish to alleviate and there is only way to do that.  Imagine and believe that they already are whole and don’t let anything dissuade you of that belief.

You are poor and someone sees that and is compassionate and brings you all sorts of things to help you. They are conscious you are poor and so try to help alleviate it. The fact they consciously see you as poor locks you into the very state you wish to escape – being poor. They bring you all this stuff to help you but how will get more when you need it if there is no other compassionate person out there to help you? Or this person runs out of stuff to help you with? How do you get what you need?

Compassion as it is currently defined is robbery.  You are stealing the other’s birthright by consciously accepting this person is less than what he actually is.  Rather than respond with a band aid, give them gifts you bring and imagine with passion they are wealthy.

Now some want out of the mess and some don’t. Up to them of course. So you imagine. That is prayer. You imagine they are happy. Whatever that person thinks will make them happy will be theirs due to your prayer. Doesn’t matter what it is. Imagine them wealthy. If they wish to be wealthy they will be and if they don’t that’s ok. It comes back to you.

It always comes back to you. Always no matter what you imagine it will come back to you.

Hence the reason to imagine the best in others as you would want them to imagine you. Treat others as you would want others to treat you.

Most say that but don’t do that. They are too busy judging and maligning others that others are not like them. That’s ok. We are all different. Each one of us. It is really very beautiful how we weave the stories we tell ourselves.

We are told all our lives to serve others is good. There is no good or bad.  It just is. It is all you so doing for others is doing for yourself and to do for yourself you go to your imagination and imagine you have your desire for another. They are you. God’s name is I AM and we all say it.

There is no fiction. It is all the written word and so it is all a memory of the journey or the story of you, each one of us that says I AM. This is a multiverse and each one of us carries inside of us their universe, their earth, everything that ever was or ever will be. It’s all inside of us.

Isn’t it wonderful?

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Up To You Of Course!

There are infinite states of consciousness.  I AM rich, poor, sick, healthy, strong, week, butcher, baker, candlestick maker. Whatever you can imagine being. However there are states that are buried within you that erupt and take you to the next one until you reach the final state of consciousness you will wear. The teacher/carpenter aka Jesus.

Paul is a man wearing the state of Jesus teaching and he uses his imagination to consciously create out of consciousness like a carpenter does out of wood..

The Bible is an allegory so it is telling you a complex concept in story form so all can understand it.  It begins with Abraham and civilization. Abraham becomes aware there is only one I AM. One Consciousness. Abraham becomes aware that if he uses his imagination then it comes to be. He weds Sara and he cleaves to his wife. She represents his imagination. He takes Hagar who represents his enslavement to the physical world – a slave to rational man, worrying about lack of, fear, greed. He has a son of the flesh with Hagar and a son of his imagination with Sara.

Whether it is the Old or the New it is the same story told differently for the culture at the time. Shakespeare did this as well as all his work tells the same tale as the Bible. It’s the same story as the Minoans labyrinth and Isis, Osiris, and Horus of ancient Egypt. It is the same story as the Hermetica. When you look closely, it is the same story always.

The writers of the Bible did not know how to explain that everyone, man, woman, would have a child born to them from spirit. Consciousness, Imagination, photons cannot be seen but you know they are there so they are spirit.  They did the best they could with what they had and they made up stories telling the tale.

The majority love to get lost in the details.  Chopping down trees so they can see that darn forest. We all do it for a time. If all you can perceive at this time is a historical Jesus then that is ok. You are in division and still learning.  When the Bible states to repent it means have a radical change of mind and that means stop believing all this silliness that Rational man tells you and start believing in your imagination.

Are you still stuck believing the body is the be all end all? It’s not you. So many don’t realize this is a boot camp. You are going to wallow in hell until you realize it is you that makes you live in hell. It’s psychological here.  100%

So if you wish to live in 1984 or the Cold War or the plague go for it! Be the best you can be and play your role to the best of your ability. We all play Saul before we play Paul.  Sure, you will ‘die’ but not really.  Only the ones left behind experience death. If you die like a man rest assured you will not know it. You will just step into a new younger body, costume, to continue your journey. Maybe here, maybe somewhere else like it but the journey is yours and yours alone.

Are you tired of being slapped, spanked, that you are hurting yourself when you malign others?  Everyone around you you called. You made them out of you and you sent them to you. All the world is a stage and all the men and women are merely players in your play.

