The 12 Universal Laws of Mind

These are not laws of the universe. They are universal. They are Laws/Principles of Mind and we all say I AM and have One mind which is inside One mind inside One mind – like a Russian nesting doll.  If you take care of your mind, the rest follow.
These Laws do not deviate. They are Law. They are always working and they work for all no matter the state of anyone’s being. Rich man, poor man, beggar man, thief. It doesn’t matter. If there is an exception, it is not Law – it’s a rule and rules are made to be broken.
The first two Laws are the ultimate laws and the other ten cannot work without the first two so in a way there are only two Laws with a subset of ten. You can look at it any way you wish.
In the past these Laws were presented as the 12 constellations, the 12 tribes of Israel, and the 12 disciples.
By being conscious of these laws and using them consciously you learn it is all you and whatever you believe, imagine and give unconditional love to. Attention. One end of the scale of attention is love and the other is hate. To give it attention is to feed it and make it grow. Understand how these Laws work and you can consciously use them to live life rather than survive it. It’s all you.
The Law of One
There is only One. One Mind inside you and it has two parts.  Conscious and Subconscious.  The pineal gland is above these two in the physical form of the brain. It is the seat of imagination. The Ark of the Covenant is your imagination. A secret place inside you that only you can enter and there you make the two parts of the one mind agree.
The subconscious mind is the seat for life. It regulates all your bodily functions and all your memories of your experiences and lessons learned are there and come to you as desires and intuition. These are deep seated memories as you do not remember these lessons learned but they are there and when you attempt to do something and that little voice inside you says don’t do it you won’t like it, been there done that and you do it anyways you discover that little voice is right . You go with your gut – instinct – intuition.
There is Only One. If you imagine ugly, an eye for an eye, you will experience the ugly not them. There is only One being here and to malign another is to malign self. You get the spanking not the other. It is to learn. There is only One. You are only hurting yourself when you think and imagine ugly things of others.
There is only One I AM and we all say it. Anything after that is the role you are playing or a label you placed upon yourself.
One Consciousness. One Subconscious, One Imagination and all come together to bring you what you declare is yours in your imagination.
You may not know who you are, when you are, where you are, but you always know you are and you always imagine. You couldn’t stop imagining if you wanted to.
Everyone and everything is you – pushed out. Everyone is a messenger showing you what you believe, bringing you messages and answers and gifts. Thank the messenger even though you may not like the message and then change the message. It’s your belief.
Blessing others is blessing yourself and it happens for them and even more for you. You are loving you.
The Law of Liberty – Salvation
Imagination creates objective reality.
The trinity is Consciousness – Imagination – Attention – yours and no one else’s matters. It’s your world not theirs. Consciousness is the gatekeeper and Imagination is the Savior. Attention is the power of unconditional love.
Love trumps all. Hearts trump all. If you are lovingly giving of yourself to another in your imagination, it will override any other obstacle that may stop it and it will be.
Anything you place consciously into your subconscious and give attention to via your imagination are seeds you planted into the subconscious mind and asked for. Everyone else, even the rocks you trip over, are you presenting the story you are telling yourself.
There is the objective world and the subjective world. You are the receiver and the projector. The objective world is nothing more than a projection of your subjective world. You will see what you consciously believe, imagine, give attention to. The objective world, being a projection, cannot hurt you – unless you believe it can and if you do you have enslaved yourself to it.
You push life around. It doesn’t push you around and this is how you are doing it.
The only free will you have is to choose what you will imagine, believe and give attention to. No one can make you believe anything. You choose. Everything else is scripted from that.
If you silence your mind – going to God Mode – imagine an end you wish to experience – consciously accept it in your imagination with thanks or a small phrase that indicates you consciously have it – use your five senses in your imagination especially touch/feeling – and say thank you to the core of your being for giving you that in your imagination then you will receive it in the objective world.
The two agreed in Imagination.
Imagination is the savior. Nothing was made that was not first desired and imagined. The core of your being sitting in your subconscious sends you angels, desires, and you go about the Father’s work by being like your Father and imagine having the end you desire. When you no longer desire it then you have it and the details start filling in.
Time and space create faith and doubt. To believe in the objective world is to doubt. Faith is not a religion. It is knowing the unseen will be seen. Faith in your subjective world.
Liberate yourself and have the life of your dreams. Be responsible and loving to all.
The Law of Tithing
This law is not about giving a tenth of your income to some charity or organization unless that entity deals with teaching others the Laws of Mind. It is fine to do this as long as when you do it you joyously give it out knowing it will raise others up.
When you give to a charity for example to end cancer you are giving life to the objective side. You are stating the objective side can fix this and it cannot. This will not come back to you a thousandfold.
If you give to help others after a natural disaster it’s not those poor people; it’s joy, riches and success for all. This money I joyously give to you as it will help raise you up to be even better than before as you are magnificent! Love to all! This will come back to you a thousandfold.
If it is say to the Phineas Quimby entities, authors that write about it or others who create films or music or whatever about love and the laws mind then you are spreading the good news. This will always come back to you a thousandfold.
If a farmer does not keep a tenth of his crop then there is no seed for the next year’s harvest. That is tithing.
So if you spend an hour giving a lecture you need to spend 6 minutes praying for the Big man to come forward and hear others say what an inspiring lecture thank you before you go forward to your lecture. It’s about time and giving to yourself and others.
96 minutes in a day should be spent in the endeavor. That equates to one day a week approximately. The Sabbath is doing this. It’s not one day a week. It is everyday in at least these increments. You do not work during these times because you are at rest physically  – imagining for others and self.
The Law of Relativity
It’s all relative to your perception. Only human beings place good or bad upon something. They are just props waiting to be as you wish and will be as you perceive it to be. Its all relative.
It’s just bacteria. It can’t hurt you or be good to you unless you believe it and/or imagine it.
If you believe in good bacteria then the other side is automatically created because to believe in one is to believe in the other and it’s just bacteria.
If one person believes in flesh eating bacteria effectively believing in the objective world and another believes it’s all just bacteria and therefore a lovely prop for the objective world and both have cuts and both go into the water one will get to experience flesh eating bacteria and one will experience the lovely water.
It’s all relative.
The Law or Perpetual Transmutation
You are changing things all the time via your imagination. It is the only constant. It’s always changing.
You can revise the past and set end points into the future.
Imagine an end in the future or refuse to accept somthing that has happened or is happening and transmute it to be as you imagine and wish.
It will change.
You don’t have to accept your car is broken down and not in the driveway. Imagine it is in the driveway and always has been and never broke down and the energy moving forward rewrites it so the objective world presents to you your vehicle in the driveway.
Little to no charge to return it to that objective state.
The Law of Gratitude
To be thankful for something is an indication you consciously accept it and love it. The more you are thankful for something the more it comes into your life.
If you are thankful for money and you joyously release it thankful for what it is giving you – it will come back to you a thousandfold. To doubt is to worry. No worries.
Be thankful. It is part of the power of love.
The Law of Cause and Effect
I AM, Consciousness Imagination and Attention, is the cause and the objective world is the effect.
You ACT or take action in your imagination and the world REACTS.
I AM the God Particle that determines the outcome of which way the photons will go. I AM the cause.  I AM the one that determines if Schrödinger’s cat is dead or alive.
Law of Opulence
The more you give of yourself, your time and your imaginations to others the more you will receive in the objective world. It becomes an avalanche of abundance.
Imagine the best of men and they will give it to you. Imagine others living in luxury and they will as will you only you receive even more.
There is always more. It’s like the air you breath or the ocean’s water. There is abundance in all.
Money, food, clothing in whatever form it takes is an idea in the mind of God. It is good. It is very good. Money is a symbol of God’s wealth. It is a medium of exchange and you are exchanging ideas and love.  There is always more. It is inexhaustible.
Law of Attraction
Like thoughts/beliefs attract like circumstances, conditions, events and people in the objective world.
Look around you and see what your thoughts have wrought.
All beliefs are self imposed and can be changed. It’s just a habit.
Law of Reflection
Everything is a reflection of you. The universe and all within it is inside you and will reflect you always.
A dog does not understand the worlds you say or the actions you do but does understand the feelings behind them and is always watching you. The dog will be as you believe he will be. He will be different for another who believes differently than you.
It is the same with everything in the objective world.
Change you, and the world will change to reflect that.
Law of Vibration
Everything has a different vibration and frequency. To imagine having something is to vibrate that frequency telling the photons to come forward into that form.
You are always vibrating and others can feel it too. You make the things you touch, the things you do vibrate that same vibration as well.  Your letter may say how much you love someone but if your mind and heart were filled with hate the receiver will know it.
Doesn’t matter if it is electronic or paper. They will know what you meant via the vibration and how it makes them feel.  They will know if you choose to obey the outside or the inside and will respond accordingly.
Law of Death
When you die to something then that person who believed that old whatever no longer exists and a new man is born.
If you imagined another well then you die to the man who believed they were ill and come out of the imagining knowing they are well and you do not allow anything to tell you differently.
If you imagine another well and then die to it by forgetting all about imagining them well then it shall be as to forget is to no longer desire it indicating you know it is done.
You are impregnating states of consciousness and you put them on and take them off as you play all the parts in this play so you learn.
It’s always a good day to die. To die daily for others and self is a blessing.
No one leaves the objective world before their time.
There is no death as the objective world believes. Energy does not die. Consciousness and imagination do not die. They are energy in motion and they never end as this is how life expresses itself.
Eventually we all reach the end imagined – becoming one with God one with Consciousness and Imagination bringing the joys and woes to the world of humanity and giving life and loving it.
You can’t do that until you learn – it’s all good, it’s all very good.
God is a translation for Consciousness. God is the Life Principle within you and it will express itself through you. You can distort it or encourage it.
Either way it will be as you wish! It’s all a story. The story of you and how you learned to give life.
Isn’t it wonderful!
Blesings to all!
All my work is reader supported!  Thank you for spreading the good news!

Understanding Unconditional Love

What do you give your attention to? Whatever it is, good or bad, you are giving it unconditional love. Your attention brings forward whatever you are thinking of at all times. Your attention is unconditional love. If I give my attention to those awful people and think awful things about others and the world then others and the world will create that awful for me.

If I think someone is awful and they should go to hell then something awful happens to me not them. Boomerang. Now why is that? You see it all the time. You experience it all the time and cry it’s not fair!  I knew that would happen! Blah blah blah.

There is only One being here and each individual is a cell inside that One being. If you attack another cell then it is you that is spanked not them. They are trying to be a liver cell and you the heart cell told them they have to be like you and that ain’t gonna work. They have to be the liver cell and you, heart cell, have to love them for that or all suffer.

You imagined it. You hoped for the best but you prepared for the worst so what did you give your attention to? The worst and then cry when the worst happens. Aren’t you sick of that yet? I am and I changed it.

All are lovely. All are wonderful and all are playing their role to bring what I expect and give my attention to into this reality. I expect and plan for the best and so I receive the best. Isn’t it wonderful? I am so very grateful!

There is only unity, harmony and love in this world even though it appears to not be that way. It is just babies growing up and gaining emotional maturity. It’s all good and it is the journey.

Do you enjoy living in 1984? Or Dr. Strangelove? Go for it but I dislike that myself so thank you but no thanks.

We repeat over and over again expecting a different result which is the definition of crazy. Rational man is not rational at all he is crazy!

We all know violence brings more violence. We all know you can’t fight a belief yet we do it all the time. Violence does not bring peace. No one is better than anyone else and no one’s angst is more important than anyone else’s angst. To them it is the most important and that’s ok but it isn’t the most important to anyone but you.

You can see the irony of it. We must send forces to keep peace. We will shoot you until you are peaceful!  Beatings will continue until moral improves. It’s hysterical and we all do it!

Unconditional love aka Attention is power. There isn’t a marketer, advertiser, government official, business CEO that doesn’t know even bad publicity is good publicity because it has your attention.

It’s just a virus. It’s just a mosquito. It can’t hurt you unless you believe it can. If you believe objective rational man that mosquitoes carry the Zika virus and a mosquito bites you and you get Zika it wasn’t the virus or the mosquito that did it. It was you.  That same mosquito could bit me and I won’t get Zika. I know it is just a virus and it is just a mosquito and all are lovely.

Tobacco does not give you cancer or everyone who smoked would have cancer and that is just not happening. You are giving yourself cancer and you do that by maligning and judging others. You are literally eating yourself up with malignancy. Would you like it if another judged and maligned you? No? Then why are you doing it to others?

Most want to blame something, anything, on the outside rather than take responsibility for themselves. There is illness but you give it to yourself via your thoughts. There is no pestilence. There is no famine. There is no death. Time and space were created so you could choose – faith or doubt.

Faith like a mustard seed. Most people think that means just a little bit of faith but no. It means a mustard seed has one purpose. To be a mustard plant. All it does and everything it works toward is the one purpose, to be the best mustard plant it can be and make more seed.  Absolute faith.

Some think an eye for an eye means I get to take your eye out if you take my eye out. This is of course a rational objective perception. It means if you imagine ill for another it will happen to you not them.

The only free will you have is to choose what you will believe, what thoughts you will entertain. No one makes you. No one can make you not even under hypnosis. No one can change your belief or make you do things you do not wish to do. They can try to influence you but you have to choose to bow to them. You allow them to influence you.