They all do as you wish. You are the only one fighting you.  You are the only one being mean to you. It is all you. Most do not wish to accept this and that’s ok too. We all do it and we will all come to this realization no matter what traps we set for ourselves.

So you can be your Savior or you can be your Devil up to you of course. There are infinite ways to the same end. You are burning off the perceptions of man until all is left is the perception of God – Conscious Imagination.

The world, the universe all of it is you. You are amazing. Look around. Isn’t it lovely?  It’s yours and you made it for your journey.

Call it whatever you wish a miracle, law of attraction, caca happening to me – that is how you vibrate the frequency to get your imaginings.  Imagination. Imagine the end. You have your desire.  You are saved. Feel it. Isn’t it wonderful? Oh yes, thank you, thank you.

You choose. You can imagine and plan for you fear or you can imagine and plan for what you desire.  Up to you of course. Imagination is going to bring it to you in some natural magical way.

Faith is not a religion. Faith is knowing the unseen will be seen.  Have a little faith and expect your good. Accept it. Forgive yourself you deserve the best.  It is all good.

It’s all a show. A play, You keep playing your part with passion if that is what you wish and it is that passion that burns away the judgement until the day comes when it burns out. You are at peace. You desire nothing because you know it is all yours and it is all good.

It’s your world and you can make it a hell or heaven. Up to you of course.

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Exposing the Anti-Christ

Let’s get right to it shall we? There are two sides to a coin. It is just a coin. There are two sides to you. You are Christ and you are the anti-Christ. You are just a person, a human. You choose. That is your free will and the only free will you have is to choose what you will believe, what you will entertain in your mind.  Man’s belief is the battleground and you can choose to be one who only concerns themselves with the flesh aka survival or you can choose to be the one who concerns themselves with the spirit aka living. What do you choose?

Christ is not some man who walked the earth. The Anti-Christ is not outside of you and neither is Christ. Christ means Savior. Jesus means I AM.  I AM the Savior. So are you your savior or are you fighting you?

There is only one Law at work here and you choose how to use it. The Law is imagination creates reality. Some think we are in a computer simulation. I guess we are in a way. There is only one way to know something and that is to become it. You are able to be like your Father and He wants you to be like Him. Pure Consciousness, pure imagination. To be pure, one must burn away all the silliness one entertains as true – the conditions placed on self – and imagine and believe that the unseen will be seen. You put you in hell. You are in the closet of the Lord and you can wear anything you want. Put on a robe of wealth, put on a robe of perfect health, put on a robe of prosperity, a robe of peace whatever you wish.

What reality do you want to live in? Now some will say I can’t stop the terrorists from killing others. Yet you just named them terrorists and you just imagined them killing others. There are no terrorists, they are just people and if you believe they kill others then you compelled them to do just that and that’s ok. We called them to play that role. Only One being here made up of many. No worries though. No one dies. They come right back and start again. We are all living in a Ground Hog’s Day scenario until we learn. You are the only actor here, you just think there are billions. It is One made up of many.

Now some will say spirit but not do the work. You must sit still and allow your thoughts to just go by. It’s just a thought and look at them closely. What are you thinking? What are you imagining? As within so without and if you do not like where you are in the world then you must change within so the without will change. It is the only way to change it.

When you are sick of all the inhumanity and cry for the little ones who die in harms way then you will begin to see you did it and you will forgive yourself. You didn’t know. You were sinning which means missing the mark. You want to be rich but you are not so you are missing the mark. Be whatever you wish to be but hit the target. Imagine you are what you want to be and it will be if you believe it first.

It works. I have done it numerous times and so can you. There is no real secret to it. It is just using the Law. If you use the Law to help you then you are consciously using it but if you have not figured out the Law yet and so are using the Law to hurt you then you are the anti-Christ.

It isn’t outside of you. It is all inside you and I don’t care how many preachers, ministers, scientists, researchers say otherwise. It is all inside you.

All are lovely. I believe in each one of you that reads this. I love you and don’t care what you say or do.  I know it is a role. I know who I AM and I know who you are and so you see it is all perfect. It is all in the mind of God.

Accept it is all good. Imagine for others and do not worry about yourself. We are all One and it will come to you as well.  You know this if you stop and think about it.

Bless you all! Isn’t it wonderful?

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