If you sit back and just look, without emotion, you will see the whole world is crying out. It’s an identity problem. It’s a cry for freedom. People want to know who they are and they want to be free because they believe in the outside and they believe they are enslaved in some way and we have all been there and done that.  Going down into division does not work. How many different names for sexual orientation can there be? Billions so don’t bother.

We are all different and we all have different beliefs and that’s ok. All beliefs are self imposed and therefore can be changed. All things are possible.

See the pattern and imagine lovely things and prepare for the best instead of the worst. That is repenting. That is a radical change of mind and it is wonderful.

If you truly want to be free then take responsibility for your thoughts, your imaginings, and your expectations. You will be happy you did in the end.

Thank you for spreading the good news!

Evolution in Man

Scientists call their guess on how Man evolves the theory of evolution. Of course those that buy it insist it be regarded as a fact when it is not a fact.  It can’t be a theory and a fact.

Your imagined thought persisted comes onto the screen of time and space.

Darwin imagined visiting new lands and seeing new life. He got it. Then he came back and told others what he believed. The wildlife became what they did due to the environment. He thought it was the physical environment. It was the mental environment. He imagined new life and new lands and he got it but being asleep he perceived it as being an evolution of the objective world which is but a projection of the inside of Man.

Consciousness evolves first. The inside changes and then the outside changes.

We love to document the physical changes on the outside and believe that is how man evolves.  It’s a belief so it is a theory. There is nothing to prove it. It can’t be proven and scientists are well aware that it cannot be proven.  This is getting lost in the details.

Scientists play the role of an authority in the objective world and most buy the scientists conclusions of the unknown. They claim if the same thing is observed many times then it is not a guess. Quantum physics states each one of us will observe differently and get what we expect. Stem cell research tells you this. Psychology is all about this.

If you believe knee surgery will fix all your knee problems and I prep you for surgery, put you under, make the cuts on the knee but do not do the surgery, you will heal just like those who did have the surgery.  That is the power of your conscious and subconscious mind agreeing to an end imagined and how belief brings it about. Once the conscious and subconscious agree, the two agree, it objectifies itself in this world. The belief cannot be shaken and so it is.

Now if a group of men, scientists, say look I thought this would happen and then it did. Come see. That scientist just influenced the belief of the other scientists he spoke to. They expect to see what he saw and so they do.  They will see the same thing he sees as they just bowed to him and gave him their belief. Ah ha!  It’s a fact.

No it’s not. It’s still a guess.  It’s just what they believe. You don’t have to believe them.

The rest of us can look at the same data and come up with a million ways to interpret it. Each one slightly different because each one of us is different. Or we can buy what the scientists tell us or rather guess but that is giving power to a another and when you do that then whatever you bought becomes the ‘reality’ and eventually one day it will fail you.

Your belief is the only belief that matters to you and your world. To believe in the created is to build on sand. To believe in the creator is building on rock. Which foundation do you prefer?

Example – you believe that bad bacteria makes you ill. We tell ourselves there is good and bad bacteria. It’s just bacteria and it will be whatever you believe it is. Only man puts good or bad upon something. Objective Man determined it was better to kill all bacteria and that would get rid of the ‘bad’ bacteria that makes you ill.

It’s all a construct, a story, and you don’t have to buy it.  It’s just bacteria and it can’t hurt you unless you believe it can hurt you. It’s all good doing it’s thing. If you believe it will eat your flesh then it will. It’s just bacteria doing as you wish.

Objective man makes a drug to kill all bacteria saying it is a miracle drug! Since the belief, bacteria will hurt you, has not changed a new bacteria comes along that is resistant to Objective Man’s drugs.  Now what?  Oh more drugs to kill all the super bad bacteria and then more and more. Never achieving anything of true value just more of the same. That is crazy.

It’s a belief in illness and pestilence we are all conditioned with from birth to imprison ourselves so we can break out of prison. It’s just a state of mind. There is only perfect health. Your body is a healing machine. It’s a machine that does exactly as you believe.  It’s an avatar. It’s just a mosquito, a virus, bacteria, a person. It can only hurt you if you believe it can.

It’s like a computer program. You get exactly what the program tells the computer. You are the program and your body and your world will give you exactly what you told it via your belief.

When you go to just being you have entered into the temple and are One with the Life Principle, then you use your senses in your imagination to consciously feel you have your desire and then you consciously accept it in your imagination with a thank you, amen, it is done, it is wonderful.  You went into the Ark of the Covenant and the power within was employed.

You basically programmed your subconscious and conscious to agree to something in your imagination and since the two agree it will be. Your belief is how the program will execute the end imagined.

Then you will return to the objective world with faith the unseen will be seen and it will be seen in some magical, natural way.

You will find things that support your belief and of course you will have the other side of it denying your belief. Time and space create faith or doubt. Up to you to hold true to your belief or doubt yourself. Whatever you choose, and it is you choosing no one else, then that is what you will see. If you doubt your belief the other side takes over and if you hang on tight to your belief it comes to be. All things are possible.

Consciousness, Imagination and Attention are the trinity, the foundation of the world and universe you alone live in.  Unconditional Love is the center of it all. There isn’t a thing without consciousness and nothing was made that was not first imagined. Not one thing. You can’t love something until there is something to love. Good or bad is a personal perception and if you give attention to something good then the other side automatically kicks in too. Will you doubt it? Will you hold true? There are two sides to everything. In the end when you remove your perception you realize it just is.

Man does not evolve physically, it is his consciousness that evolves and then that is projected, manifested, to the outside. Man has always been the vessel for consciousness and imagination. As consciousness grows, and since it is energy you can say it rises, you learn unconditional love means attention and that is all. It doesn’t mean you have to feel good about bad behavior to love someone unconditionally. It means if you give your attention to the bad behavior you will get more of it. It means if you consciously decide it is bad behavior and ignore it then it will grow and erupt later as you imagined – bad. It means if you thank it for showing you that you dislike it and revise it to be as you wish it to be, then no longer give it attention it fades away and the energy is returned to you and weaves itself as the revision you made and consciously acknowledged in your imagination.

If you cut yourself or burn yourself and then tell yourself that did not happen and imagine you did not hurt yourself and instead you did XXX making it so you did not hurt yourself and say thank you, that wound is going to heal in double time as if it never happened because it never happened in your consciousness. You revised it.

Life heals all wounds. Attention brings it forward – fast.

If your husband comes home and says the truck broke down and you revise it to be he drove the truck in the driveway, then the truck will be in the driveway and it will happen quickly.  It will be something silly and only cost you very little if anything at all to be back in the driveway because you consciously acknowledged your truck in the driveway in your imagination. – Personal experience

Scientists do not know why we laugh or cry.  When the energy builds up inside you it must be released in some way and we respond in one of two ways.  We get to choose how we will respond so you can choose to laugh about it or you can choose to cry about it. Your response indicates your belief and it shall be.

It’s ok either way as long as you understand that is what you are asking for in your life experience. We are here to experience life and learn. You have to understand life before you can join the Life Principle and give it out. It’s all Life. There is no good or bad life. It’s all beautiful.

Use your imagination to save you and others rather than enslave. That is your mission. That is your journey. You are amazing and all things are possible to you and your lovely imagination.

Believe it in.

All my work is reader supported!  Thank you for sharing the good news!


An Inconvenient Truth

It will be whatever you believe it is – for you. That’s the inconvenient truth.

You can go around crying how mean everyone and the world is to you or you can get up and admit it is all you and you are getting exactly what you believe, imagined and gave attention to. How many times have you said I knew that would happen?!

I don’t care what you believe or say or do. I love you and that’s just how it is. It’s just a person and then they say or do something you dislike. Well that is you now isn’t it not them. You have judged that person as less than yourself and the trouble begins.

We repeat, doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result and that is just crazy but for a purpose. Ever notice how all of life is a spiral? That is the physical manifestation of the life principle within showing itself in it’s design and it is inside everything.

The Son of Man and God – You – Consciousness & Imagination brings life to all via Love aka Attention.

You are tightening by making a circular tightening pattern and you are moving into a spiral about to break free the more passionate you are about something. Illness, pestilence, disease, lack of – you make these things happen to you.

Truth is stranger than fiction because fiction is a forgotten memory or the story of you.

There is only you. No one else in the world is like you. You are special, amazing, unique, and beautiful. You are priceless. You deserve the best.

Look around you – what do you believe? It isn’t a secret you know. You and your beliefs do not effect me one bit unless I allow it to effect me. What you see around you is all you pushed out.

Physically you are calling upon the pineal gland that rests between the conscious and subconscious portions of the brain and bringing them together to manifest whatever it is you believe, imagine and give attention to. There is only One being here – we all say I AM – so you are calling everyone and everything in the world and the universe to show you what you believe. You may say you hate it but you love it or you would’t give it your attention.

Your response is all you and no one is crazy for not believing as you do. Slavery is acknowledging another’s belief.  Their I AM is not yours.  That would be putting on a victim mentality and a lot of us do that but most have learned that just isn’t fun and only brings woe and bullies. Like attracts like after all.

You can tell what horseman you are fighting. They are your arch villains that you made.  We all play Saul before we get to Paul.

It’s Life, the Life Principle within you and it believes in you and guides you and keeps you breathing and alive. The two are One. It is waiting for the day you love life and believe in it without conditions. It loves you and as you consciously pick up this or that and rate it – it gives you more of what you imagine. It doesn’t speak language – you do. It gives you desires and you are to go fulfill them by turning to the one who gave you your desire, consciously accepting in your imagination you have your desire, and then let it be. Forget about it and be happy knowing it is yours.

You get to express life and life will express itself. It is inside you and so any distorted thinking will grow with your attention and become the good or bad you think it is. It will go too far and that good will become a bad.

I don’t care that the scientists refuse to accept what’s right in front of their faces. That is their journey and I wish them well but anyone who studies the Laws of Mind such as the LOA will come to realize the inconvenient truth they are doing it to themselves and everyone else is just playing their role to bring your beliefs to you. You called them and you made them.

You can change it but to do that you have to accept you are the one doing this to you.  It’s all a story, fall in love with yourself and tell the story you wish to live and experience knowing it shall be yours just because you imagined it. Love the witch, the thief, you made them and they are giving you messages from you or gifts you asked for.

An inconvenient truth – who are you going to believe? Another or yourself? Getting hot, getting cold, or is it just right? It’s just carbon. You are the one putting a condition on it. It will be as you wish, as you believe, for you. It’s all a guess, a supposition, a narrative, a story. They all read the same data and then weave a story they think is true and you can buy it or not.

There is no bad or good unless you place it upon it. The inconvenient truth is this is a place of belief and it is not reasonable for a Man of Reason to see the pattern and deny this. We believe it in all the time. It’s just a virus, bacteria, carbon, mosquito. It can’t hurt you unless you believe it can. That’s why in the midst of plague some do not get sick. That’s why even though a man is standing in the cross fire of bullets he is not hit.

If I put you under hypnosis and place your consciousness asleep and tell your subconscious my finger is a red hot poker and touch you – you will instantly blister. If I tell you this cream will heal the blister and touch you with some cream it will instantly heal.

When you consciously tell your subconscious something, feeding it with your imagination and attention, then eventually it will come to be. Attention is power and everyone knows that. Give it attention and it grows. You are growing a monster or an angel. It’s something you believe and you don’t like it but you still give it attention thinking you have to fix it. You can’t fix the outside from the outside. The inconvenient truth is the outside is a projection.

Imagine it is fixed and whatever is needed to fix it will come to be. Imagine hearing the good news the carbon levels have fallen. Imagine hearing the good news the NFL will just play football. Whatever it is imagine the end and it shall be.

It’s ok. We all have to defeat our monsters and the only way to do that is to change your belief. No one changes a belief until they suffer enough pain to do so and are ready to face the truth. This is a place of belief. We are not separate. There is only One.

All beliefs are self-imposed and can change.

Meta-physics happens before physics just like meta-data happens before data can be pulled together and sent via digitally. The cause of all things is your mind. What you believe, what you imagine and tell yourself and give attention to. If you persist then it shall come to be in your world. Every marketer, advertiser, government official, knows even bad publicity is good publicity because it has your attention aka love. It will come to be if you love on it.

That is the inconvenient truth. Your imagination rules your world, your universe and whether you believe that or not doesn’t matter. It’s Law. It is working all the time and you are doing it all the time. You are amazing.  That is the journey – to discover this inconvenient truth. It’s all you. No one is being mean to you except you.

It boils down to states of consciousness. Which one do you want to wear? That is your free will – to choose what you will believe, imagine and give attention to. Your three Amigos.

It’s all good in the end. It’s all very good. All of it.

Life is sweet!

All my work is reader supported. Thank you for sharing the good news!

Hot Fuzz! – A Movie About The Law

Fair warning – spoilers! This movie is available on Netflix.

I love this movie! I have watched it many times and laughed my ass off each time. It’s fantastic and it is all about the Law – Imagination Creates Reality.

This movie is about Danny’s wish and how it comes true. You see the other’s wishes woven into the story – like attracts like – but it is about his wish. He is the one that has been imagining for 20 years of being the best cop ever – like the cops he sees in the movies he loves. He wants to experience what is experienced by the cops in his two favorite movies, Bad Boys II and Point Break.

Nicholas Angel always wanted to be the best policeman ever and so he is the best policeman in London. He is so wonderful that others didn’t want him around.  He made them feel inferior and even when they told him to slack off he didn’t. He kept on being the best policeman he could be.

Even as he excelled at being a policeman, he did not excel in being a person. He couldn’t seem to ‘let go’ and was always on the job. He wanted to be able to let go and his dream began to manifest itself as him being ‘promoted’ and sent to a force in the countryside.  Everyone he worked with in London wanted him gone and it cut him to the core.  He believed the team and his management loved his work as much as he did but he found out they did not appreciate him.  Of course, he did not appreciate them either. He was sent to a place where crime had not really happened in 20 years. A real hell for him.

He is sad, disappointed and goes into a hole.

Little did he realize it was time for him to play his role. His moment was coming as all this time in being the best and believing in doing the best as a policeman he was preparing for his role in Danny’s story. He was going to go lift another up and receive his wish – to let go.

Danny lives in the village where Nicholas is sent who is answering his call and he in turn is answering Danny’s call – like attracts like.  Danny’s Dad is the chief of police. Danny wants to be a policeman with action and adventure. He imagined like a little child as he watched cop movies but he didn’t believe he could experience that in ‘the safest village’ for the last 20 years of his life.

From the moment Danny had imagined this dream, imagination began creating and pulling all the pieces together. Sgt. Angel is one of the major role players for Danny and the story was unfolding perfectly.

Danny’s mom had died 20 years earlier when his desire was put into play.  All this time Danny had been setting the stage. Nicholas wants to learn to let go and Danny wants to learn to be the best cop ever. They come together and are partners. The final act begins!

Danny’s father has determined that ‘for the greater good’ the village must be named the ‘village of the year’ and he gets others to believe as he does. They are the neighborhood watch alliance. Their main desire is to always be the ‘village of the year’ which they have been for the last 20 years.  Then Nicholas arrives.

I won’t go into all the details in the hopes you will watch it but they learn from each other and it is hysterical how it all unfolds.

It is discovered by Nicholas that The Neighborhood Watch Alliance has been killing people for 20 years – all for the greater good. He comes to arrest the Alliance and presents his reasoning and they in turn laugh at him and explain it wasn’t the reason he thought it was – it was for the greater good and they explain what that is to them and why those they killed had to die.

There is doubt and love and he leaves the village and Danny behind but Danny has not stopped dreaming and wanting to be the best cop ever like the ones in the movies.

Needless to say the moment comes. The moment of choice. Nicholas doesn’t care anymore what anyone says. He has chosen. He will be the best cop ever and bring them all in and he expects Danny to join him. He returns.

As he makes his way into the village he is a man on a mission. Everything goes his way. He shows up with no weapons, walks into the precinct, goes straight to the evidence room that was filled up with weapons on an earlier incident, and walks out without the Chief or anyone else noticing. All act like it is nothing.

He works his way into the town where Danny is sitting in the police car. Danny sees the shootout begin and his moment has arrived.  He chooses. He sees someone coming up shooting at Nicholas and he opens the door and knocks them out silly as they run into the door.

He joins Nicholas. Now all the scenes that Danny has imagined being in and doing he does with Nicholas as his partner and it is amazing, lovely, and hysterical.

At the end of the movie London police want him back but he has discovered he loves his home with these people, with Danny, who has taught him how to let go.

There is a reason we all say truth is stranger than fiction. The ways of imagination cannot be seen or known until it unfolds and you will never know it unless you know the Law. It is exactly like this movie – including the irony.

It’s  a lovely story and be ready to laugh. It’s all so ironic and loveable.

Enjoy the journey. Be like a little child and dream and forget about it.

You will see it. You will live it.

Santa Claus, Imagination, Source, God, will bring it to you in a magical natural way only imagination could pull together.

It’s all good. Life is sweet. Isn’t it wonderful?

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The Age of Reason Naturally Leads to the Age of Belief

There is only One Life Principle. It is playing all the parts. It is the Universe and all things within it. It is inside you and me. We are blessed there is a limit to contraction in the Life Principle. It always wishes to express itself and it does this via your imagination and your attention and what you consciously believe as true.  It will be true for you.

It’s like the body itself. There a trillions of cells doing thier job. They don’t argue they just get to work. They do as you wish. They follow your lead. If you tell them I AM sick you will get sick. If you tell the energy around you the climate is hot and getting worse due to carbon you will get high pressure systems and fires and molten rock spewing from volcanoes.

It is you and your belief not the carbon at all. It’s just carbon. You are putting hot or cold or bad or good upon it. It is the Life Principle and it will be as you wish. We all deny it is our imaginations, our conscious acceptance of something imagined, our conscious acceptance of another’s belief that is making this happen. LOL We are so cute.

It is not reasonable to deny this. It is a pattern and once seen it cannot be unseen.

It’s your story so you are not hurting anyone else. They are just who they are – people. Just people playing their roles. You are the one putting a color upon them, enslaving them or yourself. You are the one believing another’s story not realizing only you can write your story. You just enslaved yourself to the created rather than loving who you are, the Creator.

So you suffer and wonder why.

It is not reasonable to think that the subconscious keeps your body going without you having to think about it and that it has no other power. You KNOW if you consciously put your consciousness to sleep and tell your subconscious this finger is a red hot poker and you are touched by a finger you wll blister. It is not reasonable to think that your belief does not bring to you the thoughts you have placed into your subconscious.  It is not reasonable to believe that thoughts placed into the subconscious via consciousness do not come into your world.

So if you are reasonable and recognize the ‘facts’ for what they are then you know it will be whatever you believe. I have had doctors tell me I had herpes. I laughed and said I don’t think so. Two years later no herpes. I have had doctors tell me I had heart problems. I laughed. Yeah no heart problems. I stopped going to the doctor. He is silly but I do love them they have a job to do.

The doctor sets the bone. The Life Principle within heals it.

It is not reasonable to deny that when the two agree it shall be.

We have been conditioned to believe the unreasonable is reasonable. That it is the outside doing this when deep down inside you know it is all you. That’s why we laugh. The irony gets to you.

Who didn’t belly laugh when the Terminator said I’ll be back. LOL

There is a limit to contraction. The date was 12-21-12 and in vortex mathematics that is 3-3-3 which is the Life Principle. Contraction means it goes down and seeds are planted in that hole while you suffer. Expansion means those seeds that were made in that hole are now expanding. We are expanding.

Stop hating on others – it is you. You are only hurting yourself no one else. You are only getting what you asked for. You can keep on maligning them and judging them but don’t cry about it when the awful you imagined for another happens to you instead. That is not reasonable. You did it to yourself.

An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth doesn’t mean I get to poke your eye out because you poked mine out. It means if I imagine hurting another, I am the one that will be hurt not the other. The other is you. So you see you are only hurting yourself.

Don’t covet what another has. You can have it too. You are the only one telling yourself you can’t have it. It doesn’t matter how you get it. What matters is you know you can have it and imagine having it. Then you forget about and get it in some way only the Life Principle within you and imagination can make out.

My husband wanted a pair of electrical pliers. He imagined having them in his hand stripping a wire. He forgot about it. He took the dog for a walk and went a way he usually doesn’t and there they were. The pliers he had imagined. He came back all excited and happy but wondering who would drop such a nice pair etc…

I asked him did you imagine having electrical pliers. Yes. Then it doesn’t matter. Someone determined it was bad and dropped it or they worried about losing them and lost them. Like attracted like. It’s all good.

It’s all a balance whether you want to be reasonable about it or not.

Bless the Age of Reason as it leads us naturally to the age of belief. It is only reasonable.

It is whatever  you believe it is so believe in the best of men, believe they are all lovely as there is only One Life Principle and therefore they are you and you are them.

You can be the Master of your thoughts or you can be a slave to them. Up to you of course. I am going to love you no matter what you say or do. I believe in you. I know you are the best and deserve the best and get the best.  All you have to do is believe it too.

Isn’t it wonderful?

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Killing the Monster – Fear

No one owes anything to anyone. Governments and rich people do not owe you a universal basic income or wealth redistribution. What good is a hand out? That’s not helping anyone. You learn to fish. Don’t expect others to give you what they have caught.

You either believe you are rich or you believe you are poor. It is whatever you believe it is. No one is being mean to you except you. God means I AM aka Consciousness and each one of us is conscious.  God lives in heaven and heaven is inside you. Therefore you are God and God is you.  God is perfect and therefore you are perfect. That’s the journey. To realize this truth and believe it.

I was blessed to be born with a large scar on my leg.  I have always loved my leg. It is perfect in my eyes. It doesn’t matter what it looks like on the outside. It is perfect. I can run, jump, walk, and do all the things anyone can do with their legs. I am very grateful for my perfect leg.

You ask for what you want by imagination and attention. You give your imagination and attention to the things you believe and you weave stories all day long you think no one else knows about.  Attention is unconditional love. When you consciously declare something you are planting a seed into your subconscious.  Whatever you tell your subconscious via your imagination by feeling it and loving it by giving it your attention, it shall be. It doesn’t matter if it is good or bad. You declared it. You loved it. You gave it your attention. You are the only one placing good or bad upon whatever it is.

You choose what you are telling your subconscious to bring you. That is where the life principle within you is and it doesn’t care if you think it is bad or good.  All it does is as you wish.

We all know this deep inside but deny it.  We all know that if a person is put under hypnosis their consciousness is ‘asleep’ and if we tell the subconscious at that time that our finger is  a red hot poker and touch the person they will get a blister. If we tell them our finger is instant healing cream and touch them that blister disappears.

Be aware of what you are planting into your subconscious.

There is nothing to fear but fear itself.  Fear is made up. It’s possible that, it’s probably, we believe, it might, may, could, it’s possible, it’s probable blah blah blah.  Made up. Keep it up and it will show up knocking on your door so you can experience it. You asked for it.

You either believe you are great or you don’t. You either love yourself and respect yourself or you don’t.  If you have always had it ‘good’ and judged it ‘good’ then you will receive the bad too.  You have to learn that it is you that places good or bad upon it.  It just is. That’s why you are here you know – to learn.

The word God is a translation for Consciousness, Imagination and attention. These things are invisible, spirit, and inside you.  God is inside you and therefore you and God are one. God is perfect therefore you are perfect. Once you learn this you begin to love and respect yourself and everyone else that comes into your world as you know there is only One God made up of many. That’s is what Elohim means.

Your body is deader than a door nail. Dead without your consciousness, subconscious. and imagination. It is your subconscious that keeps you breathing, the heart pumping, and it is your thoughts and beliefs that you are telling your subconscious that brings about the circumstances of your life.  The subconscious is a treasure chest. It’s Aladdin’s lamp.  Not a thing was made before it was imagined.

You may not know who you are, when you are, where you are but you know you are. You couldn’t stop imagining anymore than you could stop breathing. You give your attention to whatever you choose to believe and you imagine what you believe.

Everyone knows if you give something attention you are feeding it.  Hence the understanding that even bad publicity is good publicity. Science confirms the conscious/subconscious part but cannot understand or explain the last one. Your lovely imagination.

It is what you believe. Muhammad Ali did well because it never occurred to him he would not do well.  It’s not ‘privilege’ as so many today want to say it is. It is a belief in yourself.  Others can try to take you down but in the end that is up to you. They try because you believe in the separation. There is only One being here and they are just messengers showing you what you believe.

There is only faith, hope, unity, harmony and love. So they harmoniously and in unity show you what you love. Faith is knowing the unseen will be seen. Hope is the expectation of it. Love is the attention given.

No one can make you believe anything. They can try to influence you such as those who say for an example Trump tirades yet when you go listen to it he is reasonable.  Trump demands. Yet when you read it he merely mentioned it. Which one do you believe? Up to you of course.

Marketers and advertisers repeat at least 3 times their message. Sinking it into the subconscious. That’s why the mainstream media is upset. The old belief is dead no longer given attention.  A new story is unfolding.  They call the new story fake news and wish to only let you hear the old story. That is you telling yourself that but the new story shall be. It wouldn’t be entertaining without the drama and you must be persistent in your belief. Hang on tight. They will change. Have patience. Believe with passion. Believe in the best of men and they are compelled to bring you that.

It’s just the play and it would be boring if we didn’t have some drama and irony in it. It’s all good. No doubts. Keep the faith, keep dreaming the end is yours and it shall be.

It is best to teach a man how to fish rather than give him fish to eat. A welfare system gives him the fish. If you give him fish to eat he will just be back to get more because you have taught him this. Why not teach him how to fish? That does not mean get a degree, enslave yourself to debt, and enslave yourself to others. It means be free.

How?  Use the Law that rules us all.

Start loving and believing in you and your imagination. You are the Word. The Word became flesh. You imagine things and they come to be. Your imagination saves you if you go to your imagination to save you. You can save you or enslave you. Up to you. It will throw you into prison if you choose to think imprisoning thoughts. It doesn’t understand good or bad. It only knows what you give your attention to and what you imagine and believe, what you feel and you get it every time.

Someone believes there will not be enough rice. This person believes in lack of. They go out and buy up a bunch of rice so they have enough. Bugs get into the rice and it is ruined. They got what they asked for, what they believed.

Recognize who you are. I AM. That is God’s name and God is making Man into his image. God is inside you and therefore you are God and God is you. You can choose Man, that rational being who worries about survival and is passionate and all mixed up and imagines all sorts of horrors, or you can choose I AM. Anything after I AM is a description including your name.

You can believe the Bible is a book of physical history that makes no sense when perceived this way or you can realize the Bible is an allegory and is the greatest psychology book ever written and makes total sense when perceived this way.  Up to you what you perceive, what you believe. It’s all you in the end. No one but you.

Scary? Yes but freeing too. It’s just a state of consciousness. Put on a new one and see what happens.  It truly is amazing!

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To Wong Foo, Thanks for everything, Julie Newmar! – A Lesson in the Law

I love this movie. I have watched it many times. I used to think it was about three drag queens saving a poor Texas town from itself. Actually it is about the Law.  Once a pattern is seen it cannot be unseen.

Someone had a dream. Someone imagined the end and felt it and was so happy and grateful in that moment. It was Ms. ChiChi. She dreamed the dream of being a queen and being rescued and she believed her way there was to win the Drag Queen of America pageant in Hollywood, California but first she must win the New York State title. She has dreamt and felt the end.

You know it when you see her response to the winner. It wasn’t her. It was a tie between Ms. Vida Boheme and Ms. Noxima Jackson who won. A tie that had never happened before.  As she sits on the stairs crying out her disappointment the two winners come upon her. Little does she realize they are her in another costume answering her request. People are just messengers you sent to you.

It’s not for us to know how we will achieve the end, it is for us to know the end is achieved and the details are filling in.  Man gets lost in the how, thinking it is the cause of all things but it isn’t. It’s your lovely imagination and the stories you tell yourself that programs your subconscious.  When you do it and you feel it then that’s it. Photons gotta do as you imagine and feel. You are the God particle and it all comes from inside you.  It’s 100% psychological here. We all know that deep down inside we just don’t want to admit that it is ourselves doing it to ourselves.

Ms. Vida and Ms. Noxima make sure she learns. They tell her there are four steps to being a drag queen and until then she is just a boy in a dress.  That’s us. Boys in dresses wanting to be a drag queen but failing because we don’t believe we are what we wish to be. They take her on the road.

You see them and their dreams too and together they all help each other and it is a win win for all in the end. But it is not their dream this movie is about. It is about Ms. Chichi’s dream.

Step 1 – Use good thoughts as your sword and shield

Like attracts like. If you believe in good you will get good. There is no good or bad until you place it upon it. My good could be your bad. It’s all good.

Step 2 – Ignore adversity

Adversity is just a stepping stone to your desire, the desire you imagined having and felt yourself holding in your hand. Embrace it.  A man is told he is going to die of a rare disease. He decides screw it. I am going to enjoy what time I have left. He keeps his imagination in the moment grateful for the moments.  He laughs, laughs in the face of death, is thankful for each day and everyone and everything in it. The doctor tells him 6 months later when he should have been dead, you are disease free. True story of Norman Cousins.

Step 3 – Abide by the rules of love

Love conquers all. See number 2 example.

Step 4 – Larger than life is just the right size

God lives in heaven and heaven is inside you. Therfore you are God and God is you and God is perfect so you are perfect. Go ahead, laugh in the face of death because no one really dies, they just exit the stage and go to another until they are done playing all the roles. All the states of consciousness it takes to learn.

There is no good or bad. To call one is to call the other. It is all good because it is all God aka Consciousness, Imagination and Attention.  Attention is unconditional love. Anything taken too far becomes unbalanced. It must all balance or the person is dis-eased and it will manifest itself accordingly.

The rest of the movie shows how these two, Ms. Vida and Ms. Noxie raise up all around them and at the same time raise themselves up too. They give of themselves to help another when they didn’t have to, Ms. ChiChi and then the town. They teach the victims it is a matter of thinking and they teach the bullies this too.  Because of the love they feel for the town and the people in it they change and the people of the town change too. Because of their belief in the good it changes.

Believe in yourself. Respect yourself and know all others are your messengers so believe in them and respect them too. Whatever you believe of yourself believe in those around you and they will rise up to your expectation or they will go away. It’s their role to show you what you believe. Don’t shoot the messenger. Listen.

It is all you and to imagine ill of another is to do it to yourself and that’s a drag.

It’s a great movie. It is hysterical. It shows you the Law.

In the end Ms. ChiChi who wasn’t even in the running wins the competition and you can see from her response it is as she wished.  The impossible became possible because she believed and she learned along the way how to think as a winner instead of wishing she was a winner – therefore becoming the winner.

Dream a good dream, no doubts as it unfolds, just good happy thoughts and it shall be. It’s all a story and it would be boring without the testing of your faith in yourself. Adversity is a test to see what you truly believe.  It is all in the response. No doubts. It is all good.

Isn’t it wonderful?

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Kelly’s Heroes – A Lesson in the Law

I love Kelly’s Heroes. I could watch it a million times. My favorite isn’t Kelly though. It is Oddball. He is awesome. He works the Law.

Faith is not a religion. Faith is knowing the unseen will be seen.

The entire movie is about the Law. A desire wanted, a desire held in the hand via imagination of one man, then a few men and so all comes together to get them there to hold that desire in their hands. They believe there is gold sitting in a bank behind enemy lines. They can’t see it. They don’t really know but they believe it is there and they will touch it. So it all works out and they do get their desire in an amazing natural way.

In the movie set during WWII, Oddball needs a bridge so his tanks can cross the river. He believes the bridge will be there when he gets there. He gets upset when one of his men argues it won’t be there due to the ‘facts’. The allies are bombing all the bridges.

They get there. There is the bridge and 30 seconds later it is blown up. Oddball is not happy giving the one who argued with him a hairy eyeball but he is not daunted. He moves forward. Moriarty, the doubter, is only Oddball’s doubt and so the bridge was bombed.

Oddball calls his buddy in requisitions and tells him he needs XXX ft of bridge. Moriarty is not there and so the doubt is not there. Oddball is in the zone. The guy yells you are behind enemy lines and you want me to bring you bridging. No way. Oddball says  I got a deal going and I will put you in it and I called you because you are a good guy but I can get bridging anywhere. You want to do this or not. He says I would need 100 men while looking at a band of 100 men playing their instruments and he smiles.

The Law of Attraction is how it works, not why it works. Those men and that bridging were already on the way to make the desire held in the hands of these men to come true. You need to do something else to get it going. It doesn’t matter what you want. It is all vibration, frequency and energy as Tesla told us. So how does one vibrate the right frequency to attract what one wants so the law of attraction can start bringing it to you?

You ACT in your imagination and the world around you REACTS.

Many will tell you to visualize it, focus on it, do affirmations, remain positive. All good things but it didn’t work for me so I began to notice the ones who it did work for. I knew it wasn’t the Law of Attraction as so many claimed. That’s just how it works after whatever you do when you vibrate the right frequency.

You need money for something, bills, car repairs whatever. You read the Secret and/or you watch Abraham Hicks and/or you read Dr. Dwyer but all you can do while you ‘visualize’ is remain on the pain. I know it was hard for me because I kept seeing it. Visualize to me is seeing it.

It didn’t work for me either. I kept ‘visualizing’ but that word means one thing for some and another for others. I saw it so now what? Neville Goddard told me. Don’t just see it. Imagine a scene where you have what you want and feel it and once you feel you have it, so be thankful. Now forget about the old you and be the new you. Be it first, then it comes. Be aware you are what you imagined as you imagine all day or each night, respond as if you are, and the world will change to bring it to you.

Oddball knew he would have a bridge. He knew he would get his desire and he did despite the setback. He believed it in.

That is something my old boss would say, be the supervisor first then you get the title. Little did I know at the time how wise these words were but it is truth. Be it, play in your imagination, once imagined and you feel it is yours, it is coming so have fun and play in your imagination and be that person.

The Law of Attraction started to work for me when I began to feel it in my imagination.

Some personal examples of the power of your imagination and revision.

I burned my hand and in the past I would have gone to the emergency room but I turned to my imagination. I told myself I am pain free. It throbbed but no more pain. I revised what happened. Instead of grabbing that hot pan I imagined I grabbed the pot holder first and then the pan. I did it over and over again until I fell asleep. When I woke up my hand was perfect as if the burn never happened. That’s because it didn’t. I became aware of the pot holder and grabbing the pan. I revised it and so my hand must be healed because it was never burned to begin with.

To do this successfully you have to have faith. You have to believe in yourself.

My husband came home early and told me his boss had something really heavy fall on his foot. It was swollen and had even suffered a cut through his thick leather boots. On Monday he told me he was limping and had to go home early. My husband was certain there were broken bones involved. While gardening I imagined my husband telling me something heavy almost hit his boss’s foot but luckily it bounced away from him  I know revision works and it is amazing but I did not realize how deeply it works. My husband went on and on about his boss for two days. I revised it and then the next work day, when he got home not a word. I had forgotten about it and a couple of days later as we finished dinner I remembered and asked, how’s Jason’s foot? Oh, it’s fine.

Needless to say I was thrilled he was fine!

It just is whatever you believe it is. You imagine it all better and then it is all better as soon as you sleep or forget it. You just struggle at first.

The Law is not like attracts like. That is part of the Law but it isn’t the Law. The Law is imagination manifests reality. First you imagine, then photons are engaged to manifest what you imagined pulling like to like to show you what you asked for and then it appears in your world. You do it all the time but you don’t realize it.

All beliefs are self imposed and all the people have conditioned themselves to imagine the worst, expect the worst and then cry when they get the worst. It is just as easy to imagine the best, expect the best, and cry with joy at getting the best.

Don’t you talk to yourself all day long? Let me guess! You are figuring out worst case scenario and then planning what you will do if that happens. You are imagining the very thing you do not want to happen happening. Unconditional love, photons, only know what you imagine not that you don’t want it. You are imagining it so you get it. Bam! We do it all the time.

Hillary lost because she was worrying about not losing hence imagining losing and Trump won because he imagined he was the winner.

Yes it is you. It is all you. It’s not the Russians or hackers or anyone but you. You did it. You imagined it. They just played their role to bring you what you asked for. You do it to you and you can change a belief, you can stop buying what others are selling and use your experience to tell you what is good for you and only you and not worry about anything or anyone else because it ripples out.

We are all connected because we all say I AM so we are One being made up of many.

Imagine what you want instead of what you fear.

There is only one actor on this stage playing all the roles. Isn’t He magnificent?

Yes, I AM.

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Noah – The Story of You

The Bible is not historical in the way we see history. It is about your journey, you, the spiritual being, having a human experience on this stage called Earth. It is about you. Every character in the bible represents you and so we come to Noah.

You have amnesia and believe you are the role you are playing, Rita, Joe, Alice, but you are Consciousness I AM and Imagination, Rita, and that is God’s name forever. Anything after I AM is a role, a label, a description.

In the Bible the Lord is your Consciousness and Imagination, Father – Consciousness, Son – human imagination, and you are the role of Noah. The world was an awful place in the story and represents Noah’s thoughts that were ugly and manifesting into an ugly world. You are the shepherd and your thoughts are the sheep.

Everything is you pushed out so each ugly person in the world is just an ugly thought you thought about because this play has one actor in it, I AM.  We all say it and we all play our roles and call each other to bring messages or things we have asked for.

Noah builds an ark and his neighbors help him. This is you going into yourself. Your skull is the ark. Your neighbors are your thoughts and they are changing from ugly to wonderful.

The animals represent the consciously chosen thoughts that you take into your imagination and into your mind. You choose your thoughts carefully. You take in only those thoughts you wish to see manifest in your life.  You imagine a new world with all the things you love around you and you wait for it. You only think of the good things you brought with you in your skull. In your ark.  They come in pairs so they multiply. They grow after their kind. Good thoughts beget good thoughts and bad thoughts beget bad thoughts.

As you change a belief you must deny the flood of information and facts that would tell you that you are wrong, crazy, a dreamer, stupid. You hang on tight to your new thoughts and imagination of a new you in a new world. The dove represents you accepting fully your new role despite the facts that swirled around you and the waters subside. The facts have changed.

You are a new Noah and your consciousness accepting the change of your mind presents to you what imagination has made and the world changes into a world that is clean and new.  The one you imagined.

The Bible is the story of you. We have it backwards and that is ok. It is part of the journey and you have to figure it out. You are not a human being seeking a spiritual experience, you are a spiritual being having a human experience. Love it. Live it and imagine how you want it to be and not how awful it is.

Like attracts like so if you think awful you get awful and if you think love you get love.

Everything isl God aka Consciousness as there is only One God and his name is I AM and we all say it. Let’s not influence each other into hating each other because that only brings war and misery. Have hope and have faith all is perfect and know love conquers all and all is working out for the best and it will be.

You do it all the time and you see the results around you. If you don’t like them change them. Make your world beautiful and only concern yourself with you. The rest will take care of itself.

You are the Son of God, the two, consciousness and imagination, become One!  Tell a good story and watch it come to be.

We are a protean being and we are not separate individuals. Heaven is inside you and God does whatever he wants in Heaven. All things are possible. Where inside you are all things possible? Your lovely imagination.

We are One.  Ignore the flood of facts and know that in the fullness of time, represented by 40 which means the womb, it will be born, it will come to be.

Blessings to all!

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